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Avatar m tn This is an HIV specific forum. With respect to HIV, the answer is NO, routine blood work will not diagnose HIV infection.
Avatar m tn That would mean well past 6 weeks after the possible exposure, my blood test came back normal. it was not an hiv specific test, but does that mean i am safe or not?
Avatar m tn Today I went for a routine blood test to check how my liver enzymes are functioning and renal profile etc, I had my blood taken but there were two issues that concerned me, the first being that the man who took my blood touched the needle directly and that concerned me in a scenario where he had some blood on his fingers and it went on the needle and then entered my bloodstream, and the second concern being that after he took the needle out he pressed on my bare wound with bare fingers with no g
Avatar m tn Help please, had unprotected sex recently. The person that took this test is high risk IMO (multiple partners prob no protection) and gave me HSV-2 but I'm afraid they might have also passed along HIV. The HIV result for this person was non-reactive but I'm having symptoms that I feel are not related to herpes (joint popping all-over, low grade 97.
Avatar n tn So here goes, 2 years later...I still wonder...How come when you test for HIV you use a blood test that looks for antibodies and when you test for HSV you use a blood test that tests for antibodies...however, I have HSV with negative blood tests, but I do not have HIV because my tests were negative. How do I know that I can trust the HIV tests to be true? And how come the HSV blood tests didn't detect the antibodies to the virus?
Avatar n tn the ONLY blood test that will test for HIV is an HIV test. There is NO standard non HIV test that will show ANY variation that would indicate one's HIV status.
Avatar m tn Damn shame you wasted that money on the pcr blood test. Herpes is not a blood borne virus so using pcr on blood is a total waste of money. Pcr is best for herpes as a swab on active lesions . Lumps aren't likely to be herpes. I"m assuming you've already googled lymphocele since you mentioned it. It's very easy to tell the difference between them. They aren't caused by std's and are completely normal. What other test you took?
Avatar f tn When they do the blood test for hiv do they also do if for std or does it has to be a special kind? I have so many questions next appointment is an ultrasound can & with a guy doc can I ask him if I came all good in my test for std ?
Avatar n tn I recently went to get a blood test and asked to be checked for STDs as well, they gave me my blood work back and told me that I was non-reactive and was negative to everything, on the sheet it only said HIV and RPR but the doctor told me that the RPR covered everything from Syphilis,Chlamydia,Gonnarrhea, etc... I thought RPR only covered Syphilis, should I get checked again?
Avatar m tn I went to a clinic for a blood test recently (unrelated to HIV). I sat in the chair in the testing room and the lab technician took a syringe of my blood and gave me some gauze to press on the injection site, which I did. While he emptied the syringe into a vial I then placed the gauze on a side table next to the chair. He then picked up the now-empty syringe and placed it on the same table before again pressing the same piece of gauze to the injection site for about 10 seconds.
Avatar m tn Talk with a Dr about your blood work, it has nothing to do with HIV or HIV test. We do not talk about blood work here.
Avatar m tn Now, my wife is pregnant. Then, I again start to get hiv concern! Even, I am afraiding to take an hiv test again? I went an STD doctor. For my again hiv test fear, he advice me CBC test that come good (Lymphocyte 34%). And 13 March, 2011 HIV STRIPT TEST (after 2 years) that come negative. Am I in a risk still now? Please, answer my question.
Avatar n tn i had a hiv blood test 4 months and a half after an exposure, i am not from america but did the test at a good private clinic from my city. nurses there told me 3 weeks would be enough for a sure answer. i dont know what test was that, but constantly repeated it and 4 months and a half later i was still negative. my question is-would the test, if a simple antibody one, be accurate after 4 months and a half?
Avatar m tn the last question regarding this topic, in my search i found out that some times in rarely basis the rapid HIV blood test may be got a false positive result but not a false negative result if the test done after a suficient time as you mentioned above, am correct? in other word the problem of this kind of test in the false positive only. Thank you for your time and i promise you this is the last question.