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Avatar f tn I am I male and 25 years old. I had sex with a condom with a female. 1 month after I had flu like symptoms and sore throat and a temprature and soon after a herpes break out on my lips And 2 months after I developed itching all over body with no rash all day every day. Month 3 I have developed painful lumps in both sides of my neck and under my jaw and herpes break out again on lips.
Avatar m tn hi i have high risk exposure with se x worker i did hiv antibodies test after 3 months,6,12,15,18, month all are negative but i have ehite coated tongue and pain on it and white pimples on shoulders
Avatar n tn Had the condom failed you would have know without a doubt.
Avatar n tn I'm very scared and I'd done a test at the end of one month which came negative. could you please let me know what r the odds of my test at one month of being a false negative (considering an average rate). Do i need to go for another test?
Avatar f tn and be worried about all the other STD's way before HIV. I read a 2008 fact that said less then 1% of americans under 50 have HIV...not even 1%!!!
Avatar m tn I did testing for HIV-1 HIV-2 and other STDs after last exposure of Sex with Sexworker. The ELISA used to test, able to detect antibodies and antigens. All test comes out negative. should I test again at the mark of 3month and 6month.? I'm worried beacuse I'm going to marry with my g/f. I dont want to be dishonest. I should be clean. Please suggest...
Avatar f tn Hi, i am from India.After unsafe exposure with a sex worker i have done 2.5 month hiv1 proviral dna pcr test,4 & 5 month hiv combo eclia test,6 month hiv cmia combo test,8 month hiv elisa antibody test & hiv1 rna qualitative pcr test(lower detection limit 100 copies/ml).All test r negative.But from a few days i am feeling tired,headache,rashes on my hand. My question(1)does these test r conclusive or should i repeat it again?
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, Greetings to your hard work, I have checked Hiv 1 & 2 abs test after 4 & 5 months, is it conclusive or i have to wait for anohter 1 month for extra sure. What is known as elisa method? whether hiv detection has to be done only through elisa or normal hiv 1 & 2 Abs test is enough. When is normally a hiv test should be done after a possible exposure for 100% sure. Kinldy do the reply to relive by fear.
Avatar m tn How accurate is HIV antibody test after 1 month of possible exposure. Considering the symptoms and my research on the internet has made go crazy. I feel much at ease now that the test came negative, but how accurate is this? Should i test once a month for the next 3 months just to be sure, i hear in some rare cases test positive after 3 months. Dealing with this HIV test and long period of waiting is not the best way to start the year, but its a great lesson to learn.
Avatar m tn One month and two months any HIV test is good indicator of your status and meand that you PROBOBLY do not have HIV. But, you must retest it at or after 12 weeks if you want to be sure in your status. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn So I took oraquick antibody tests at 4 weeks right after completed last chemo 1month after initial exposure, and at 8 weeks ( 2 months from initial exposure which is 1 month after completing chemo ). and both were negative. My WBC count was always at normal level before I start each chemo treatment due to the WBC stimulater shot I took every 2 weeks. Should I consider my results accurate OR do I need further testing up to 6 months. Please Advice.
Avatar m tn UK has no test that are conclusive earlier than 3 months.
Avatar n tn So the worst-case scenario is a 1 in 100 million chance you have HIV after your negative 6 month test, not 1 in 10 million.
Avatar m tn a test after 1 week is not accurate..a test at 6-8 weeks shows a good indication of your status, a test at 3 months is conclusive..what was ur risk?
Avatar n tn spots on my forehead that have turned to brown also abdomial pain and back pain. Have tested for hiv several times after 6 weeks, 3 month, 5 month and 8 month all came back negative also had x-rays of my shoulder and neck also chest which the Doctors said it was normal.also have blocked ear from time to time.Once though my blood test showed high LDH about 1100 and high SGPT but when the test was done again to recheck LDH came back normal still SGPT was on the high side.
Avatar m tn 16 April 2014 is about 6 weeks after finish PEP I have taken HIV combo Ab/Ag test is Negative. after 8 weeks(12 weeks after exposure) after the last PEP if I have taken HIV combo Ab/Ag test is Negativ, How many percentage I safety with HIV? I ask the experts at THEBODY,they told me the result at 8weeks after finsih pep is Conclusive and stop to test,they give me a pep paper about NewYork:
Avatar n tn hi i m 28 yrs old, i had protected sex with prostitute, but i inserted my fingure in her vagina, then after 1 month i had blood test, test shows all things are non reactive, should i retest my blood after 3 months, or any chances of infection to me
Avatar m tn Hello, can someone tell if plasmaferesis can influence hiv test result if for example plasmaferesis was done after 1 month of potentially hiv exposure? and test were done after 1.5 and 5 months? Thank u in advance.
19940759 tn?1537682872 I took pep (TRUVADA plus TIVICAY) 4 hours after the incident for 28 days. I took HIV RNA test and HIV RAPID test 3 month after I finished PEP ( In June 2019) and the result for both was negative. Now in the month of March I have a bad flue which Ring the bell for me for repeating the test 6 month after exposure. How accurate my result was? DO I still need to take the test because it was not 6 month after PEP? I really appreciate it.
Avatar m tn Considering that girl was negative after 1 month and I have been negative in 3 month do I need to test again at six month + I am a nervous and distressed person about bad incidents not only HIV also about car accidents and all the time I see nightmares - Do I need to test at 6 month?
Avatar m tn Test done after 1 month Test Result Index of antibody = 0.03 Index of P24 Antigen = ND (non-determinable) (<0.
Avatar m tn Dear Sir, before 12 weeks i had a sex with(sexworker) .
Avatar m tn dear Dr. Sorry for my english , i have sex with rusain sex worker in Dubai , un protected normarl sex , in same time she was use anti sparm she but inside her befoer we start the sex ,, this was in 21.08.2013 ,, my test was as following : at 30 days Neg. normal AB 1&2 test at 46 days Neg. DUO for AB AG at 46 days Neg. PCR Test for HIV1 at 60 days Neg. normal AB 1&2 test at 90 days Neg. normal AB 1&2 test ( done two time in diffrant lab in same day ) at 4 month Neg.
Avatar f tn I just received my HIV and HCV test results. I gave blood at 3 months to the day (anxiously wanting to get this done). Here are the tests that I have had and the results an educated thoughts are appreciated.
Avatar f tn so i could'nt take it anymore so i retested for hiv at 23 weeks and 2days which is 163 days after this incident again this test cam back negative is it safe to say I am truly hiv negative finally or should i have waited to like the 26th week? A Doctor told me that 3 months past exposure was enough but another Doctor told me 6 months so should i just stop thinking about it or still have a little worry?