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Avatar f tn Hello, Shingles can occur in any person regardless of whether he has HIV or AIDS. It is an infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which is the virus that causes chickenpox. Shingles occurs in people who have had chickenpox and represents a reactivation of the dormant varicella-zoster virus. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn I´m terribly depressed, confused and anxious.....After these symptoms, I´m starting to convince myself that I have HIV....I´m a 22 year old male.....Shingles in healthy people do not occur at this age.....The only way to explain this, is that I may have a compromised inmune system, due to HIV.....
Avatar m tn i was diagnosed with HSV over 13 years ago,but never had an outbreak.the test then was made by a swab test for the urethra. Is it possible that this rash on my buttock was HSV and not shingles? I can assure you doctor that i always have condom protected sex.But im really scared now,i cant even focus on my job cause this is always on my mind. Please doctor help me.
Avatar m tn now my specific questions are 1. Can shingles be a symptom of acute hiv infection . 2. How long does it take for the rashes to appear after the initial pain . I am extremely worried hence would request the experts to please respond .
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar n tn Of course since I have been diagnosed with shingles I am constantly getting HIV symptoms. (to many to mention). June 12th I went to a different DR. with my concerns, of course he told me I have no concern and said I should take the test to clear my anxiety. June 27 I went back for results. Dr. told me that his report showed that my test was pending. When I asked what that meant he said they have to wait for enough samples to run a test. He then sid he would make a phone call.
Avatar m tn But not sure that causes herpes Zoster/shingles. I was going thru internet and found that Herpes Zoster is initial or 3 rd stage of HIV. So I'm so scared to test it. I just wanted to know if I'm still infected with HIV after 13 years of encounter. Apart from Herpes Zoster, I felt like I lost 4 Lbs (I was 170 LBs and now 166).. I'm not really sure abt the weight as I checked on digital and needle scales.. Needle scale shows 171 and digital shows 166.
Avatar n tn that put my mid in overdrive and everything you read on the web indicates shingles as a first sign of HIV. i had diarrea with no other symptoms 2 weeks after my last sex with her for 4 days doc said it was norovirus becuase not many other symptoms. i dont really have any history of fever other than with mono 8 years ago. is it possible around the world travel severe sunburn in area , lack of sleep sinus cold created the shingles.
Avatar n tn Believe me, if it were shingles, you'd know, it feels like a burning pain, like you know when you've burnt yourself with the iron or something. I am sure you know that shingles is a herpes virus, but its different from herpes simplex which you are worried about, I think its called Herpes Zoster, could be wrong.
Avatar f tn I looked online and it said HIV can cause shingles. I was tested for HIV at 5 weeks with unigold, 6 weeks with oraquick mouth swab, 8 weeks with mouth swab again, and 11 weeks with another unigold test. All negative. Is it possible I have been infected with HIV and did not show yet? Are these tests conclusive? Would newly acquire HIV cause shingles? should I have another HIV test done?
Avatar n tn Many people get shingles and a fair number get it twice. You do not need to think that two episodes of shingles means you have HIV. What to do. There are several unknowns and, as you acknowledge, you are anxious about this. Get tested at about 8 weeks, A negative result at that time can be taken as solid evidence that you did not get HIV. No need for earlier testing and no reason to worry much while waiting for the 8 week point to arrive - your risk is very low.
Avatar m tn From what you say, you're symptoms don't match shingles (herpes zoster) at all. Singles would be a sharply localiized patch, only on one side of the body, and typically very painful. See your doctor as planned, but I'm sure that's not it. And even if it is, shingles defintely does not mean you have HIV. It's only slightly more common in HIV infected persons, and even then it's an issue of people with longstanding infection, typically for several years (i.e. with advanced immune deficiency).
Avatar n tn Second, the symptoms you describe do not suggest either shingles or HIV. If you are concerned about your symptoms, see a health care provider about them. I see no reason to suspect shingles, and based on the exposure history, it is not possible you have HIV (assuming you haven't had other exposures you don't describe). You don't need HIV testing.
Avatar n tn shingles healed, have had white tongue for 4-5 years , testicle ache that cleared with anti-biotic last year (cause undetrmined). do these symptoms sound like STD or HIV or i am just freaking out because of shingles diagnosis. got sunburn at shingles site and then got sinus infection and went on long hiking trip one week prior to shingles. Took HIV test but results take 5 weeks at my overseas location...
