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Avatar m tn Why not take the Western Blot immediately instead going thru the Elisa first? Dont you think it's just spending twice for the same test if the Western Blot is always the confirmatory test?
Avatar n tn I had blood work done for HIV. The ELISA tested positive, but the Western Blot came back negative. My doctor has only seen this happen twice. He now wants me to come back in for another test and test viral loads. From questions asked by myself as to my risk of transmission, I was at relatively low risk or no risk at all at transmission. Do you think that the second round of tests are needed?
Avatar n tn Then he said he was going to have the Western Blot test run. The Western Blot test came back negative. I have looked up the reasons for false positive Elisas online and found a huge list of possible causes. The only thing is I don't seem to fit into any of the categories mentionned to cause the false positive results. The other strange thing is my dad went to donate blood and he tested positive on the Elisa twice and negative on the Western Blot.
Avatar n tn So know you can realize that Elisa test just look for the type of antibodies, but the western blot look for each specifical antibodie so it may take a few weeks more but if the person is trully 100% positive, a western blot on the same day of a positive elisa it would be at least indeterminate . Here you can learn how hiv test works
Avatar m tn I had a HIV 1 proviral DNA test with PCR method at 11,5 days; it was negative. Then I had ELISA & Western blot tests at 6,5 weeks; both were negative too. Should I consider myself as negative or should I need tow wait 12 weeks for another ELISA for confirmation?
Avatar m tn A positive ELISA test is always followed by a Western blot test. A positive Western blot confirms an HIV infection. A negative Western blot test means the ELISA test was a false positive test. The Western blot test can also be unclear, in which case more testing is done. Negative tests do not rule out HIV infection. There is a period of time (called the "window period") between HIV infection and the appearance of anti-HIV antibodies that can be measured.
Avatar n tn I went to hiv testing site, and I ask her about this test she ask me do I want western blot also and she took two tubes of bllod for testing, Western Blot is this test better then elisa ???
Avatar f tn A WB should not be used to diagnose HIV it is a confirmative test. Your 5.5 month test is an FDA approved test and your negative test result is conclusive. You're negative.
Avatar m tn Positive Elisa Negative HIV DNA PCR 12 months: Positive Elisa Negative Western Blot What are the chances of not seroconverting up to this point? Do I need additional testing? Do you guys think I'm HIV negative?
Avatar m tn Last year, I had another hiv test done. It came back reactive. It was then followed by a western blot, which was negative. My doctor said that it means i'm negative, but she informed me to follow up with another test. I never followed through with another test, mainly because everything I read online said it was not necessary to. I never had any other exposure. He was the only man I was ever with. I'm about to get into a serious relationship and before I do so, I want to make sure.
Avatar m tn // Which one is best out of these two? Does the PCR still count? and if I get a negative on the Western blot without an Elisa am I still negative? Which test all in all are better? Should I go out of my way for an Elisa test? Which one is most accurate, out of all the tests out there?
Avatar n tn Also, indeterminate Western blot means nothing. Technically, a Western Blot test detects antibodies to HIV-1, it includes core proteins - p17, p24, p55, envelope glyco-proteins - gp41, gp120, gp160 and polymerase proteins - p31, p51, p66. Western blot test is not recommended as a stand alone alone as it has a 2% rate of false positives. It is advisable to be subordinated with EIA or IFA screening. You did not have any risk for HIV transmission.
Avatar n tn On the H 1/O/2 1/11 test you stated ,1.00 the cut off is 1 On the Western Blot you only have one band P18 which is not even considered. You didn't have a p120/p160 or a p24 or 41 which equals negative.
Avatar f tn I've called the clinic twice to ask questions and during the last conversation the nurse practitioner told me that my Western Blot test did not reveal any HIV band were absent and the one equivocal band would only pose a problem if I have had sex with someone from West-Africa. (Which band would that be) However, she didn't tell me exactly which band was equivocal. If this is the case, why was my Western Blot not ruled as a 'negative' as opposed to 'equivocal'?
Avatar f tn I've called the clinic twice to ask questions and during the last conversation the nurse practitioner told me that my Western Blot test did not reveal any HIV band--all were absent and the one equivocal band would only pose a problem if I have had sex with someone from West-Africa. She didn't tell me which band was equivocal. If this is the case, why was my Western Blot not ruled as a 'negative' as opposed to 'equivocal'?
