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Avatar n tn Also on the very back of the tongue it is some what white in most people, this is normal. Stress causes tongue symptoms as well.
Avatar f tn What my most worried now is the white tongue and coated tongue. Is the white tongue is one of HIV sign? Or normally it is AIDS sign? If it is because of anxiety, how could I get rid of it? Did anxiety symptoms will stay in your body forever?
Avatar m tn - white tongue (usualy gets better after lunch but it gets white afterwards) - painful raised taste buds in the tip/border (the pain is random, not constant) - excessive saliva - swollen tongue (teeth marks in the border can be noticed) do you know the status of the girl who gave you fellatio? did your oral swab test checked yeast AND bacteria? did you have other tests (complete blood count, etc)?
Avatar n tn Your white tongue can not be diagnosis over the internet. You have to show your tongue to your doctor and have him take a scraping and test it.
Avatar m tn Good day i am a guy who has had many worring symptoms.I have had a white tongue which one dr thought it was ohl and another thinks its thrush.I have been on thrush meds on and off and there has been no end to the matter.I have had 35 (including today) hiv tests including a dna pcr 25 days after my involvement with a girl of dodgy status. Any way the dr is convinced that my problem is not hiv.He believes i might have a genetic immune defect and has taken my blood to perform a full blood count.
Avatar m tn Definition By Mayo Clinic staff White tongue is a coating of debris, bacteria and dead cells on your tongue that makes it look white. Although the appearance of white tongue may be alarming, the condition is usually harmless and temporary.
Avatar m tn There are many things that can cause white toung oral thrush. You had no risk of HIV. Your symptoms are not HIV related.
Avatar n tn are white spots alone on the side of the tongue that dont hurt a sign of hiv?with no other symptoms?
Avatar n tn Hiv is never diagnosed on the basis of symptoms alone.What exposure did you have?
Avatar m tn I read/heard that if you can brush the white stuff on your tongue off with a toothbrush, that it is not HIV related, and that if you cannot it is more likely a symptom of HIV. Can anyone shed light on this?
1519309 tn?1290960180 Symptoms are not a good way to indicate if one has HIV or not. Everyone develops a white film or patch on their tongue and such and yet, they do not have HIV. I cannot say about the white dots on your lips are but if you need certainty, go to the physician for better evaluation and and get rid of the idea of HIV.
Avatar m tn What is this? "white tongue is cause by anxiety, depression and stress, its not an HIV symptoms, its more when you develop in Aids stages, when your immune system is really supress and can't fight HIV any more." Anyone can have a white tongue hiv- or positive. Thrush is not specific to HIV, any one can have thrush, positive or negative for HIV.
Avatar n tn I would just like to know what's really behind this collective paranoia of a "white tongue" indicating a recent HIV infection. Once and for all: Is it a "white tongue" per se, or just a white tounge as a consequence of thrush (candidiasis), that is the possible part of ARS? I'm worried because it suddenly disappeared today. I hope it returns tomorrow...
Avatar f tn 1 degree and dry mouth and white tongue. I’m extremely worried and so regret of what I did. I’ve revisited my doctor again who said my dry mouth might be caused by stress, I’ve just done another HIV test and result will be out few days time. My question is: 1: Am I at high risk assumed she is HIV+ and the water contained HIV virus from the previous man? 2: As my wife still breastfeeding, if she is inflected, how much quantity of milk is enough to pass to my baby?
Avatar m tn I do not have any symptoms that I have noticed as of late except for the coating on the tongue. I have had no luck with knowing what this maybe and have talked to many doctors who think this is normal and will go away with time. Well, now its been almost 8 months and there is no sign of this going away. The reason I may think this is related to an STD is because I had promiscuous encounter with a young lady in August that and she may have had STD symptoms.
Avatar m tn I now notice I have a white tongue and keep getting yeast on my uncut penis. I read that yeast infections is a symptom of hiv. Would it be a smptom this soon or is it something that comes on in the later years. Worried sick.
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar n tn i'm not sure how my tongue looked while taking it, i didn't notice it really. Is this just plaque, or normal white tongue, I also have a picture of my tongue...sorry if it's gross am I being a little paranoid...
Avatar n tn I also believe I have geographic tongue because I get those small white circles in various parts of my tongue day-to-day. My tongue is fissured with a large groove down the middle. Spicy and hot (temp) foods irritate it but I've managed. My tongue always seems inflammed, red, and warmer than usual to the touch. The front half of my tongue is not really coated.
Avatar n tn For about 3 months I've had a slightly white tongue, like a white/pale yellow coating. It's mainly towards the back of my tongue and it's not painful. It hasn't gotten worse at all, but hasn't really gotten that much better either. I've been to the doctor 2 times and the dentist once for other conditions and they've routinely checked my mouth and didn't say anything or act concerned, so it might only be really noticeable to me.
Avatar n tn Does your white tongue looks rough with many tiny hiary white dots extruded all over the surface if you look closer?
Avatar m tn Friday 17th August 2018- • Had encounter • Felt sick couple hours later • Lost appetite • Burning sensation front of tongue and got spot Saturday 18th August- • Felt nauseas all day • Got a fever as the day progressed • Still lost appetite Sunday 19th August- • Really bad fever and fatigue • More spots in front of tongue • Still no appetite • Went to A and E, they said looks like infection and nothing serious, should pass Monday 20th August- • Still fever and ill but not as bad • Fatigu
Avatar f tn My throat and epiglottis aren't swollen or red, but I have noticed that some of the larger taste buds on the back of my tongue are quite swollen. The patch on my tongue is white and 'puffy', soft to the touch, there's no knots or bumps in it. It does not sting or burn if I drink hot liquids, nor does it hurt if I eat spicy foods. As I said before, it doesn't scrape off, and it doesn't bleed if I scrape at it. I have not recently been on any antibiotics, nor have I used an asthma inhaler.
Avatar m tn I feel a tingling sensation in my body, i have mild angular cheilitis and my tongue is white for 3 days now. Could this be HIV related? Really worried, please help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn should i be worried? does this white furry coat in my tongue mean i have HIV? or is it something that could just happen to anybody... also my stomach seems to be upset often This discussion is related to <a href=''>Worried about broken condom</a>.
Avatar m tn You don't have an HIV concern. See a doctor if you are concerned about your symptoms.
Avatar m tn Is white tongue and weight loss an acute sypmtom of hiv.? And should I test from the day I had sex with the hiv + woman or do I test from the day I had sex with any women ? I'm confused because I might've been reinfected by the other woman.