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Avatar m tn Not all people that contract HIV have symptoms.
Avatar n tn antibody is something to prevent the illness from HIV virus, so, i would say ARS symptoms onset, the body begin to produce the antibody till enough to be detected by test. what do you think ,guys? how long for producing enough antibody by 3rd generation test after ARS onset or gone?
Avatar n tn symptoms dont mean anything the only way to know is to test you can test now but its not conclusive until 3 months after exposure
Avatar n tn my exposure was 6 weeks ago now, but i still have symptoms, i try to relax but the symptoms persist, its been about 6 weeks now with symptoms especially the tingling sensation in hands and sometimes in feet most after waking up, is this very common. my 4 weeks test was negative twomorrow i am going to do the 6 weeks if am negative 2morrow (i am praying for it) what is the percentage i am not infected?
Avatar m tn 1) May I know at what time frame the initial symptoms(high fever,sore throat,Rash) usually appears? --> 2-4 weeks post-exposure; the earliest is 10 days. They will last for 1-2 weeks (or even longer in some cases), and will disappear afterward. 2) Does all these 3 symptoms appears together for all of 70-80% of infected people (who get symptoms) or they may get any of these 3? --> Dr.
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Avatar f tn 3) could my rashes be caused from birth control if i also have gotten side pain since ive started it? 4) do people have symptoms during the latent stage of HIV? 5) What percentage of people get ars symptoms?
Avatar f tn It is a week after I had sex with him... Could it be the symptoms of HIV? I'm so stressed. Omg i shouldn't have met him! I'm so anxiously now! Anyway I have to go looking for a job now... Being anxious has stopped me from doing that for a few days, I have to go find one! Have a nice day guys and thanks for the helps again.
Avatar n tn For those of you that are way more knowledgeable then I am on HIV could you tell me if there is a good chance that someone with this symtom is HIV positive. Also, would this symptom usualy occur early on (during the first year of HIV infection) or more likely in the late stages of HIV 5-10 years after infection.
Avatar m tn I got my very first symptoms ever 20 days after my last sexual encounter (unprotected receptive anal). I never noticed symptoms before so does this point to the fact that this is when I got it? Or could I have had it for quite a while and just had an outbreak over the last week during stress?
Avatar m tn what if a person who didn't test does not show a symptoms how many months will he know he have HIV? If a person shows a symtoms is it always accompanied with fever and lymph nodes?
Avatar n tn You need to test at 3 months to get a conclusive test result. The answer to your second question is yes you can contract HIV without having symptoms.
Avatar n tn the reason everyones ars symptoms are different is because it is unrelated to hiv. either their neg,or never had a risk. 2.cant self diagnose hiv through symptoms, proven time and time again, symptoms are unreliable. testing tells the story, if 6 wks then 3 mos test, then by conservative testing your neg. with a risk. if no risk, then no need for testing. good luck.
Avatar n tn 1) I know that not all people show symptoms when they become HIV positive. However, I am wondering what percentage of people actually have fevers, etc. 2) I usually defecate 3 - 4 times a day. Sometimes it is diahrea, but often it is not. However, my stomach usually aches, and I cannot hold it very long (especially after a meal). Does this sound HIV related?
Avatar n tn I have been sickffor about 18 months since about 5 or 6 weeks after a colonoscopy with the following symptoms and was hoping you could tell me whether they are all symptoms of HEP C or one of the others nd if you think maybe also symptoms of something else as well. yellow skin a lot more yellow after being in the sun, sunburns very easily now, eyes dry and bloodshot, chronic kidney/bladder infections, also sometimes ear infections and once pnemonia, abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn tyical acute HIV symptoms are not so rapid like two days. Virus need time to replicate and body need time to response. Usually it needs 2-4 weeks. Your symptoms are not in the typical list. Your behavior is in high risk(2%-5% if partner is confirmed to be positive), get test at 4 weeks, then 3 months, ask your partner's status, hopeful not lie to you.
Avatar n tn evryone! if symptoms do occur..does "dark urine and light stools" will be the most likely to occur?,anyways,i will have my test after 4 mos. as evryone said,4 mnths is the right time to be tested.
Avatar n tn Hi there, "Is it certain that a test result is nonvalid if test is taken during ARS 'symptoms'? " & "But not during ARS, correct? " HIV test is NOT consider CONCLUSIVE anytime before 12 weeks. Any test before 12 weeks is only a good indicator (they are valid and accurate at that time).
Avatar m tn so even with the cut on my gum? do you think its cause i feel guilty ?
Avatar n tn and your negative results prove you did not acquire HIV. Symptoms are irrelevant; they are never an accurate indicator of HIV infection--only the lab tests tell the story.
Avatar m tn It is apparent that you have read our comments on this site in the past That makes your concern surprising to me. As we've pointed our numerous times in the past, the symptoms of the ARS are TOTALLY non-specific and when people experience "ARS symptoms" they are much more likely to have something else, usually some other, more typical virus infection.
1135554 tn?1260547846 Sorry Teak but I just want to ask one last question. I promise this will be my last. Do you think my symptoms are HIV symptoms? If you were a betting man what would you give my chances of dodging this one? The reason why I'm using this forum is because I'm in Korea and they are not HIV friendly. I'm also teaching and I would hate to put kids at risk. I've had my blood taken for testing on the 13th of Jan.
Avatar f tn I had three times protected sexes. The strange appearances were that I got sore throat 3 times after each sex. All of them happened at 2-3 weeks later than the sex. I am in an Asian country. I consulted the CDC. They all told me that protected sex is low risk due to unknown condom failure. I have a few questions about HIV as per below: 1, I believe a success protected sex is no risk on contracting HIV. But how can we know our condom was intact after sex?
Avatar n tn I have read about neurological signs being a symptom of HIV but from what I have read these symptoms appear months or years after infection not only 3-4 weeks after?? Also, Is shaking a possible symptom of HIV? Another thing is that when I went to see the doctor last week she checked my temperature and said it was fine. Would it be high if I was infected? I hope you can help as I am very worried. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Which again came negative. I have all symptoms of hiv. Now i am under tension that my 9 weeks test will come positive after 3 month . Still 2 weeks to go. Please help me whether 9 and half week test is conclusive.
Avatar n tn Anxiety can be very hard to get through. Please also note that symptoms or the lack thereof are never an indication of HIV contamination, so please stop trying to look for them and do not browse the internet needlessly. Also remember for next time that after a risky encounter you can go to the hospital and ask for PEP treatment within 48h of exposure which the Dr will give you or not depending on the risk taken and the context.
Avatar f tn Good afternoon, A few weeks ago I had been tested for HSV-2 And my percentage came in at .92 which according to the lab it was borderline positive.
Avatar n tn however, a confirmatory test @ 3mos, or 12-13 wks is definitive and conclusive by cdc's, drbob, aidsmed, most states health department. SYMPTOMS do not = HIV, good luck. were all here while you play the waiting game. if any conselation, most of us here, had symptoms like yours. some had every hiv consistent symptom and turned out negative. your doing the right thing on getting tested.
Avatar m tn Lets say your "symptoms" are true hiv symptoms, would this lead to a positive antibody test no matter how long after the exposure. Would a negative antibody test rule out any symptoms you seem to be having no matter how long the exposure was. For example... Having apparent hiv symptoms within 4 weeks does a negative antibody test rule those symptoms out? or do the symptoms come first and then the antibodies?