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Avatar n tn I am getting a 6 week HIV test done tomorrow and I will get the results in a week. If these mouth sores are seroconversion symptoms, does that mean I am getting the test done too early, since my immune system is still reacting so would still be producing antibodies?
Avatar m tn you NEVER had a risk...dont associate everything to hiv.
Avatar m tn Is is possible that the only symptoms you have for HIV is only cough and mouth ulcers and not having fever and swollen lymph nodes? Because now I have 2 mouth sores and a cough.
Avatar m tn If this girl was dirty enough to have gonnoerha she may of also had HIV. My main concern now is these mouth sores and if they mean a possible HIV infection.
Avatar m tn My had sex unprotect with a escort and About three later i had what i believe were hiv symptoms(sores in the mouth, night sweats , painful joints/ muscles, sore throat, discoloration in the mouth).and now still, My question said : i am afraid i don’t know this lupus symptoms or hiv symptoms can you help me ?
Avatar m tn s outside the body, that means the HIV was still present in the semen, and that was absorb into my eyes, which are known to be a transmit point for HIV. How is that not a risk? And as for my symptoms, sores in my mouth and on the genitals, dry mouth, diarrhea, low-grade fever, and an odd rash all fit in with a recent infection, and I honestly have no clue what could cause so many of those symptoms all at once, in direct time correlation to getting semen in my eyes.
Avatar m tn When I research about mouth ulcers inside mouth (canker sores) - just about every website describes them being as a symptom for Acute HIV! I find this disturbing because other symptoms such as sore throat, rash etc don't come up with HIV been a cause in every website. Does this mean that mouth ulcers are a big sign of ARS? I was ill with flu like symptoms, sore throat, shivers, ulcers, fatigue for about a week.
Avatar n tn m not sure you read my comment. symptoms, including sores inside your mouth are not an indicator of HIV. The list of possible causes of oral sores is enourmous. As for your blood tests, the antibody tests are the gold standard and are negative. The PCR, which is also negative, is just "frosting" on the cake. You do not have HIV.
Avatar m tn Not sure if blood. What worries me is that I had active canker sores in my mouth at the time. Later pressed by hand, but could not see any milk. Also did a boo*job, with condom On. Would this be a 'RISKY' activity and warrant taking test. I am especially worried about the open sores in my mouth and the discharge from her breasts. 2. Start of Jul, Went to a Bordello, no sex, CSW fully nude, handjob. Would this be 'LOW Risk'? 3.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms are not related to HIV. You can test now ant your results will be conclusive.
Avatar n tn i was convinced that i am safe and dont have HIV but since last 4 days i am having swollen lump under my left armpit and since yesterday developed mouth sores with white spots and blisters. Please help do i need to get tested and what do i tell the laboratory for what kind of test. i definately had a protected encounter but then every small health issue i have is making me relate it to HIV.
Avatar m tn I have had fairly consistent mouth ulceration (1-2) sores every couple weeks since a risky encounter (broken condom) in early October well as a little unprotected oral...both ways. There is no other symptoms present...the sores vary in size and placement from large cankers on the inside cheek to smaller ones on the even tiny ones on the inside corner of my cheek. The seem to be recurring almost continually besides a few weeks abatement.
Avatar n tn fever comes and goes, enlarged neck lymph nodes, fatigue, confused, white burning tongue, mouth sores in the roof in my mouth and nauseas. i got tested after 5 and 10 weeks but thanks god both came negative. i don't know what to do?
Avatar f tn I have a question I heard if ur infected by hiv virus some people show symptoms w in tweeks. Or so lasting two weeks. What if u keep getting sick for a month in a half could this be a sign that u have hiv bc ur imune system is weeked n ableing u to contiue getting sick?
Avatar m tn I've read a lot about HIV transmission through oral sex. Opinions range from "no risk at all" (like yours) to more nuanced "much lower risk than unprotected vaginal/anal sex, but still not zero-risk" (some estimates give chance of 1 to 5,000) and to even more nuanced that the risk increases if: 1. mucous membranes in mouth and throat are exposed to HIV+ person's semen (or blood, if there are sores on penis); 2.
Avatar m tn 2 weeks after possible HIV infection I had many ARS symptom. I was very stressed after reading about the symptoms. Even though everyone says oral sex with condom with cuts on penis and testicles is no risk. I am now concerned again because now 6 weeks after possible infection I am now getting a few Canker sores in mouth. Questions; 1) can my sores be stress related even though it is a common HIV Symptom.
Avatar n tn Well today April 3rd they seem to have cleared up mostly and then i ate a chocolate rabit and more of them appeared??? Is this mouth herpes, canker sores, allergic reaction? I am kinda freaked out about it.
Avatar f tn Zero risk means zero risk. No one in the history of HIV has ever been infected by receiving oral sex and you will not be the first. Your symptoms have nothing to do with it. If you're not feeling well, go see a doctor, but HIV has already been ruled out as a cause on account of NO exposure.
Avatar n tn night sweats and canker sores (inner mouth area – nothing on outer lip or face). Would you chalk them up to anxiety? 3. Should I go for further testing? 4. What could be causing the sensation in my penis?
Avatar m tn I have ars symptoms. After two weeks exactly I'm getting cold sores inside lips and mouth ulcers. I have never had this issue previously. My exposure was hand job with massager sucking my nipple hard. From this exposure I got following std: Ngu of prostate. Urethra was in pain and burning sensation. Rash, lymph nodes pain and recurrent infection. Two weeks later I'm showing symptoms of hiv? How do I explain this to family? What do I do? I'm so scared.