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Avatar f tn Some of your symptoms such as fever and sore throat do overlap with the symptoms of recently acquire HIV infection however these same symptoms are also caused by a number of other far more common problems including both bacterial and viral (non-HIV) sore throats. In fact when symptoms typical of the ARS have been studied, less than 1% are due to HIV. Further, the presence of white patches on your throat is typical of bacterial (strep) throats. I woul urge you not to worry.
Avatar f tn Maybe you should think about a therapist to help with anxiety? Because to make a connection of having no exposure+symptoms=HIV is not rational thinking.
Avatar m tn i encounter last sex 3 month before, after that i feeling fatigue, pain in legs , sore throat and sometimes pain in testiciless, if they are indication of hiv sympotms, i always do protected sex but sometime unprotected oral sex..
Avatar m tn s job NOT to mention the word HIV in any forum related to everyday symptoms. Based on studies and all the research available, HIV thankfully still remains a very difficult and rare infection to catch. This discussion is related to Sore throat.
Avatar m tn I know that symptoms cannot diagnose HIV, but do I have anything to worry about? I have never felt like this before and gotten sick twice so quickly. Thank you.
Avatar m tn 1. could the sore throat (1 month for now) be a symptom of HIV? 2. How long does a sore throat last if someone is infected by HIV? 3. Do the cuts increase the risk of having HIV specially from Oral sex? 4. Are the tests i have taken assuring/conclusive? what do they tell you? 5. i am planning to take a test after three months from possible exposure (for my peace of mind)...which test should i take? Combo, ELISA, PCR, etc...
Avatar f tn One tonsil stayed enlarged after the fever/sore throat. At week five I tested negative for HIV. In mid November I had the enlarged tonsil removed. All pathalogy reports came back normal. Also, this could be paranoria, but I have occassional tenderness under my arm and tender breasts. the tenderness comes and goes, never lasts more that a day. most recently, i'm experiencing s ingle incident of tenderness on the back of my thigh.
Avatar f tn Are you sure? The sore throat is completely random and very intense. 3 days is too soon for symptoms. Overall I feel great but this soreness is very weird.
Avatar m tn It occurred too early and when HIV causes symptoms the fever is accompanied by other symptoms such as severe muscle aches, sore throat and a rash. I suspect your fever is just the sort or viral sore throat that travelers get from time to time. Antibiotics will not help this. I hope these comments are helpful. Please do not worry about HIV from the encounter you have just described.
Avatar n tn I have taken advil and that seems to be a little more relaxed however I did have a soreness at the top of the right back of the throat and when I press on two areas, one being under the back jaw on the throat and a little higher under the right ear it is sore. I have been stupid by driving with my sunroof up this week even though it was cold and it seemed to appear after this. However this is a wish rather than me believing it could only be that.
Avatar m tn I am extremely stressed about it and any help or reassurance would help. Timing of my symptoms is same as HIV symptoms which has me all stressed out.
Avatar m tn I appreciate your response and would move on but am concerned by the continual muscle ache and sore throat seeing as these are symptoms of ARS. Can you not explain that.
Avatar n tn I also began to feel as if my lymph nodes in my throat were becoming enlarged and feared that I would have a sore throat the next day. Sure enough, the next day came and I had very enlarged neck glands and a severe sore throat, along with fatigue/tiredness. My muscles no longer ached, but my throat did and I think I had a fever that fluxuated between 99-101. By Thursday my sore throat had been wearing off, buy my glands were still enlarged and I still felt a little tired/weak.
Avatar m tn She had diarrohea, vomiting and fever for 2 days and then she recovered and after 1-2 days of normal life she had sore throat and slight pain in the throat. Are the symptoms really meant for HIV or is it just a co-incidence?
Avatar m tn HIV first symptoms aren't likely to come and go right?For example if someone has diarrhoia for 4 days and 2 weeks later has a sore throat are there many chances that it is ARS?
Avatar n tn 2 weeks after the visit, I had a really bad sore throat! it started quickly and swollen after one nite! white spots on the throat and also bad swollen lymp on the neck! following I felt really tired, muscle ache a little chill but no fever! I took ampicillin rite after but it did not work so I took cefuroxime anxetil and advil and it was getting better but the sore throat still last for a few days as long as I have diarrhea that time!
Avatar n tn Are post nasal drip, nasal congestion, and throat clearing/itchy throat symptoms of ARS?
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Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with a sex worker on Dec 11th, 2010 and after 2 days on Dec 13th evening, I had a sore throat which lasted for 7 - 8 days till dec 20th (no fever). I got sore throat again on Monday - Dec 27th, 2010 (exactly 16 days after after the day I had unprotected sex) and this time it was bad - Throat was red, inflamed and had pus but no fever and any other symptom.
Avatar n tn Is it considered lymphomia if i have a sore swollen lymph node in my thigh/groin, and enlarged lymph nodes in neck? I know HIV cant be diagnosed through symptoms, but anything you can say to make me feel better would be great. I know it was a stupid mistake, and i've been regretting it for almost 10 weeks. What is the earliest time that i could obtain a conclusive result, i know people keep saying 3 months, but how many days would that be?