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Avatar f tn i mean that what would be the most common symptoms among 40 to 90% people who show the symptoms? can these symptoms appear 7.5 weeks after exposure? i only have painful lymph nodes in my left neck, my right armpit. i dont know exactly if they are swollen. they are not but i am feeling pain in these areas and sometimes in my groin. can lymph nodes due to hiv cause pain? other wise i didnt got any other symptoms like fever or rash. only these painful areas..
Avatar f tn Do u think anxiet can case same symptoms in all of them even thou most of them didnt even think about hiv till they got these symptoms ? Is there a different virus they got and duno about it thats why all of them experiance the same symptoms !? Im just thinking loud and would like to hear ur opinion ..
Avatar f tn The most miscarriages I've heard are usually around 6-8 weeks, I've had a few friends and family miscarry and theirs were all between 6-8
Avatar m tn Although HIV Ars sympts are non-specific, in general - can the onset be with acute joint pains and manifest on mild flu like symptoms. How common is loss of appetite and weight loss. Can you pls explain what is the nature of fever one would experience since fever is one of most common symptom. Will it be high, moderate or low temp. Continuos or intemittent. How many days typically does it last? What is the nature of HIV rashes. do they appear on the back.
Avatar n tn You and I have come to different conclusions. Most people who have molluscum do not have HIV. In persons with HIV the infection is more aggressive bu tthat is only in persons who have had HIV for years. I have nothing more to say. Please let us know about your test results as they become available. I remain confident they will be negative.
1451248 tn?1285136002 I changed doctors because everyone said that the doctor that i was seeing was a nut case and when i went to the other doctor she told me that i didnt have it! So i dont know what to believe! What is the most common sign of PCOS? And is there any other way i can get pregnant?
1404981 tn?1281096464 I am trying to find out the most common mimics of MS symptoms, so i can do a litle more research... anyone?
Avatar m tn Correct on both time frames,3 to 4 days is to soon and at 6 weeks it's to late.I said the very high fever was the most common symptom but symptoms are not really HIV specific unless you get the terrible 3 all at once which are the very high fevers,the very sore throat and the rash on the torso and limbs.
Avatar n tn 2. Seborrheic dermatitis is VERY common in persons who do not have HIV and when it occurs in HIV, it is most common in persons who have long stnadig, relatively established, not recent, infection. 3. No. In general, genital warts recur about 20-25% of the time following initially effective treatment. 4. No. So, here is my advice. This is clearly on your mind. Go get tested., You are now more than 6 weeks beyond the exposure of concern.
Avatar f tn HIV is not diagnosed by symptoms as HIV has no specific symptoms.
Avatar m tn The CSW was questionably safe? How about you? What was your possible exposure?
Avatar n tn more than likely coincidence. only about 1% of the population is actually infected, so chances are this guy does not have hiv. even though preinseminal fluid is also infectious, the amount of fluid does not begin to compare to that lessens your chances even more. even if this man was is NOT an automatic transmission of hiv. now...with that being still put yourself at risk by having unprotected sex.
Avatar n tn Have you tested for HIV?
491754 tn?1209487651 I have heard that MS is most common in places closer to the equator but some posts that I have read contradict this. People are saying that MS is more common in northern regions. I would think that MS is most common in places closer to the equator where it is hotter because the heat tends to bring out symptoms. What do you know about this matter? I'm very curious.
Avatar f tn Some of your symptoms such as fever and sore throat do overlap with the symptoms of recently acquire HIV infection however these same symptoms are also caused by a number of other far more common problems including both bacterial and viral (non-HIV) sore throats. In fact when symptoms typical of the ARS have been studied, less than 1% are due to HIV. Further, the presence of white patches on your throat is typical of bacterial (strep) throats. I woul urge you not to worry.
Avatar m tn After the initial infection and hiv goes "dormant", what are some common symtoms when it starts back up? I understand this can be after 10 years or more.
Avatar m tn Disregard any symptoms you are having. HIV cannot be diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, the only thing that matters is the degree of risk in the exposure and the subsequent result of testing. You had an at risk exposure. Unprotected anal sex is the riskiest sexual practice if the partner is of unknown HIV status. If they have HIV (although of course the odds are he/she didnt) then there is a 1 in a 100 chance the virus was transmitted.
Avatar f tn 90 days test is final and conclusive. Trust your test report, you do not have HIV. Symptoms are mostly confusing and misleading and they do not mean much. Most of the apparently ARS like symptoms are similar with those, due to other common illness.
Avatar n tn Shingles is more common in persons who have HIV than persons who do not however, most cases of shingles do not occur in persons with HIV. You are relatively young to get shingles but it is not all that unusual and should not be taken as an indicator that you have HIV. Your symptoms and their chronology would be unusual for HIV.
3147301 tn?1345714034 seems like i get a headache everything i cough sneeze and even sometimes when i laugh.... i was wondering if these are common symptoms with Chiari malformation. I recently went to the er for fainting. The doctor was concerned when my blood pressure and pulse rate was so high (which isn't normal for me). He was also concerned about my MRI findings & my symptoms. He then told me i needed to see my family dr and see about getting me referred to a neurologist.
Avatar m tn Last November I had a routine pap done and was found to have HPV. Had biopsy and colposcopy done and no cancer. I then had a yeast infection and what I think was a yeast infection in my anal area. I had what I thought were warts on my face (got rid of them with apple cider vinegar). I had a sinus infection and was given bactim. I had a reaction after just two pills (very minor). Now it appears that I have athletes foot.