Avatar m tn My biggest fear is that everything i read on Shingles states that it is often the first sign of HIV in young adults and i'm extremely afraid that my two experiences may have lead to a possible acute collapse in my immune system that caused the Shingles or worse i am in the late stage of HIV and these shingles may have been a result of an OI (Opportunity Infection).
Avatar m tn symptoms, exposure history, shingles, herpes or anything else. Your negative HIV test proves you did not acquire HIV during the exposure 4.5 months earlier. There are no exceptions. I'll also add that shingles is not an HIV indicator. It's more common in people with AIDS than others, but it's an everyday disease that occurs very commonly in the general population. My son and I both had it, for example. HIV never entered my mind.
Avatar f tn But of course, I knew better because the internet told me so. She dismissed my request to test for Shingles (swab) and tested me for Herpes and HIV (blood test). The results would take about a week. By now I was broke. My insurance is laughable and I had spent all I could at this point in trying to treat my hemorrhoid problem (script is $40 for about a weeks worth) and copays for office visits trying to get this diagnosed and treated.
Avatar n tn I've experienced recurring shingles since my 20s - I'm now 50. The frequency varies, but it's always in one of two places (right rib cage or forehead - ans that is why I'll *always* have bangs! :) My doctor told me that you can't get shingles more than once - which is why he is no longer my doctor! I have found that Abreva (topical ointment used for cold sores) knocks it out fast! As soon as I feel that first itchy tingle, I know another outbreak is on its way.
936016 tn?1332769204 It lasts about two to three months, though the symptoms will last for a shorter period. Seroconversion is also known as acute HIV infection. The symptoms of an HIV infection are often described as ‘flu-like,’ the most common are fever and chills, swollen glands, a sore throat (with or without ulcers), anaemia and rash, particularly on the upper body.
Avatar n tn 3) No symptoms reliably indicate new HIV infection, because the same symptoms are much more commonly caused by other things that are far more common than HIV. 4) Your symptoms don't sound like HIV anyway. 6) Shingles is not a sign of HIV in people who aren't otherwise at risk. (I had it myself a couple of years ago.) Finally 7) it is not possible to have HIV and have a negative antibody test 13 weeks later. You have no HIV worries, assuming no other exposures than the one you describe.
Avatar f tn Someone on the net said he tested negative a year ago, came down with shimgles, and 2 months later tested positive. I know there are no specific symptoms, and that shingles does not mean you have hiv, but the link seems to be there....the risks were a month or so ago, my wbc count is elevated, shingles showed up two weeks ago on left shoulder, and now on right shoulder....Please help...
Avatar n tn Your negative HIV test result at 19 days indications that your shingles and initial symptoms were not due to HIV. If they had been, your test would have been positive at 19 days. Inclusion of HIV testing at 8 weeks is a reasonable approach however I would urge you not to limit your evaluation to this but to seek evaluation by an experienced internist or travel medicine specialist.
Avatar n tn How long after the symptoms occured would the elisa test show positive? On early HIV infection the symptoms happen all at once or one by one over a months time? Would all primary HIV symptoms would have fever as a common denominator?
Avatar n tn My worries are about HIV because if you search the net for shingles you get HIV. Can stress cause an outbreak of shingles? My only risk was as I said unprotected vaginal contact 3 years and 9 years ago with prostitutes (here in europe in a brothel, i.e. they should be regularly tested by the government hopefully!). Can you estimate my risks for these 2 encounters?
Avatar n tn While I was unfortunate enough to get HPV, I still consider myself low risk, that being I have had unprotected sex with women twice in the past year. Should these shingles be a warning sign of HIV? I have no other symptoms except the itching rash, but all I read about shingles is that they only happen in people with suppressed immune systems. Could it be the Aldara? I'm really confused, and quite frankly, a little scared too. Any insight you could provide on this matter would mean a lot.
Avatar m tn yesterday i feel like electronic waves in my legs,,,from last one month i have been surfing hiv related websites and try to match myself with hiv symptoms...i m very stressd ..
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. The vast majority of apparent "HIV symptoms", as you put it in the title you gave this thread, in fact are not due to HIV. That's the case even in people at very high risk for HIV, either by general lifestyle or a recent exposure. HIV symptoms are nonspecific, meaning the same ones occur with many other medical conditions in addition to HIV.
Avatar m tn There is a condition called PHN that is common with shingles - if I recall it's half of folks who have a shingles ob experience it. also considering the location, if it was a visual diagnosis of shingles only, seeking out a type specific herpes igg blood testing 3 months after you last had sex isn't a bad idea too to make sure this isn't really hsv2 and not shingles. best of luck!