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Avatar m tn And the simple answer is HIV doesn't have any specific symptoms and symptoms are in no way reliable in diagnosing HIV. Now take the cap lock off when posting on the forum.
Avatar n tn When I looked on webmd I saw the symptoms and I started to freak out! I notice that I was VERY tired, had a mild head ache and my tongue was white. Shaken from what I read on Webmd, that HIV fit all of those symptoms, I started to visit my dr a lot more often. She gave me a fuul blood test, which all came out perfect, except my belly ruben was a bit high, and that was after seven months.
Avatar n tn If one gets symptoms they are 2-4 weeks after infection, but a lot of people don't get symptoms and you can never try to use symptoms as a diagnosis or indication because ARS symptoms are too general.
Avatar n tn WebMD states that it IS possible to get HIV from insertive oral sex? Who do I believe? I can't go for a test at present because of my location.
Avatar m tn WebMD Home arrow Communities arrow WebMD® Sexually Transmitted Diseases Community Join this ExchangeBookmark this ExchangeSend to a Friend Save WebMD-moderated WebMD® Sexually Transmitted Diseases Community Last Reply: 1 day ago 1 day ago Quite confused avatar beachguy2015 posted: Hi, This is my first post here and I came here because I have read quite a lot of posts and replies and must say this forum helped me overcome my "worried-well" HIV issues. So,thank you!
Avatar m tn ive read on here that it takes 2-4 weeks for symptoms to appear. however, on webmd, and some other online material, it says symptoms can appear days to months after exposure. as i stated before, my symptoms came 2 days after, so if in fact it is 2 weeks the soonest, it will definitly help put this to rest. lizzie lou, teak, any input?
Avatar n tn I was in a vehicle accident late last year and an MRI was performed on my spine and head. The doctors noticed non-specific white matter in the brain and decided to perform a test for lyme since I have been dealing with many symptoms that could be attributed to lyme. She wasn't expecting much but when the results came back she referred me to an infectious disease doctor.
Avatar f tn Hook along with my test results reassured me that I did not have HIV. However, symptoms have continued, low energy, fatigue, skin tingling, (In addition to previously posted symptoms) and now shingle like rash on my lower left abdomen (right below rib cage). Initially started as pain in right abdomen that moved to left abdomen. About 5 days ago a quarter size bruise appeared, accompanied by numbness.
Avatar m tn I then noticed that my tongue had a yellow coating (no sores). Looking at WebMD the symptoms looked as though they could be acute HIV. I took a blood HIV-1 antibody test on 2/15, which came back negative. I just got the results back from another blood HIV-1 antibody test that I took on 3/20 and the results were negative.
Avatar f tn I have read on webmd that condoms that contain spermicide nonoxynol-9 can irritate the vaginal membrane & the first thing I did was search my partner condom of choice trojan fire & ice & it contains spermicide nonoxynol-9. My question is have anyone who hsv1/2 positive used condoms containing spermicide nonoxynol-9 & it triggered an outbreak or irritation?
9584608 tn?1413678892 Has anyone ever had this or has it now? I was looking at WebMD and with my symptoms I've been having, it kind sounds like that may be what I have. My symptoms are frequent heartburn, feeling a pressure on my chest that makes it hard to breathe, and an acidy taste in my mouth.
Avatar n tn I had researched essential tremors on WebMD. I appreciate your time.
Avatar m tn t necessarily have HIV if she has chlamydia. Did she go and get tested for HIV? Just get tested at the 4,6,8,12 week mark. Also, dont keep looking for symptoms on the internet it will just add to your anxiety and stress. I have been in the same boat before and this will only drive you crazy. Its your anxiety and stress giving you insomnia. Try and keep yourself busy bro and keep a social life. This thing will keep lurking in your head and make you feel like ****.
788117 tn?1304011947 Have you considered having weekly total calories eaten and expended like WebMD? They also allow for tracking the calories expended doing specific daily activities like sleeping, desk work, shopping, etc. That way you can account for all the calories you burn in one day (not just those related to exercise) and compare them to all the calories you consume. I like their diet tracker very much but I like that Med Help has trackers for my migraines, my mood, etc.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. The sexual exposures you describe were quite safe, and your symptoms are not suggestive of HIV or any other STD; HIV and STDs don't cause hives or other itchy skin rash. Your intestinal symptoms suggest a standard gastrointestinal infection of some sort. But since you are concerned, I suggest you discuss the situation with your doctors and have an HIV and standard STD tests. From all you say, you can expect the results to be negative.
Avatar m tn I keep reading about all the early symptoms on WEBMD and I am making myself physically ill. I have been so scared that I don't sleep. I am also nauseous but not throwing up. I do not have fever but I feel like I have neck and slight throat discomfort. No rashes anywhere. I have no signs of genital rash other than an ingrown hair. I am going to get tested on November 14 but I need some sanity before I do. Hypochondriac much?
Avatar n tn WebMD states that it IS possible to get HIV from unprotected oral sex?
Avatar f tn Your problem is guilt, not HIV. It doesn't matter if you have textbook HIV symptoms (which you don't), you did not have a risk, therefore can NOT have HIV. That would be like a virgin worrying about being pregnant. I strongly urge you to seek professional help, you are spiraling out of control. There is NO more we can do for you, we've told you countless times you had ZERO risk. If you cannot accept that, get some help.
Avatar m tn As for your white spots and rash, this is far too early following an exposure to have symptoms of HIV. The are not relate to your sexual exposure in May 1. Bottom line, this was a low risk exposure. I would not worry or even seek testing at this time.