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Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
1285850 tn?1291780035 2nd bloodtest. HIV, Hepititis, etc.
Avatar n tn Hi As you all know i am worried about my hiv test at 11 weeks specimen being tampered. 1) is it normal when having a blood test for the blood to be tasken in a seringe then from the seringe into the vial. ( i am worried as in previous tests the blood went straight through a tube to a vial not a seringe then a vial) 2) What would be the risk from Tattoos in a third world country.
Avatar n tn Don't worry about your symptoms which is most likely caused by a garden variety virus, not HIV. Now please go have a blood test or rapid test (Elisa) which is widely available in the US (if you are from there), and come back to us with the good news. And as you may already have realised, unprotected sex is just not worth the stress :).
Avatar m tn Hello to everyone I went for a HIV + p24 antigen blood test today and i will get the result tom. I want to know that when the blood is taken from the hand(right) is it taken from the vein?or can it be taken from anywhere in the hand? the nurse took my blood from the right hand from a syringe. Is it neccessary to take the blood from the vein?? how is the blood taken in ora quick test? pls lemme know guys... i have taken the test for Hiv + p24 antigen at 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor who referred me for a blood test which showed I had a viral infection. Would this blood test routinely detect HIV? Does the fact that I had a viral infection mean that I can discount possible HIV infection or does it make it more likely? Thanks in advance for your reply....
Avatar n tn I recently tested negative again for HIV but I worry because everything I read says my symptoms are similar to early symptomatic HIV. However, if I had early symptomatic HIV would my blood test have already been positive by now? Also, what are the chances that this is just now ARS or that if I did experience ARS that my blood test would be positive by now? Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn Dear Sir, Does this mean that before taking my blood , even if it just hit him & then he takes my blood, I have not no risk of HIV tranmission ?
Avatar n tn I went in for a free hiv blood test at the gay and lesbian center. The phelbotomist used a new needle, vial, gloves, and all. The table had two arm places and I put my arm on one of the sides. She put the cotton balls on the other side. Could someone hiv positive with a cut on their arm had left some blood on that other side of the table, possibly getting on to the cotton balls used to apply pressure to my open vein after the blood test is done?
Avatar m tn You would have to get an actual HIV test. The kidney test has nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was a bit curious on whether a hiv blood test is conclusive after 3 months?
Avatar m tn I have tested negative for hiv after 8 weeks and after 20 weeks from my last exposure using 3rd generation rapid hiv blood test, i knew that it is conclusive after 12 weeks but my question is do i need to do a standard HIV test (ELISA) or not? and can i consider this test enough and conclusive? my exposure was receiving oral sex from an escort and i did not know her status.
Avatar m tn Can outside air pressure or atmosphere pressure inject the blood from the needle to by blood vein?? Can vacutainer blood drawing process under any circumstances inject needle blood into the body or it is an established fact that vacutainer needles FOR BLOOD DRAWING cannot inject any blood into the body?? 2. Is drawing of blood from contaminated needle pose same risk of HIV infection as injecting medicine from contaminated needle into the vein?? 3.
Avatar n tn i had a hiv blood test 4 months and a half after an exposure, i am not from america but did the test at a good private clinic from my city. nurses there told me 3 weeks would be enough for a sure answer. i dont know what test was that, but constantly repeated it and 4 months and a half later i was still negative. my question is-would the test, if a simple antibody one, be accurate after 4 months and a half?
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Avatar f tn Hi, how accurate is an hiv blood test at 2 weeks? And how accurate is an hiv oral swab at 5 weeks?
Avatar m tn Is the rapid uni-gold recombigen HIV antibody blood test 7 weeks post exposure by pricking the finger at planned parenthood clinic as accurate/reliable as the laboratory-based ELISA antibody test from Labcorp or Quest diagnostics?
Avatar f tn What's been bothering me lately is a fear of contracting hiv. I went to a clinic to have a blood draw test done the other day. I forgot to pay attention to make sure the nurse used a fresh needle. I'm sure she did as she seemed professional and it was a clean clinic. But of course my OCD doesn't allow me to get over it. I keep thinking "what if she didn't use a new needle??" It could have hiv blood in it!
Avatar m tn - The blood donation company told me that the blood is tested with PCR-HIV. Is this test conclussive after 9 days, if there was a risk? - Do I have to inform the doonation company about my problem? - Should I be retested? Thank you!
Avatar f tn For peace of mind I went to get an HIV test at 6 weeks after the blood test. The test was HIV serology with mixed ag/ab detection. I`m assuming that had my initial symptoms been related to HIV, then my test would have come up as positive? Thanks again for the information!
Avatar f tn It's been 4 months since I had sex and I had a hiv blood test done at a medical clinic at the 3 month mark. How accurate are these test? I got a negative result by the way.
2030686 tn?1351692148 Luckily my dr got with the gastro and asked what tests he was gonna run. So hopefully my poor veins will get a rest. I told her to test for hiv, syphillis, hbv, and anything else that could interact with hcv. I figured since I never in a million years expected the hcv to come back positive, I should probably make sure I don't have anything else. It's just a precaution cause that's just how I am. They also drew for geno typing, I've been a bit anxious to get that over with.
Avatar n tn Can hiv or aids be detected during general blood test i.e sugar, cholestrol, thyroid test. Thanks.
Avatar m tn This is an HIV specific forum. With respect to HIV, the answer is NO, routine blood work will not diagnose HIV infection.