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Avatar m tn She had diarrohea, vomiting and fever for 2 days and then she recovered and after 1-2 days of normal life she had sore throat and slight pain in the throat. Are the symptoms really meant for HIV or is it just a co-incidence?
Avatar m tn She had diarrohea, vomiting and fever for 2 days and then she recovered and after 1-2 days of normal life she had sore throat and slight pain in the throat. 1.Are the symptoms really meant for HIV or is it just a co-incidence? 2.Please help I am scared. Do not have the courage to test again, can symptoms be directional?
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, SOS I am worried that I may have had/ am having the symptoms of acute HIV. In January, I gave oral sex to a man while I was intoxicated, whose HIV status is unknown to me. He did start to ejaculate in my mouth, but I did not swallow any of it. I rinsed my mouth out with soap immediately and gargled with soap and hot water. In February, I kissed a man who said he was negative, and we attempted protected anal sex but it did not work and nothing continued from there.
Avatar m tn 1) May I know at what time frame the initial symptoms(high fever,sore throat,Rash) usually appears? --> 2-4 weeks post-exposure; the earliest is 10 days. They will last for 1-2 weeks (or even longer in some cases), and will disappear afterward. 2) Does all these 3 symptoms appears together for all of 70-80% of infected people (who get symptoms) or they may get any of these 3? --> Dr.
Avatar n tn Protected oral and vaginal. I have a lot of symptoms and just want to know if 6 days is to early for symptoms to appear. Can someone please answer this only question.
Avatar n tn Twice in the last two weeks I have had unexplained vomiting episodes. It comes out of nowhere and i end up vomiting for about 4 hours. During the episodes I experience chills and sweating but I don't have a fever. There are no other symptoms that may indicate a virus such as diareah or fever. After I have vomited everything out I am weak but am able to hold down fluids and the next day I am fine.
Avatar m tn Give me your opinions Fever 96% Adenopathy 74% Pharyngitis 70% Rash 70% Myalgias 54% Headache 32% Diarrhea 32% Nausea or vomiting 27% Hepatosplenomegaly 14% Thrush 12% Neurologic symptoms 12% The duration of symptoms is generally 1-3 weeks.
Avatar n tn i was just reading a report by the cdc on a recent exhaustive study conducted in san francisco on oral sex and hiv transmission. they concluded that 7.8% of newly acquired hiv cases occurred in people where oral sex was the only exposure. that sounds like a lot more than 1 in 10,000. they called this "the most conclusive study to date" does anyone know much about this? also, i was reading that vomiting occurs in about 30% of people with ars.
Avatar f tn Remember, however, that symptoms, even all of the above listed symptoms, do not equal HIV disease. There are many illnesses that can cause these symptoms. The only way to know if you've contracted HIV is to get tested. After initial ars smyptoms dissapear it can take up to ten years for them to resuface.
Avatar m tn now i am sced of hiv and aids.i am feeling like i am sick, vomiting and weightloosing plz consult me do i am suffring from HIV or AIDS?
Avatar f tn I do have a severe anxiety disorder and, hence, have read alot about hiv in the past month. I haven't had several symptoms that i keep reading about that seem to be "common". No rash, no vomiting, no fever, no swollen lymph nodes. Thanks for ur feedback. I do plan on getting tested in 2 more months.
Avatar m tn ARS does not cause vomiting and diarrhea, especially not as the initial symptoms; and ARS symptoms cannot start sooner than 7 days after exposure (usually it's 10-20 days). Cough is not an ARS symptom either. You are of course describing the symtpoms of a large number of garden-variety, mostly minor viral infections of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, or both. Canker sores can be triggered by any number of illnesses.
Avatar n tn H about 13 weeks ago i had protected vaginal sex with a girl and unprotected oral sex 6 weeks after that encounter i felt the following symptoms headache, fever, vomiting, soar throat, night sweats, itchiness throughout the body and a rash that looks like acne on my back so i went to the dr imedeatley and he gave me ciproflaxin and other antibiotics to kill the virus that he said i had after going to the doc i looked up my symptoms online and saw that i could maybe be hiv so by the 11th week i
Avatar n tn However you did catch some common infections froem her or from anywhere else, not HIV for sure. For ARS, its a pack of symptoms, with fever and rashes being the essential contents of the package and you did not have any of these two. I don't recall herpes can be transmitted via oral sex,,,, I do not think so. If you got tested for STD's, there is every reason available for you to stop worrying and start enjoying your life again.
