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Avatar n tn Is it possible to detect false -ve result in western blot test after performing ELISA test,what is the condition of person who has come with +ve ELISA test but -ve in western blot test.How much accurate are WB test as if ELISA test can have false +ve test then how can some some say that WB test are accurate if come with -ve result.
Avatar n tn In Medicine, when elisa test is positive and western blot is negative, your HIV status is considered HIV Negative. But to rule out the possibilities, they perform PCR test. I am sure it will be negative. Let us know how it goes.
Avatar n tn The doctor told me that my ELISA test was positive and so they sent my blood sample for an Antigen Western Blot test which came back negative. The doctor told me that 99,999% the Elisa test was false because of other factors that might affect the blood but he asked me to retest in one week. Is it possible that I have contacted Hiv? If so, how? I used a condom and it didn't break. I also cannot have Hiv from previus relationships because I tested Hiv negative 9 months ago.
Avatar m tn So you guys are telling me that 2 negative Western Blot's mean absolutely nothing without the Elisa? How come if someone has a positive Elisa and a negative Western Blot then it's negative? That obviously means Western Blot is stronger than the Elisa. Sorry if I'm coming out annoying but my question still isn't answered.
Avatar m tn It's an ELISA test.
Avatar f tn - Western Blot Test is Negative. My doc said that P24 is shown on the band if you are positive and can be detect person's who are infected at or later 10 days and the later P17 ,P17 Gp41 etc in later day's "Please comment in Details".
Avatar n tn They just had their blood work done, and the guy who is supposed to be the bio dad (his sperm will be used to impregnate me) got an indeterminate result on the Elisa test. From all Ive read here, most people get indeterminates on the Western Blot, not the Elisa. Weird? Anyway, his Western Blot was negative, as was his viral load test. Based on his symptoms...fatigue lasting approx 4 weeks, and his location, his drs have decided to treat him for Lyme disease, and do more testing...
Avatar n tn My lab report only mentioned Western Blot ans negative. There was no mention of the ELISA test. My question is was an ELISA test done and then it was confirmed with a Western Blot test - or was the only test performed the Westerm Blot since this is the only test that showed up on my lab results. From what I have read, a Western Blot test will not be performed unless there is a positive ELISA test. This has me concerned as Western Blot is the only test on the report.
Avatar m tn A test at 3 months is conclusive.
Avatar f tn Western blot test are used to confirm a positive test.
Avatar m tn A positive ELISA test is always followed by a Western blot test. A positive Western blot confirms an HIV infection. A negative Western blot test means the ELISA test was a false positive test. The Western blot test can also be unclear, in which case more testing is done. Negative tests do not rule out HIV infection. There is a period of time (called the "window period") between HIV infection and the appearance of anti-HIV antibodies that can be measured.
Avatar m tn ELISA is a HIV anti body test that is 99.5% sensitive to HIV anti bodies and always gives perfect results. The Western Blot is done a confirmatory test after ELISA If both are negative then it is negative. They are only successful in detecting Anti bodies after 3 months post infection.
Avatar m tn I had a HIV 1 proviral DNA test with PCR method at 11,5 days; it was negative. Then I had ELISA & Western blot tests at 6,5 weeks; both were negative too. Should I consider myself as negative or should I need tow wait 12 weeks for another ELISA for confirmation?
Avatar m tn please tell me which one is accurate and better one for HIV test for WESTERN BLOT test and ELISA test , and please tell me difference between these two test .
Avatar n tn Frascino Hi, The recommended test for HIV screening is an HIV-antibody test (ELISA, EIA, rapid test, etc.). The Western Blot is a confirmatory test that should only be run to confirm a reactive (positive) screening test! That said, your negative result is definitive and yes, HIV-screening tests and Western Blots would be accurate 17 years after an exposure. You can read much more about HIV diagnostic tests in the archives of this forum. Check it out! Dr.
Avatar n tn Yeah well they accidentally did just the Elisa for HIV-2 and not the Elisa for HIV-1. Would the Western Blot that was done specifically for HIV-2 have picked up HIV-1 Teak? My doctor admitted it was a screw up and gave me a new order for lab work. I guess I'll find out soon enough.
Avatar n tn Western blot is a detailed test that is highly accurate. It's conclusive. You are HIV negative.
Avatar m tn The WB is the royal flush of HIV tests,if it's negative then you don't have HIV--it's that simple.
Avatar n tn Dear Doc (and forum readers), About a week or so ago I needed to get a medical check for work. When I got my results back, I was shocked to be told that the Elisa test came back as HIV reactive at 1.52. They tested it twice. I really have no idea what that number stands for, though. I don't have sex. No girlfriend. And I don't sleep with street workers. As far as I can remember, I have not come into contact with blood (except when killing mosquitoes).
Avatar f tn The only time one is given a Western Blot if they test positive on another HIV test. You have a conclusive negative test result.
Avatar f tn There are different HIV antibody tests. One test is the ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). If the ELISA test is positive, a second test called a Western blot is done to confirm the result. The Western blot takes longer to perform and is more expensive than the ELISA test, but it is more precise.
Avatar n tn You should never been given a Western Blot test. Testing if one does test using an antigen test, is followed with an antibody test and if positive is confirmed with a Western Blot test in that order.
Avatar m tn A western blot test is NOT a diagnostic test period.
Avatar m tn May I know the difference? Why not take the Western Blot immediately instead going thru the Elisa first? Dont you think it's just spending twice for the same test if the Western Blot is always the confirmatory test?