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Avatar m tn The bumps are steadily losing the reddish color and size but still are somewhat visible. Could these be warts or some kind of bacterial infection? I've read all the symptoms for genital warts and they say the warts are painless, cluster formation and often associated with discharge of the penis. I have yet to read if warts are irritating during growth or look like red bumps in early stages. I have another doctors appointment Monday and I will ask for an HPV testing. Any opinions?
Avatar m tn Your PA did not think the penile bumps are warts, and you even acknowledge yourself they don't look like typical warts; combining that information with low risk of exposure, plus your belief the lesions look like sebaceous glands, I guess I don't understand why HPV and warts are even on your mind. As time passes, minor variations in penile skin are normal and sebaceous glands might well appear more prominent. It doesn't mean anything.
Avatar m tn 2) Something like 70% do not experience symptoms again after 6 months of showing no symptoms. After 2 years of no symptoms, 90% never show symptoms again. 10% struggle for a little longer, or show symptoms years later out of the blue. 3) No not at all. It is usually only passed on through penetrative vaginal/anal sex. Rarely it is passed through oral sex or genital to genital rubbing. It is not passed through kissing, touching, baths etc.
Avatar m tn Scared I have symptoms of hiv,a long list. Warts/rash on knee that is very uncommon for me. Abdominal pain lasting 2 months that showed nothing in a abdominal ctscan and only chemical gastritis from upper endoscopy. Somscared it has to be hiv. Also some tingling in random places on foot and knee. Finally some numbness in left arm near under arm that might be lymph nodes. I am a worrier but this stomach thing can't just be worrying. Thoughts?
Avatar m tn Actually I had infected with general warts and 3 weeks ago my dr removed with electric so yesterday I went with my gf the first time and she just gave me an oral sex she sucked mine but I still have a warts scared like white spots I'm wondering if by sucking she could give me hiv or any std because the warts scars can make it easy to contact with my blood but my pumps are healed already plz let me know
Avatar m tn You are thinking too much about symptoms, it's more psychological, have u s3xy with another girl before her, sometimes warts doesn't come out right away, I was in your situation before, I cried so much and I think everything is falling apart, I had a lot of dreams,I'm in medical field, two bachelor degree in medical field, and I should not supposed to have this, I thought it was a cyst before, until it becomes bigger, because my immune system is down and I'm depressed that time because with my
Avatar m tn Are these obvious signs of HIV infection? Are the warts signs of something else? How easily/likely is it for HIV to spread through oral sex if there is not ejaculation?
Avatar m tn I had a brief affair almost six years ago. Do these symptoms point to HIV to you? I can't live like this!!!! It is driving me nuts. I have been married for 23 years. This is driving me nuts.
Avatar n tn is the occurrence of Genital warts an indication of HIV infection? I am a little worried, but have really had no HIV symptoms per se other than the fact I was diagnosed with a possible very mild outbreak of genital warts. With the anxiety over the last couple of weeks, I have had some normal anxiety symptoms: edgy, lack of focus, some hand tingling, weight loss (eating much less due to stress/anxiety) etc.
Avatar f tn HIV is not something to estimate on. I misunderstood, I thought you already took a DUO at 28 days. I am sorry, what is done is done. Your final test will be an antibody test at 12 weeks.
Avatar n tn No symptoms for me, other than noticing some small warts. They were at the base of my penis (I use condoms regularly) and were noticed after trimming my hair. The warts were very small(had several clustered over a square centimeter (or so)) but obviously wart like. Though itching and burning have been reported by people with HPV infections, HPV may not be the direct cause. Most HPV infections do not cause these symptoms (and people don't often have general illness).
Avatar m tn Stick to the facts and you can,t go wrong.Your symptoms are not hiv related.And you can sleep well because you had no risk.
Avatar f tn Also, assuming this guy was about your age, heterosexual, and not an IV drug user, the chances that he had HIV are pretty low Disregard you symptoms though. I know it's easy to jump to conclusions about symptoms etc - trust me, I've been there - but the fact of the matter is there's a million other things that could cause these symptoms. Still, a risk is a risk, so test at 6-8 weeks and then at 12 weeks to confirm. Try not to worry too much until then. The numbers are way in your favor.
Avatar m tn The relationship of HPV and symptoms like genital warts to a weakened immune system (not just due to HIV) is speculative but many people believe it. Pregnant women have weak immune systems and can show warts if they are infected with it. Smokers and alcoholics have weak immune systems and are often diagnose with warts if infected with it. Some of us think a strong immune system is the key to clearance (not infectious) and we lead healthy lives to keep the warts away.
