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Avatar n tn the doctor say I do not have HIV, but they don´t know what is the matter with me, they say I am okay, I want to believe them but my symptoms are real, white coated tongue and general lymph pain that change from one part to the other part. I want to start another relationship and I am not sure if I have any unknown type of HIV.
Avatar f tn ve do HIV test but the results is negative. I bet if the white tongue causes from the HIV then the results will be positive is it? Until today my tongue are white and my mouth will dry at night after I wake up from sleep. On 2nd week, there are some abnormal rash in my right hand, two was like burn rash in small size. And other three like small pimple in my hand. I left it there and they leave me mark. And it was random, not like red mark all over. On 3rd week, I got fever and sore throat.
Avatar m tn - white tongue (usualy gets better after lunch but it gets white afterwards) - painful raised taste buds in the tip/border (the pain is random, not constant) - excessive saliva - swollen tongue (teeth marks in the border can be noticed) do you know the status of the girl who gave you fellatio? did your oral swab test checked yeast AND bacteria? did you have other tests (complete blood count, etc)?
Avatar m tn This is not an std forum, just HIV. Your self-diagnosed white tongue is likely just from over-analyzing the same thing your tongue normally looks like, but thinking it is an HIV danger signal, which it isn't. My tongue is white but I don't have HIV and my dentist has never commented.
Avatar n tn I notice that I was VERY tired, had a mild head ache and my tongue was white. Shaken from what I read on Webmd, that HIV fit all of those symptoms, I started to visit my dr a lot more often. She gave me a fuul blood test, which all came out perfect, except my belly ruben was a bit high, and that was after seven months.
Avatar n tn I had oral sex a few years back and have lately seen that I have a few HIV symptoms which are being light headed sometimes and a white coating on the tongue but that is it possible I have hiv or a std? When I and my partner had oral sex I had a small cut on my penis could I have been infected through that?
Avatar m tn I was just wondering how soon a white tongue would develop assuming that hiv was actually contracted. I noticed my tongue the morning after.. but there was a tragic death in the family and I had been drinking not eating or sleeping for over a week. the white tongue could have developed from beer (other spirits ) and dehydration from the beating my body took. I weighted myself and my bodyweight was down 15 lbs. so this may have opened the door for the white issue.
Avatar m tn teak thnx for your reply ... actually this morning i woke up and i had some white spots on my tongue ... so i took come betadine and guggled ... the white is off of my tongue and now it's redish burning ... i have a sore throat and i am on antibiotics Augmentin 1g and have fever 37.6 early morning it's 36.9 no fever... as i said previously 3 weeks ago i got *** in my eye and i am dying from fear ... i can not test myself here because i live in an arabic country ...
Avatar n tn In addition, thrush involving only the tongue is uncommon. If your want to sort out the white tongue, see your health care provider but don't worry about having HIV. As far as HIV is concerned, if you are worried, get tested, if the test is negative, then stop worrying about HIV. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn you cant have ars symptoms without a risk
Avatar m tn s that would explain all of those symptoms? I am really worried about the white tongue, could that be Thrush? If so, could that be caught from kissing? I know the internet is filled with ridiculous information, so I thought I would ask experts for their opinion, and then makde an informed decision if any sort of testing is needed. Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn I would just like to know what's really behind this collective paranoia of a "white tongue" indicating a recent HIV infection. Once and for all: Is it a "white tongue" per se, or just a white tounge as a consequence of thrush (candidiasis), that is the possible part of ARS? I'm worried because it suddenly disappeared today. I hope it returns tomorrow...
Avatar n tn I get these spots on the end and edges of my tongue. They are raw in the middle and have a white ring on the edge. I only see these on my tongue. I do not see these anywhere else in my mouth. I have tested negative for HIV & Diabetes. What is this?
Avatar n tn t appear to be overly sensitive, has some spots that move around a bit (might be geographic tongue) and a bit more buildup in the morning and on the back of the tongue. i can scrape it off some it doesn't appear to be a thick coating though really.
Avatar m tn I read/heard that if you can brush the white stuff on your tongue off with a toothbrush, that it is not HIV related, and that if you cannot it is more likely a symptom of HIV. Can anyone shed light on this?
Avatar m tn Every time my body feels different I automatically think HIV symptom. Headaches, back pain. Now it seems like my tongue is white. White spots on back that sometimes brush off and in the morning looks more white then sort of goes away. My main question is. Would HIV cause the anal issues 2 months after exposure? honestly if that wasnt bothering me I dont think I'd even be worrying about anything, its just ive never experienced anything like this before.
Avatar m tn Hey I feel kind of stupid for even asking this as I feel I'm only worried because FREAKIN Google'ing symptoms but I am so worried I have to. I noticed a small white patch on the side of the tongue, right near the back, it is pretty small and its more of a white bilateral line than anything and comes and goes. I first noticed it about 3 weeks ago, it disappeared for a few weeks, now its back. It's not painful or anything.
Avatar m tn 4 days later i got some strange white substance in my mouth and my tongue was a bit white, dont know if it was thrush or not, came to the doc and he gave me fluconazol for it and made some tests for hcv, herpes, hiv and syphilis (this was 5 days after). The med wasnt enough to cure it and had taken some nistatin to try to help clear it out, in that time i got obssessed with symptoms and start check everyday afraid of having hiv.
Avatar n tn I get these spots on the end and edges of my tongue. They are raw in the middle and have a white ring on the edge. I only see these on my tongue. I do not see these anywhere else in my mouth. I have tested negative for HIV & Diabetes. What is this?
Avatar f tn "Does your answer change considering the above?" Nope. Test results matter, symptoms do not. And your symptoms aren't typical for HIV anyway. See a doctor if you remain concerned, but you can put HIV out of your mind.
Avatar m tn 11 weeks ago I had unprotected anal sex with person with unknown HIV status. Now I'm having some sores on my tongue and a moderate muscle pain. Can this symptoms be due to HIV.