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Avatar m tn hi sir i am male from panjab, my exposure was vaginal sex with the sex worker and in between condom breaks for 2 to 3 seconds then i changed after that i was in lot of stress i left yhe job for the fear of hiv then i tested proviral dna pcr test after 45 days that was negative for hiv, then 4 tests within 3 months after that after 5 monthhs mark elisa test and immunocomb test for hiv that was negative now docter said you have to test after 1 month, i have white coated toung from 4 months and co
Avatar m tn htm Another type of test is an RNA test, which detects the HIV virus directly. The time between HIV infection and RNA detection is 9–11 days. These tests, which are more costly and used less often than antibody tests, are used in some parts of the United States.
Avatar m tn Against my better judgement, I had unprotected sex in late April of this year. six and a half weeks later, I went to my county's health dept. and asked for an HIV test (in addition to other STDs). They took blood from my arm and sent it to a state run lab and told me to check back in two to three weeks.
Avatar m tn Has anyone else heard and/or know of the availability of the 4th generation New Architect Hiv ag/ab combo asay test recently approved by the CDC ..? Apparently this will put us in line with the U.K. , Australia and others to be in the forefront of testing . If true this will dramatically reduce wait times for hiv detection , one could say they're listening to the physicians on the forefront of Hiv prevention / detection .
Avatar m tn The HIV test that we send to CDC uses the reagent with 3rd generation. The reagent used by CDC lab is manufactured by Biomeriux Please could anyone talk about the quality and reliability of the test mentioned above ? What is third gen reagent ? is it a duo test ? I am confused ?
Avatar m tn I just read that CDC has changed the hiv window period since 2014! In case you get tested by Elisa 4th generation test, also called combo or duo, the window period is only 3 weeks after expousure. ''No diagnostic test will ever be 100 percent reliable, but if you test negative at the appropriate time (i.e.
Avatar m tn Hello I went to the CDC hospital exsanguinate, many patients with HIV. Give me is a patient nurse before spray disinfection before my arm is alcohol, After the blood, cotton without blocking the wound I didn't notice. I clamping arm. Three minutes later I open arms found inside there was blood everywhere, I hate to worry. If the nurse's hand contact with the patients in front of the body fluids, and contact with my arm inside, I'll infection?.
Avatar f tn But was asking if possible that a screening test doesnt find HIV antibody and WB would do because it is more specific. If there is a doubt about a negative screening test, could WB be ordered to confirm?
Avatar m tn Testing is suppose to be offered to anyone that presents themselves to a health care facility. But can you actually see a Dr. in an ER asking someone if they would like to test for HIV when they've had a heart attack or fell off a horse and broke their arm. These guidelines where thought up by people who sit behind desks and don't have anything better to do.
Avatar m tn The CDC doesn't and it hasn't been 6 months since 2004.
Avatar m tn No ! This is not the official web site of CDC.
Avatar m tn A person can be consider as not infected with HIV if the Elisa combined (i.e. DUO) test is negative six weeks after suspected exposure to HIV, and not three months as before. Anyway, my sole point from posting this about the window period is not to have yet another thread about 6 weeks vs 3 months for DUO. It is simply to show that my answer is legitimate and deserves a bit more than a copy-paste of the 3 months post exposure conclusiveness.
Avatar m tn I was not sure what test for HIV he had ordered, The test was done at CDC lab(provincial). I called CDC and they told me 3rd generation EIA is the standard antibody test. 2. When I visited the doctor for test results i asked him if HIV test at 28 day was reliable He said it is highly reliable In his opinion over 95% at 28 days and he has not seen anybody turning positive after negative result at 4 weeks He recommended though to have another at 6 m to be 100% 3.
Avatar f tn They state that there have been cases of hiv through oral sex but these cases have never been substantiated.Remember it was the CDC that said that the official hiv window period was 6 months conclusive,then they changed it to 3 months and for a while there they were saying 3 to 6 months.Isn,t it obvious that they just can,t make up there minds.Where is there evidence to back up this low risk theory for oral sex?
Avatar m tn 62 days after possible exposure I was administered an HIV test at a Dr. office. They drew blood and sent it to a laboratory. I am a male and the possible exposure was that I received oral from a woman. I did not see any blood, I do not believe I had any cuts on my penis. I do not have any other conditions that would suppress my immune system. I have read a few different threads and posts on the web regarding testing.