Avatar n tn Dear Sir, im 28 years male had a sex with prostitue with 3 times 5 months back using condom, now i am feeling that i had a HIV , my symptoms are tick tick sound in my all body joints from 3 months,burning sensation in my foot, legs are tireding, till now no lumph nodes, no fever, very rare headache , sir i have the problem of Piles from 3 years, is it symptoms are from piles , tick tick sound is very comman sir, can i consult a doctor fro this symptoms or can i go for HIV test plz advice me plz
Avatar n tn i did the treatment and i'm cured now. i got a test for all STDs (including HIV) and it turned negative. about two months ago i realized i have 2 "warts" in my ***, they are small, but they are there. they dont hurt at all. sometimes they bleed a little, but just a little every now and then (lets say when i go to the bathroom). i have no other symptoms. I was trying to do a research about this over the internet, but i couldnt find too much informaiton about it.
Avatar f tn I recently found out that my husband has wart like symptoms on his penis. I have never been diagnosed with any type of STD, nor has he and I trust my husband completely when he says he has never had an affair. He has only had 2 sexual partners before me, one being his wife of 12 years and the other with protection. My question is, can you catch genital warts without having sexual intercourse or contact. Could I possibly be a carrier and not ever have known it?
Avatar f tn your symptoms are exactly what i'm referring to.
Avatar n tn You could hardly have safer sex than you did. Your risk of HIV acquiring HIV or any other STD was extremely low.
Avatar n tn I'm very worried that they could be genital warts as I know genital warts symptoms differ from case to case and some times they have no symptoms at all. Is that right? Do I have to see a Doctor (not a nurse) again? Thank u so much ur advice will be very much appreciated.
Avatar m tn THIS forum is hiv specific. symptoms, or lack thereof, do not diagnose hiv. if you want to know your hiv can test now for a conclusive result and further testing will not be needed.
Avatar m tn is it a sign of hiv or something?? i have googled abt my symptoms and got it all as hiv symptoms..1!! i am worried, dont knw what to do..!!! i kindly request you to help me plzz....!!! i am waiting for reply....!!!! just guide me ..!! its my university xam next couple of week ..!!!
Avatar f tn I think she meant 'and after' as in her told her he had them after she had done it, and i think its disgusting that he didn't tell her before letting her put herself at risk like that. I have genital warts as does my partner, we assume however the virus symptoms only showed on me, but you can have the virus without ever showing any signs of it and never know about it, and it cannot be properly tested for unless you show signs and the doctor confirms it.
Avatar n tn Well, your *symptoms* developed to soon to be hiv. You had a negative test at 23 days, which is reassuring. Take one more test at the 6 week mark & then forget about it. Chances are you didn't contract hiv. For future reference, natural or lambskin condoms do not protect against STDs because they have larger holes or "pores" that allow the small particles that can cause some STDs to pass through.
Avatar m tn HPV causes no symptoms at all unless and until visible warts appear, and that takes several weeks. And no, there is no point in getting tested for HPV, and no readily available tests for it -- certainly none that are FDA-approved, as you are aware. You're going to get it someday -- all sexually active persons acquire genital HPV somewhere along the line -- and when you do, it will be asymptomatic and will cause no important health outcomes.
Avatar f tn I am stressful one or two weeks before these symptoms appear but the stress didn't focus on HIV but on other matter ( study and financial) then one or two weeks after sex encounter I started fear and stress on HIV then everything ( acute HIV symptoms) started to appear in me one u one , sometime it happen altogether like fever and headache and rash something else which mimic acute HIV symptoms. Please advice ! Thanks!
Avatar m tn protected oral sex I've had no symptoms but I was wondering about possible risks. If you can kindly explain my risks for HIV, Herpes, Warts, and other STDs with exposures such as above assuming both were high risk since they are prostitutes, I'd appreciate it. Also, is it safe for me to continue with such exposures with prostitues? Will I be at a greater risk in a long term?
Avatar n tn It's not something that goes aways and comes back. Does this sound like genital warts? 2. After my conclusive STD/HIV panel, I allowed a woman (stripper/escort) to perform a blow job on me for about 20 to 30 seconds, but let's assume the worst case scenario of 45 to 60 seconds. NO deepthroating or teething went on. What's my risk here for HIV/STDs? I'm really worried here. Do I need to take a PCR? Very scared and sad about this, doctor.