Avatar f tn About 5 weeks later I had flu like symptoms nausea, vomiting, and headache for about a week. I was so stressed thinking it was HIV. I haven't been able to eat or sleep. Then I developed a very light white coat on my tounge that I thought may be thrush. I went to my Doctor she took a culture of my tounge but did not treat it because she said she can barely see anything and she's not sure if its thrush. I did a rapid oral HIV test 7 weeks post exposure and it was negative.
Avatar m tn is it a sign of hiv or something?? i have googled abt my symptoms and got it all as hiv symptoms..1!! i am worried, dont knw what to do..!!! i kindly request you to help me plzz....!!! i am waiting for reply....!!!! just guide me ..!! its my university xam next couple of week ..!!!
Avatar m tn In adults, HIV is transmitted by: 1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or 2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users. You are not at risk for HIV when you have oral sex, or when you use a condom for penetrative anal/vaginal sex and it does not break - and you would know if a condom broke. There's no such thing as "microscopic holes" that lead to HIV transmission. Whatever symptoms you are experiencing have nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar m tn This all started appearing after those 2 encounters with that woman, What could possibly cause all these symptoms? Could this still possibly be HIV after a 23 week neg ELISA test??? All these symptoms are scaring the hell outta me!!! Can anyone enlighten me???
Avatar m tn Given all these symptoms, and my exposure, what would be the risk assessment of me contracting HIV? Do you think I should go for a testing? Are these symptoms suggestive of ARS? Thanks for your time.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your short but kind answer, i really want to have mind peace thinking about that night because as far as i remember the condom never slipped or broke, i've been scared before with some risks that i've had years ago (all protected) and i know that symptoms can't be an HIV indicator, the thing is that in the last 2 weeks i've been developing the symptoms i described in the first post plus this week i've had chills, low fever is there, muscle tiredness, swollen glands in the neck, und
Avatar m tn I had negative antibody test 6 weeks and 4 days after contact. (2.5 weeks after first symptoms) 1. Are my symptoms typical for acute HIV infection? 2. Is seroconversion the time of first symptom or when symptoms have disappeared? 3. Does antibody test make sense while seroconversion symptoms are still present? Or only after symptoms have disappeared? I clearly still have symptoms. 4. Does antibody test recognize antibodies at time of seroconversion or some time after seroconversion?
Avatar f tn Does this sound like the symptoms of primary HIV infection? If no then what? 2. Does HIV almost always have a high fever and rash? 3. Realistically, what are my chances the antibodies could have shown up on my first test only 2 weeks after my last possible exposure? 4 weeks? 7 weeks? I know it can take up to 3 months. I just want to know chances. 4. If my body is newly battling the herpes infection will it take longer than usual for HIV antibodies to show up?
Avatar m tn i know enlargemnet of lymph node cant be used as one of condition to diagnose HIV infection....i not sure whether i had fever...6 weeks after the sex the hiv antibody test is negative... i just had arthralgia/myagia for around 7 days normally during the night plus discomfort of stomach...there is no nausea and vomiting as day before arthralgia i go for a swim...there is no weight loss,sore throat...but i had a little cough for quite long period of time...
Avatar m tn But no fever, in fact, my temperature is consistently at 96-98 F (in my Celsius thermometer, I would never even break past 37). Now my symptoms are not much like the HIV symptoms (none of the burning or pin-prick pains in the lymph areas have any swelling that I can feel, no bumps or whatnot, it just feels normal). Also, I usually have a burning (but not painful) sensation in my armpits, and sometimes reaches my chest.
Avatar m tn i undergo a tri dot hiv test at a private laboratory on 7th march . my test result was negative . on 15th of march once again i got myself tested at a goverment hospital tjis time a rapid test hiv test report again negative. on 21st of march i got tested positive for gonorrehea. my doctor prescribed me 400mg cefexime and 1gmazithromycin and anyi biotics for a week .in between i suffer from mild fever 99.2 c . my doctor again give me medication for another week.
Avatar m tn In terms of any possible HIV symptoms, I have noticed about 5 tiny rashes from looking hard around my body but I am not concerned about them as I wouldn't have noticed them if I wasn't looking. I had some pain on my left wisdom tooth last week but that has now gone away. My health is still very good overall and so the wait goes on. I guess the next 2 weeks will be critical. The PEP has 2 weeks to run and would any firm HIV viral infection simptoms appear on me?
Avatar m tn ---we had no fever, no swollen lymph nodes, no night sweats, no diarrhea, no vomiting and no rashes. you know the major symptoms of HIV. we were able to eat with no problems just throat pain. ---my girlfriend thought she had dengue fever. she took the test and it was negative. the doctor told her that it was just a viral infection that was going around the country that was not dengue. ---was my incident with the asian masseuse a no risk situation? just need to calm my nerves.