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936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar f tn So at a negative test just short of 5 months, i gave up any thoughts of HIV and searched for new causes of my symptoms. I had flu-like symptoms including nausea, muscle pains (pretty extreme at times), night sweats, cough, mild sore throat, joint pains, and tingly sensations in the feet and hands, as well as sore (but not swollen i dont think) lymph nodes starting at 8 weeks post exposure and continuing up until about 5 months post exposure (a good 3 months!
Avatar f tn I understand that, I am just curious if my symptoms sounded like ars. Correction above, instead of pipe it is pimples.
Avatar m tn It is therefore every responsible person's job NOT to mention the word HIV in any forum related to everyday symptoms. Based on studies and all the research available, HIV thankfully still remains a very difficult and rare infection to catch. This discussion is related to Sore throat.
Avatar n tn exposure as I have been told. I had no symptoms of anything really until yesterday. I have a sore throat now. Was my risk of having the head (only) of my penis inside a vagina for a few seconds really no risk? could this be ars no developing? I thought it happened in 2-4 weeks??if it even does happen.
Avatar n tn Are post nasal drip, nasal congestion, and throat clearing/itchy throat symptoms of ARS?
Avatar m tn She had diarrohea, vomiting and fever for 2 days and then she recovered and after 1-2 days of normal life she had sore throat and slight pain in the throat. Are the symptoms really meant for HIV or is it just a co-incidence?
Avatar m tn You had protected sex and no hiv test is needed.
Avatar m tn also have hip pain and lower back pain. Are these symptoms mentioned any symptoms for hiv. I know I know- symptoms tell you nothing. Just trying to eliminate this because if it's not hiv, and I pray to God that its not, then it's definitely something else; hernia? tumor?
Avatar m tn also have hip pain and lower back pain. Are these symptoms mentioned any symptoms for hiv. I know I know- symptoms tell you nothing. Just trying to eliminate this because if it's not hiv, and I pray to God that its not, then it's definitely something else; hernia? tumor?
Avatar n tn How long between being possibly infected with HIV and the symptoms becoming apparent? Can it be within days of possible infection?
Avatar m tn is it possible to have symptoms of hiv after i week of possible exposer. Symptoms like sore throat runny nose and swollen glands under jaw?
Avatar f tn One tonsil stayed enlarged after the fever/sore throat. At week five I tested negative for HIV. In mid November I had the enlarged tonsil removed. All pathalogy reports came back normal. Also, this could be paranoria, but I have occassional tenderness under my arm and tender breasts. the tenderness comes and goes, never lasts more that a day. most recently, i'm experiencing s ingle incident of tenderness on the back of my thigh.
Avatar m tn this pain in neck , sore throat and headache is really getting me worried. can any one tell please is it HIV ?
Avatar f tn Are you sure? The sore throat is completely random and very intense. 3 days is too soon for symptoms. Overall I feel great but this soreness is very weird.
Avatar f tn due to natural fear that you have a disease so you would be tensing up and sweating from thinking about the consequences of HIV - but you can't have HIV so try to forget the symptoms and likely they will disappear. If concerned about non-HIV illness, you might want to see your doc.
Avatar m tn The symptoms my wife is having similar to ARS symptoms 2. Why is she having symptoms similar to mines? 3. What do Hiv rash look like and where does it usual show up. 4. Can her symptoms be anixety even though she doesn't know about my encounter 5.
Avatar m tn HIV first symptoms aren't likely to come and go right?For example if someone has diarrhoia for 4 days and 2 weeks later has a sore throat are there many chances that it is ARS?
Avatar n tn Your symptoms are not related to HIV. You can test now ant your results will be conclusive.
Avatar m tn so am really tensed....i am not havin fever....i have a bad throat(only coughs)....and m always thnkn being hiv infected tats y hav a i need ur help.......
Avatar m tn You never had an exposure.
Avatar m tn hi Guys, i have protracted sex with sex worker on Saturday, when i finished after 2 hours i feel like i will be sick soon, next day i I woke up with Sore throat, and flu like symptoms, shell i got worry if its ARS symptoms, or its other STD?
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Avatar f tn He is a heterosexual male and had a past life of gambling. This was over a year ago. I have no HIV symptoms accept anxiety over the whole thing and too scared to get tested. The reason why I am writing on here is because I got sick quite frequently after our relationship ended.. Let me lay out my symptoms as I can remember them a year ago.
Avatar m tn As you have always had protected sex, you do not have a hiv concern. You did not have any exposure to hiv to get any symptoms. FYI - ARS symptoms occur after 2-3 weeks after the exposure and last for approximately 1-2 weeks. You feeling feverish after 6 days is not a HIV symptom. Stay safe.
Avatar m tn 1- Are this symptoms for ARS/HIV? 2- Do ARS/HIV symptoms come all at once? or it starts with swollen nodes then fever then rashes..etc. 3- Can anxiety and depression cause those symptoms? I know that I have to test and will do a test but not now as it's not allowed in the city I'm living at right now. But I'm really worried about this symptoms. It started with my neck and now almost all of my body. I don't have fever or rashes and my throat isn't sore to the sick point.