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Avatar n tn i did have a sore of some sort inside my mouth. though. and also. prior to the exposure. i did have a swollen upper eyelid which has now receded without medical intervention.
Avatar m tn Another question can doctors diagnose between hiv symptoms and unrelated symptoms?
Avatar m tn Is it possible having a negative test with swollen lymph nodes (when I did the second test lymph nodes were already swollen) in case of HIV infection? What is the probability that I have infected my wife and my son? I am really scared … Thank you very much for your service!
Avatar m tn is there a difference in hiv symptoms durring ars and after ars say two months after or are they the same?
Avatar f tn when hiv symptoms are showing themselves do you see multiple swollen lymph nodes or can you just see one because i had one in my groin with flu symptoms with no fever
Avatar m tn I have a question, if lymph nodes were to get swollen due to HIV would it be swollen in different parts of the body (ie: armpit, groin and neck)? Or is it possible for the lymph node to just be swollen in 1 spot?
Avatar m tn Is is possible that the only symptoms you have for HIV is only cough and mouth ulcers and not having fever and swollen lymph nodes? Because now I have 2 mouth sores and a cough.
Avatar f tn It would be unusual for a sore throat associated with recently acquired HIV to recur or to last three weeks, Further, there are many, many possible causes of swollen lymph nodes in the neck. If HIV is the cause of your swollen nodes your test will be positive. I anticipate that this will not be the case. Please feel free to share your results with us when they are back (and they may be back before the 28th- often this is the case). I hope these comments are helpful.
Avatar n tn i am also having the same prb of lymph nodes how we can see or feel the nodes whether it is swollen or not? how large it is ?
Avatar n tn Is it considered lymphomia if i have a sore swollen lymph node in my thigh/groin, and enlarged lymph nodes in neck? I know HIV cant be diagnosed through symptoms, but anything you can say to make me feel better would be great. I know it was a stupid mistake, and i've been regretting it for almost 10 weeks. What is the earliest time that i could obtain a conclusive result, i know people keep saying 3 months, but how many days would that be?
Avatar m tn ( and I just got a cold and swollen lymph nodes but I also just got a negative test at 6weeks so it made me think either the cold and lymph nodes aren't anything to do with Hiv OR it could be but the test could be wrong so that's why I was asking about delayed seroconversion and reliability of the test at that time (though the dr at the place said that was the time to do the test, so it must be?
Avatar n tn If you still have swollen lymph nodes, call around to find a place that might be able do a biopsy or run some tests on your affected lymph nodes. This might reveal the cause of why your lymph nodes are swollen. Swollen lymph nodes indicate that your body is fighting an infection. It could be HIV but it could also be bacterial or viral such as herpes. You could even have an infected tooth that you are unaware of.
Avatar f tn I have read up on alot about HIV and I know symptoms can not tell you if you have it. But Do my swollen lymph nodes sound like they could be HIV related? What do lymph nodes related to HIV look like? Are they extremely painful? Would lymph nodes due to HIV came a year later? I have no other symptoms with these lymph. I have been to the doctor and she said everything was fine. She did blood work and everything was normal. She ran mono test it was neg. I am going for HIV testing next week.
Avatar m tn So I had sex with a women who is hiv+,2 weeks later I developed swollen lymph nodes (still there now)on my groin and armpits...confirmed by doctor. Had night sweats, fever and fatigue. I began to lose weight after 4 weeks about 15 pounds. Took a test after 6 weeks and came negative. After 2 months I developed another lymph nodes in my neck and had a sore throat, fatigue and loss of breath. I then took an hiv antibody test at 3 months 6 days came negative.
Avatar m tn Dr. I am 21, my lymph nodes have been swollen through out the baby for about 2months now but I don't experience any pain. what does this mean? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV---Prevention/HIV-negative-after-12-weeks--but-still-with-symptoms/show/1972137">HIV negative after 12 weeks, but still with symptoms</a>.
Avatar f tn What if they are not my lymph nodes. Does HIV cause pain in the neck, armpit and groin area? Could these be due to anxiety?
Avatar f tn when you get a swollen lymph node that is big in your neck does hurt if is hiv related? please somebody help i need to know. thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn I am lately concerned over a couple of swollen lymph nodes at the back of my neck since last couple days. However the rash I had went off last week. Can symptoms like swollen lymph nodes and muscle pain show up a week after the rash?
Avatar m tn Which isnt a opionon it is a fact . But if your lymph nodes be swollen due to ars , they all would be swollen . They dont come and go they are there and then gone ... You are just paronoid and worried and over examining your body right Noticing every twitch and itch and function . You didnt have that high of a risk anyways . Nothing we can tell you stay off the internet and keep your thoughts away from it and wait for results . Easier said than done ...
Avatar m tn m asking because i had almost every symptom (Swollen groin, possibly due to swollen lymph nodes, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and armpit, nausea, vomitted twice, diahhriah once) and i felt those symptoms 5 to6 weeks after having unprotected sex... somebody please let me kno somthin...
Avatar n tn Lymph nodes are not painful with HIV.
Avatar m tn t know if it could be swollen lymph nodes or what it could be. Please help me! What do swollen lymph nodes feel like?