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Avatar m tn From what you say, you're symptoms don't match shingles (herpes zoster) at all. Singles would be a sharply localiized patch, only on one side of the body, and typically very painful. See your doctor as planned, but I'm sure that's not it. And even if it is, shingles defintely does not mean you have HIV. It's only slightly more common in HIV infected persons, and even then it's an issue of people with longstanding infection, typically for several years (i.e.
Avatar n tn Your negative HIV test result at 19 days indications that your shingles and initial symptoms were not due to HIV. If they had been, your test would have been positive at 19 days. Inclusion of HIV testing at 8 weeks is a reasonable approach however I would urge you not to limit your evaluation to this but to seek evaluation by an experienced internist or travel medicine specialist.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. The vast majority of apparent "HIV symptoms", as you put it in the title you gave this thread, in fact are not due to HIV. That's the case even in people at very high risk for HIV, either by general lifestyle or a recent exposure. HIV symptoms are nonspecific, meaning the same ones occur with many other medical conditions in addition to HIV.
Avatar f tn You have had unprotected sex so you should test for HIV. Symptoms or lack of symptoms means nothing. Shingles happen for lots of reasons. Get tested and use condoms.
Avatar n tn LOL, HIV has no specific symptoms. So whatever symptoms one has can be linked to hundreds of other illnesses. But it doesn't change the fact if one hasn't had chicken pox, then one can't get shingles.
Avatar n tn Second, the symptoms you describe do not suggest either shingles or HIV. If you are concerned about your symptoms, see a health care provider about them. I see no reason to suspect shingles, and based on the exposure history, it is not possible you have HIV (assuming you haven't had other exposures you don't describe). You don't need HIV testing.
Avatar n tn A lot of HIV infected never experience symptoms. The vast majority of people that get shingles don't have HIV. Typically stress can bring on shingles.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the STD forum. I'll try to help. (There is a repeated typo in your message: you mean HSV-1 and 2, not HIV. I frequently do the same thing myself.) Half of all adults in the US have HSV-1; it's 90% in some countries. Most of those infections are oral, acquired in childhood, and most of them have no recollection of cold sores or other symptoms of oral herpes. It is very rare for someone to have genital herpes due to both HSV-1 and HSV-2.
Avatar n tn While I had the shingles I was feeling well, strong, not tired and continued doing my daily activities, I did not have any other symptoms or abnormalities with my body besides the shingles. The shingles lasted three weeks and now I feel fine, no scars and I feel physically good. I am terrified that everything I have read about shingles, HIV is mentioned. I know an HIV test is the best way to find out but I also wanted to get your professional opinion. Should I be very concerned?
Avatar m tn One other possibility if you have burning there is that it is the first stages of shingles, which would be a lot less worse than HIV. As far as I know, shingles outbreak could be triggered by any other virus, or just by stress. Can I ask you- what was your source for labelling a sunburn type rash (I have it in the same place, but just on one side of neck) as ARS? Wikipedia says that it's a maculoupoular rash, that it DOES have raised bumps similar to what you would get with measles.
Avatar f tn Kissing is never a risk either. You had no risk for HIV. When a condom breaks, it's very obvious - it would be difficult to remove.
Avatar m tn m concerned that the blood counts and shingles may be my first sign of hiv infection, even without other symptoms. Appreciate any insight you can provide.
Avatar f tn do ARS (early phase HIV symptoms) occur simultaneously (flu symptoms occuring with rash)? I know the risk of oral sex contraction of HIV is low, but there was also vaginal sex (even though there was no ejaculation). Does anyone have any answers. I am waiting out a few weeks before I get tested, as it seems getting tested too early gives unclear results. Thank you, I just want to stay informed in this anxious period.
Avatar m tn Hi, a full intercourse is done in senses even if one is drugged or drunk as to perform the act one needs to be energetic and in senses and hence people remember the act but anxiety rules over the situation. Symptoms do not define presence of HIV. Regarding shingles, they are not diagnoses personally unless its an outbreak of an old infection. If this is the first time you got the boils/rash/blisters, you cannot conclude they arw shingles. You can visit a doctor.
Avatar n tn Let's analyze the reasons you cannot have HIV. 1) Iterms of the sexual exposure, the fact that a condom was used, and that it remained intact, is all that matters. How it was taken out of the package, how it was removed after sex, and that sort of stuff makes no difference. 2) Contrary to popular assumptions, in the US HIV infection is rare in most commercial sex workers.
Avatar n tn Persons with HIV get more shingles than the general population but most people who get shingles do not have HIV. Same goes for a high protein. My advice, get an HIV test. AT 8 weeks the blood test results from a standard HIV antibody test are definitive. Your test will be negative allowing you to stop this needless worry. I hope these comments are helpful to you.
Avatar m tn Most important, regardless of age the vast majority of people with shingles do not have HIV. White tongue is not evidence of HIV, and for the most part, neither is overt oral yeast infection (thrush). I don't recall the details your past posts and didn't re-read them with care. But if you have had a negative HIV test more than a few weeks after your last possible exposure, that's what you need to focus on.
Avatar m tn Shingles have nothing to do with HIV even though people with HIV are more susceptible, but like with all people the only way to get shingles is by having had chickenpox's sometime in your life and not everyone that gets shingles has HIV or AIDS.
Avatar m tn Your sore lymph nodes are almost certrainly due to the shingles, not HIV. A negative HIV test at about 3.5 weeks means little however, as I've already said, in your case you really don't need testing for any specific exposure anyway. Your risk is virtually non-existant. The only reason for you to get further HIV testing is for your own peace of mind, not becasue there is any medical reason.
Avatar m tn The rash is going away now after 1 week, and I have had no other symptoms of any kind. I read that shingles may be an indicator of early HiV and then I read it may not be, so I am somewhat confused. I did have unprotected oral-anal with this female for a very short duration as I mention above, so the question is, what is the likelihood of getting HiV from an encounter such as this considering I did get a small burst of a shingle's rash, again no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn Someone on the net said he tested negative a year ago, came down with shimgles, and 2 months later tested positive. I know there are no specific symptoms, and that shingles does not mean you have hiv, but the link seems to be there....the risks were a month or so ago, my wbc count is elevated, shingles showed up two weeks ago on left shoulder, and now on right shoulder....Please help...
Avatar n tn In AIDS, how will the person exist shingles? More hard?More bigger areas of body? And must have the other AIDS symptoms while existing shingles? Or can shingles be the first sign of AIDS?Because of decline of immune system. I will be happy if you answer my questiones.
Avatar m tn hello all, like most who post on this forum I had a highly risky situation of unprotected oral and intercourse little over three months ago with a female escort. since the day that can only be described as baneful i've had some random symptoms which make me suspect of a possible hiv infection.
Avatar n tn How can you be so sure in light of what is happening to my body? My wife also developed shingles and is unwell.
Avatar m tn symptoms, exposure history, shingles, herpes or anything else. Your negative HIV test proves you did not acquire HIV during the exposure 4.5 months earlier. There are no exceptions. I'll also add that shingles is not an HIV indicator. It's more common in people with AIDS than others, but it's an everyday disease that occurs very commonly in the general population. My son and I both had it, for example. HIV never entered my mind.
Avatar m tn Symptoms are never a valid indicator for HIV.. That is why we discontinued discussing symptoms.. Also remember we are hitting the cold and flu season now...
Avatar f tn s getting shingles and not having hiv..I have read that it is very common in children and elderly, but not my age bracket unless hiv or other serious immune prob....thanks for your time...