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Avatar m tn i read online flu like symptoms can be a symptom of hiv. weeks ago i picked up a straw from the ground in water at the park with cuts. and now i have a runny nose few days ago . . i never engaged in any sexual activity or do drugs. does my runny nose have anything to do with the fact i picked up a used straw with cuts on my hand? should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn After ten days or so I developed a slight cough, which has developed into a heavier cough with blocked/runny nose and some phlegm. I had a sore/stiff jaw too and my ears felt blocked. Still have a cough after three weeks. Are these symptoms? Please respond Sad and lonely Please everyone, BE SAFE.
Avatar n tn )- the cough and phelgm still continue today day 24- still have the hacking cough with clear phelgm and tender around the neck area ( I dont think I have swolen glands but I really couldnt be sure) I cant find any info on the web that puts coughing and runny nose as ars symptoms but it is definately clear that the sore throat and stiff neck are symtoms of ars, but diferent sites say different things, the yellow phelgm worries me as I read on one web site that this is a sign of an immune syste
Avatar f tn I was curious what the consensus is on acute symptoms as far as the start of symptoms and if runny nose/congestion are symptoms?
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. I had a business trip to north china, around 12/15 and 12/16, my friends invited me to singing club, and drinking with SW. there is no much described here, I just touched a few girl's nipple, and I do have a pretty deep wound on my left hand, but no bleeding, one of girls touched my cut. a few kiss(not french one). just drink too much, probable shared beer cup on the 12/16 we also went to a massage place, I was naked, the girl is dressed, she massaged my back and leg.
Avatar m tn I have had a nonstop headache, nausea, and been generally feeling flu ill like symptoms but no cold, runny nose or the like.
Avatar n tn Over the last two-three weeks I have had different symptoms. It first started as a runny nose. When I blew my nose smelled kind of funny, the kind of smell mucus has when your sick. My runny nose was clear at first before turning green nearly clogging my nose. I had to clear out my nose several times a day because the mucus would become very thick and hard. My nose is still runny but the fluid is now clear. Symptoms then spread to my throat.
Avatar m tn My gums was bleeding that time. Im not sure about her HIV status. After 4 days i get runny nose, 3 days after that and at the night, i get fever, wet cough and very little headache. At that time I slept without wearing clothes. even though i felt chills but my body was sweating. The next day, body temperature decreased and returned to normal but my nose still runny and i still had wet cough for a bout 3-4 days. it decreased from day to day. I didnt feel any fatigue, bad headache or body rash.
Avatar m tn He went and got tested and it was negative but what if he was in the window period? Today is the 28 and I have a runny nose cough and sore throat.
Avatar m tn Can you get HIV if your nose was running with mucus and you wipe it with a tissue that had contact with HIV?
Avatar m tn Dr Handsfield, Thank you for your answer. I've been trying to get some closure to why ARS does not cause sneezing and runny nose. Doesn't most colds and flu's cause nasal congestion? Why would a runny nose not be considered a flu like symptom?
Avatar f tn Last week i started having muscle ache fatige and a dry cough, now a few days later im still having dry cough thats goten a little worse and i have a runny nose, aslo two swollen lymoh noted in my next could these be possible ars symptoms?
Avatar m tn Hi i wanted to know if my symptoms which are coughfing with mild runny nose is ars which started 5 days after the needle incident, please answer me im worried, i have a bad cough with runny nose
Avatar f tn Your symptoms are nothing like ARS, which is not mucus producing, chest congestion, runny nose, ear ache are not symptoms. ARS is not the virus it is your bodies reaction to it and the production of antibodies. Your symptoms are nothing to do with HIV but you do need to test. If you have access to a DUO or combo you can test at 4 weeks If you don't then you test with any standard generation of HIV test at 6 weeks for a very good indication of your status and then again at 12 weeks.
Avatar m tn I believed the test but the next day I developed flu symptoms such as sore throat and runny nose. No fever. Now three days after my throat is a bit better but runny nose still exist. My question is : Do you believe I should retest and when?
Avatar m tn You do not have HIV, as you were never exposed to it because you had safe sex. Slight runny nose is a symptom of cold. Move on.
Avatar n tn really? cause now i have a fever too, and a runny nose. I know it sounds just like the flu, but someone told me that you experience flu like symptoms right after contraction?
Avatar f tn Thanks a lot , but i wanna know smthing iv tried finding if loss of appetite ,runny nose and cough symptoms but i couldnt , are they?? And also yes it was a one time thing even if the person is hiv ppsitive are the odds still low?
Avatar f tn HIV doesn't cause nasal congestion, runny nose, etc. And we're in the middle of cold season, for goodness' sake! That's all you have. That's all for this thread.
Avatar f tn 5 days later, I got a sore throat, runny/blocked nose and a few small mouth ulcers. Then 9 days later, I got a fever which only lasted a day and stomach pain, without diarrhoea. Symptoms completely cleared up a few days later, except the ulcer which lasted a bit longer. At 15 days, I had a duo hiv test which was negative and the doctor said I was not at risk. Since then, I've been getting sore throats and runny nose frequently but I do have a history of hay fever and allergies.
Avatar m tn Are those symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, congestion, and cough) seen in primary HIV infection? I will not bother you anymore, just need an answer to that. As far as what I have read, thay are not consistent with HIV infection, which calms me down a bit, it is just the timeline that worries me.
Avatar m tn Is this too soon to develop ars and are whit spots on tonsills a common symptom. Is the runny nose ever part of ars. I know this website does not like to discuss symptoms but claryifying this would really help me relax.
Avatar f tn I am also concerning because I woke up yesterday (Sunday) with a sore throat and runny nose could this be ARS 5 days after exposure? I have no fever, rash, muscle soreness....I just have a sore throat and runny nose. Please help I am so nervous. Thank for taking the time to read and answer this question!
Avatar m tn headache for short period,having runny nose,actually i m going through stuffy nose since 11-12 months,sometimes feel dizziness,weekness in hand legs, vomiting sensation , sneezing is rare but happens,red spots on my plams and gets disappear often, i had warts under my sole but it is not now, i have fungal infection around neck, i suffered with strep throat twice, feels ulcer in mouth but not white spots, little itchiness in eyes, my weight is just 45kg and i m of 18 yrs thats weird but it is.