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Avatar n tn The Assays are tested against each other using various seroconversion panels ( a set of bloods from patients with known infection status), some with borderline (very weak) positives, some from patients who later seroconverted, some with co-infections (hep, chlamydia, TP etc) some with other conditions such as lymphoma, cancer etc, non HIV-1 B clade infections, HIV-2 infections. In human trials the assays are used in parallel with existing assays on large cohorts of non-medical (i.e.
Avatar m tn How accurate is the FDA approved Home Test Kit sold in phamacies in USA. it is called Express HIV-1 test. I have had three protected vaginal intercourses with three differen females of which two we CSW's and one is a random women at a club. I want to submit the sample via mail using this kit. The last time I had intercourse would be 8 weeks ago. Can we trust or confirm this Home Test Kit and be confident with its results. Thanks for the help.
Avatar m tn between the time someone is infected with HIV and the time the body produces enough antibodies to be detected through testing. During this time, an HIV-infected person will still get a negative test result. (According to FDA's Center for Biologics and Research (CBER), which regulates all HIV tests, detectable antibodies usually develop within two to eight weeks. The average is about 22 days.) Still, some people take longer to develop detectable antibodies.
Avatar m tn I would definitely wanna know why u think the test above is not approved and is not meant for HIV screening....pls give me ur answer if u differ !! i would like to hear ur comment.
179355 tn?1207410851 8 million units.(25,26) HIV antibody tests fail to identify HIV-infected blood donated by HIV-infected persons who have not yet seroconverted. Exclusion of donors is voluntary. Interviews with HIV antibody-positive donors reveal that most recognize their risk but fail to exclude themselves.(27) As a result, laboratory efforts to eliminate HIV-infected donors have continued and testing has improved.
Avatar m tn Hey, I just read on FDA webpage that they approved the Aptima HIV-1 RNA test for diagnostic testing... Is it good enough to supplement it with an antibody test?
Avatar n tn I hear today of a new test, antigen antibody combo approved by fda. Should i now use this test to be sure I haven't contracted hiv? I am now at the 8 month mard and still cannot shake the fear. Should I just do a standard antibody test at this point? I have seen that some say 6 months is the final icing to be negative, just dont know what to do or believe and I hope you can shed some light on this. I do not know this gir, her status or anything else.
Avatar m tn Reveal G3 Rapid HIV-1 Antibody Test 3. Uni-Gold Recombigen HIV Test 4. Multispot HIV-1/HIV-2 Rapid Test 5. Clearview HIV 1/2 Stat Pak 6. Clearview Complete HIV 1/2
Avatar m tn 1- I make hiv1&2 screening the rapid test after 94 days & I am still worry this test is accurate & it's need to make another test or enough 2- what is the different between Elisa & hiv 1&2 screening 3- what is hiv 1&2 screening test 4- after how many days hiv 1&2 screening test accurate 5- what is the different between hiv 1&2 screening test & oral quick test
Avatar m tn I had a risk relation 9 weeks ago, yesterday I made an HIV test and it was negative, can this be true? or how long I have to wait to make the test?
Avatar m tn There only one FDA approved collection kit, it's home access.
Avatar m tn This test is not approved by the FDA for use. The ONLY at-home testing kit for HIV approved by the FDA is the Home Access kit. Unfortunately, given that you have no proof or reassurance that this is a reliable test, you will need to test again. You can go to a local health clinic and get a test- many places offer free, confidential HIV testing. If you want to do it at home, the only test you should buy is the Home Access.
Avatar m tn 1) j mitra tridot company website and test is called hiv tridot test 2) other is hiv 1 and hiv 2 by sd bio standard diagonistics india website all my test are negative and done in front of me. but i did not have elisa test with numbers as all my test were rapid . i did atleast 10 tests from both companies. now i read that rapid test is 85 % conclusive so should i get elisa or western blot test as one year back i did have unprotected sex.
Avatar n tn The oraquick swab test is highly accurate and FDA approved. Your test is conclusive. Move on with life and dont dare ask one the dumbazz questions like are your serocenverting late or some other BS like that.
Avatar f tn Laboratories should conduct initial testing for HIV with an FDA-approved antigen/antibody combination (4th generation) immunoassay* that detects HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies and HIV-1 p24 antigen to screen for established infection with HIV-1 or HIV-2 and for acute HIV-1 infection. No further testing is required for specimens that are nonreactive on the initial immunoassay. So pls teak what did u say about this cos this is the test I had and my doc say I don't need to do any futher test.
Avatar m tn If the situation is high risk, it is recommended that test be repeated at 3 months and 6 months. How does seroconversion vary based on risk. I asked this to a nurse in health clinic. She said that the reason they recommend repeated tests at 3 and 6 months is to bring the person back in the clinic so that some counselling can be done not because there may be delayed seroconversion, but still recommend 3 month for conclusive resulsts.Any comments? When I asked my question on doctor's forum, Dr.
Avatar m tn Is INSTI rapid test as reliable as regular anti-body test. Yes, it had to pass the same criteria as other HIV tests for the FDA to approve it. it works just as well. 4. My doctor says that conclusive is after 6 months. Is that true? CDC says 12 weeks is conclusive. Your doctor is being overly conservative. Actually, tests are conclusive for most people at 8 weeks. A 12 week test is certainly definitive. no need for 6 month testing.
Avatar m tn Relax, Vi_Man's answer was confusing and not exactly correct. NO, you do not need to test again. An HIV test is conclusive for you at 3 months. A VERY small portion of the population are recommended to test out to 6 months. That would include anyone who has a severely compromised immune system. Examples would be, someone with terminal cancer, on chemo, someone taking anti rejection medications after an organ transplant, chronic IV drug abusers. You are in the clear.
Avatar m tn They use a method call Siemens Chemiluminometric Immunoassay. 1) My questions are is this test FDA approved? 2) If is not did I just wasted money on a bad test? The lab's website looks fine and I was referred by my gp. Anyone who have experience with this test or this lab?? Thank you.
Avatar n tn how reliable and accurate is the oral swab hiv test? If I test negative can I assume that this result is reliable?
Avatar n tn Just one comment regarding some of the posts earlier in the thread. There is more than one type of HIV PCR test. There is is a PCR HIV RNA test that is also known as the "viral load" test. This type of PCR test is indeed used primarily in the treatment monitoring of HIV positive patients as noted in the thread, although it can also be used for diagnosing HIV.
Avatar m tn Hi guys, from my previous post of protected sex with a mexican girl I have since taken a Home HIV test, I used the iCare HIV test kit, well two of them and they both came out negative. I was just curious if anybody knew the brand and has heard that it is a good one to use. It says it is 99% accurate and was curious if this is true.