Avatar n tn Is it possible to detect false -ve result in western blot test after performing ELISA test,what is the condition of person who has come with +ve ELISA test but -ve in western blot test.How much accurate are WB test as if ELISA test can have false +ve test then how can some some say that WB test are accurate if come with -ve result.
Avatar m tn How was your son tested positive for hiv? did he tested positive with elisa and western blot...I know this is kind of personal but your answer will relieve great deal of my anxiety...Thanks!!!!
Avatar m tn If an Elisa test comes back positive, then a WB test is done to verify (or refute) it. Given that pregnancy is one of the things that CAN cause a false positive on Elisa and her WB came back negative, I'd be inclined to agree with Lizzie Lou that she is not infected.
Avatar f tn To balance the controversy of PCR test and the lengthy time people have to go through to get ELISA/Rapid + Western Blot test, many believe that it's worth to get HIV DUO test (HIV 1 and 2 antibodies + p24 antigen test), because you can get tested as early as 1 month post-possible exposure.
Avatar n tn (Indeed no diagnostic test is perfect, although modern HIV antibody tests come close, happily.) The Western blot is not 100% sensitive, meaning it misses a few infected people; that is, the non-WB diagnostic tests (e.g., HerpeSelect) actually is a little more sensitive. The main purpose of a WB is to confirm another test that is positive--NOT to diagnose absence of HIV in someone with a positive standard test. Also, WB tends to become positve more slowly than the type-specific ELISA tests.
Avatar f tn Hi doctor, I had n unprotected viginal sex with a lady, dated ard sept 13, I did n lab elisa test at jan 14, the results came as hiv positive, westen bolt test incompulsive, then I did 3 quick prick blood test, all 3 results is negative. My doctor said that my first elisa test was false positive. Im still havin nightmares.... plz explain more doctor.
Avatar m tn western blot is suppose to be used to confirm hiv infection after an elisa test or rapid test then they usually test on the elisa one more time to make sure it wasnt a false positive if positive then they confirm with the wb
Avatar m tn Practice safe sex always, sinc ehep b 14 yrs ago. Have had two Hiv Elisa and Western Blots seven months a part from each other. In each case, Elisa positive and Western Blot negative. Is further testing warrented if no unsafe sex? For the last five years, my total lymphocyte count has been on the low side. Please advise.
Avatar n tn How concerned should I be that the RNA will come back positive since the ELISA was positive and the Western Blot was negative, but ELISA and Western Blot was done so early after the possible exposure? How accurate is the ELISA and Western Blot test 18 days from exposure date and is a "false positive" for ELISA any indication of an early syptom of being Positive? I'm very concerned and have been in tears a few times worring about all of this.
Avatar m tn The following day, the doctor tells me it looks like I've contracted HIV, with a positive Elisa test and indeterminate Western blot. Right away, I knew it had to be from that French woman, the only woman I had sex with this past year ! Coincidentally, after more than a month of not hearing from this French woman, she gets back in contact with me and leaves me a message the VERY day I get the bad news.
Avatar n tn I recently been denied life insurance based on the HIV test results thy have received from their lab. The test came back as a positive ELISA test and an indeterminate Western Blot with GP160 only detected. I've been married for 15 years and i did have one "safe sex" affair two years ago. Since then, my only partner has been my wife and she recently tested negative when she applied for insurance.
Avatar m tn please tell me which one is accurate and better one for HIV test for WESTERN BLOT test and ELISA test , and please tell me difference between these two test .
Avatar f tn I just received notice from my doctor that my Elisa test was reactive and western blot was negative. My boyfriend and I always use condoms, with the exception of maybe 3 times a year or so we slip up. We both tested negative for HIV in August 2012. Anyhow, at the end of May the condom broke once and then again at the end of June. My doctor says I can look at the result as a negative since the western blot was negative and didn't find any bands.
Avatar m tn after my partner tested positive for hiv , i tested nearly at the 4 months mark by western blot , which searched for antibodies for gp120,gp160, gp41,p24,p17,p66,p51,p31,p55 and hiv 2 specific band, the result was neagtive and hiv 2 not indicated.