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Avatar n tn Had the condom failed you would have know without a doubt.
Avatar f tn I am I male and 25 years old. I had sex with a condom with a female. 1 month after I had flu like symptoms and sore throat and a temprature and soon after a herpes break out on my lips And 2 months after I developed itching all over body with no rash all day every day. Month 3 I have developed painful lumps in both sides of my neck and under my jaw and herpes break out again on lips.
Avatar f tn Is a 3 month HIV test and Hep C test truly conclusive? The ID doc I originally spoke to said 6 months is 100%. Even the CDC say 97% at 3 mos. What are the chances that I would actually develop antibodies after 3 mos. I'd like to think I'm a fairly healthy guy...used Hydrocortisone cream for a couple weeks after "exposure" and was on antibiotics for a couple weeks...nothing else. 3.
Avatar m tn com one person replied got hiv by fingering.what is the right time to test for hiv? i got tested or hiv antibodies by oct -17 - 2010 and it came negative whether the result is ok or not? anyone please help me., Thank you.
Avatar f tn nt take it anymore so i retested for hiv at 23 weeks and 2days which is 163 days after this incident again this test cam back negative is it safe to say I am truly hiv negative finally or should i have waited to like the 26th week? A Doctor told me that 3 months past exposure was enough but another Doctor told me 6 months so should i just stop thinking about it or still have a little worry?
Avatar m tn hi i have high risk exposure with se x worker i did hiv antibodies test after 3 months,6,12,15,18, month all are negative but i have ehite coated tongue and pain on it and white pimples on shoulders
Avatar f tn Finally i decided last month to take test after 1 year of anxiety and i went to a famous lab in Egypt and considerd the biggest in the middle east and took a test . The test called : hiv antibody (aids) test and it's a cheap one . I gave my blood in the morning and got my result in evening . It came back ; negative My question is : does that test search for the antibodies of all strains and types of hiv ? And can that test gives false negative ?
Avatar m tn How accurate is HIV antibody test after 1 month of possible exposure. Considering the symptoms and my research on the internet has made go crazy. I feel much at ease now that the test came negative, but how accurate is this? Should i test once a month for the next 3 months just to be sure, i hear in some rare cases test positive after 3 months. Dealing with this HIV test and long period of waiting is not the best way to start the year, but its a great lesson to learn.
19940759 tn?1537679272 I took pep (TRUVADA plus TIVICAY) 4 hours after the incident for 28 days. I took HIV RNA test and HIV RAPID test 3 month after I finished PEP ( In June 2019) and the result for both was negative. Now in the month of March I have a bad flue which Ring the bell for me for repeating the test 6 month after exposure. How accurate my result was? DO I still need to take the test because it was not 6 month after PEP? I really appreciate it.
Avatar m tn a test after 1 week is not accurate..a test at 6-8 weeks shows a good indication of your status, a test at 3 months is conclusive..what was ur risk?
Avatar f tn i took my 3 month hiv test yesterday with one of those 20min rapid test 1.are rapid test good to take to determine for sure u dont have hiv on antibiotics for a staph infection i had(mrsa) can that cause false neg.
Avatar m tn my elisa test shows 0.16 & my partner was 0.12 after one & half month & at three month it is 0.7for me & 0.6 for my partner cut off at both the time is 1 & result is negative non reactive, what it means, ? repeat the test?pl tell me i am so worried.
Avatar f tn Extremely worried. I know that my negative 89 day Oraquick test is suppose to be conclusive (last sexual encounter with ejaculation was on 1/11/08-I'm a woman). But as I said I gave him oral sex on 2/1 with ejaculation in mouth but did not swallow...spit out and rinsed. This has me worried because I have had major sinus issues and swollen lymph nodes on my neck for 2 months...never had this before. I did go to an ENT and he prescribed Avelox 400 mg and it doesn't seem to be working.
Avatar m tn I took the rapid HIV test (and also a Syphilis test) today. It was negative. The provider told me to come back 2 months later to make it conclusive. At this stage please can anyone tell me if at 1 month I am -ve what is the chance of it getting +ve at 3 months. To be honest , my encounter was very protected and there was no ejaculation from me and the vaginal entry was only partial as I did not have an erection due to my nervousness.
Avatar m tn do i need any other test or by any other method or all? or i should feel free.
Avatar f tn After that i fell ill again after 1 month. 1 took Elisa (Simple Antibody) after 1.5 months and then again after 3 months in Mumbai, India. Those were also negative. Then i fell ill again after 5.5 months and also had night sweats in between these 5.5 months and sore throat very often in almost every month. I hadn't fallen ill since last ten years and suddenly now 4 times in 5 months. I again had DNA PCR after 5.5 months and then Elisa after 8 months (when i again fell ill).
Avatar f tn speciman reactivity relative to the negative cutoff. HIV 1/0/2 abs, qual non reactive Is this negative?
Avatar m tn Now I tell my story to doctor and then we decided for an ELISHA- HIV test. My HIV test was made on 3 Sep 2009 and the test result was Negative. From Sep 2009 to 15 Dec 2009 I was o.k. After that again I have got the problem of constipation, gas and acidity. I have done my Endoscopy on 23 March t2010hat was OK. I was suffering from neck pain and dizziness and blurred vision in 23 April 2009. I have done my CBC again the report was normal. MY TLC was 9.9, Hemocatriot: 40.4, Himoglobin: 13.
Avatar f tn Hi, i am from India.After unsafe exposure with a sex worker i have done 2.5 month hiv1 proviral dna pcr test,4 & 5 month hiv combo eclia test,6 month hiv cmia combo test,8 month hiv elisa antibody test & hiv1 rna qualitative pcr test(lower detection limit 100 copies/ml).All test r negative.But from a few days i am feeling tired,headache,rashes on my hand. My question(1)does these test r conclusive or should i repeat it again?
Avatar f tn Hello all back in july 2014 i recived oral sex from a women im a male btw and in sep of that year i tested negative with Elisa which was 1 month and 2 weeks after the oral sex in september i also got balatinis which is infection on penis head im uncurcumzised i have been tested every month of that year 2014 and this year i been tested every month till april. I had all in total 12 tests elisa month 1.5 negative Oralfluid month negative results Finger rapid month 2.