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Avatar m tn can hiv cause elevated liver enzyme sgpt at 174 in early infection ( 6-9 months post exposure)? ultrasound with normal liver, spleen and gallbladder. sgpt in november was at 39.4. Had also elevated platelet 4 months 555,000 post exkposure then t went back to 455,000 next month and 405,000 yesterday. experiencing persistent and constant burning and tingling in feet and hands, back, back of necka and head(headache). fasciculations in different parts of body. muscle feels trembling in legs.
Avatar m tn I visited him and had a chest x-ray which showed a small amount of fluid in my lower left lobe which cleared up by March. He also noticed some liver issues and he diagnosed me with fatty liver. Both my liver and cholesterol have been getting better. By February, I had a couple of spots on my face which my doctor confirmed was molluscum and my tongue has been white and my doctor gave me nystatin which did not seem to work.
Avatar n tn HIV doesn't cause liver damage it's the meds for HIV than can damage your liver and you aren't on HIV medication.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor, thanks for your time... I'm a 31 y/o hetero non drug using male. I've been sexually active since 19, mostly long term relationships. I'd only been sexually active with 8 women, and maybe a handful of times had unprotected sex with a girlfriend. However, for the first (and last) time I visited a CSW in Amsterdam (one of the window girls) around the end of August.
Avatar m tn 1) Are these more specific HIV or other STD symptoms or is me discoverying them out of anxiety.) 2) Any knowledge of unanimous STD/HIV testing in Canada 3) Does these symptoms coming in stages mean anything? Please your urgent response is highly appreciated as I am worried about passing on any illness to my wife.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. I agree completely with the advice you had on the community forum. Nobody has ever been known to catch HIV by fingering, regardless of cuts or nicks on the fingers; and the large majority of CSWs in Singapore don't have HIV anyway. Your symptoms are not typical for HIV anyway, and an ophthalmologist has already examined you and given you a diagnosis unrelated to HIV.
Avatar m tn I had my galbladder removed and the surgeon said my liver was fine, and my gastrointerologist says liver is good as well. I am just wondering because I cannot get a diagnosis for my enlarged spleen, so was thinking mabie some kind of indolent lymphoma or chronic leukemia. My low counts and red hands did not present until about 6 months ago, and my spleen has been enlarged for about 2 1/5 years. So it seems like they are caused by the enlarged spleen.
Avatar n tn I had sex about two weeks ago with a prostitute. It was unprotected, but I don't think I ever got it in (she was too tight), if I did it was for less than 10 seconds. Now after two weeks, the time it takes for symptoms to show, I have: rash on my chest, inflated liver (i think), and I'm almost sure I got Chlamydia from it because I have inflated lymph nodes in the groin and it burnt for a week when I urinated. What are the chances I have it?
Avatar m tn Hi Doc, I had protected vaginal sex and received unprotected oral sex with a filipino about a year ago. I had an hiv test at 3 months, and then again about 2 weeks ago and they were both negative. I still have these crazy tingling in my feet and hands and liver and apparent spleen pain. When I got my 2nd negative result i had unprotected sex with my wife and 2 days later, she had apparent ARS.
Avatar n tn After a 10 week Rapid Test negative, at 10 weeks later, I am having some crazy symptoms, such symptoms include, frequent allergies, liver pain, liver palpitation , like a muscle is palpitating, groin pain ( lymph enlarge ). Is this HIV ? I am confused, what should I check for ? Hep B & C at 8 weeks from exposure was negative.
Avatar m tn you wont consider enlarged liver 11 weeks after exposure as an ars symptom? Or a hiv symptom in general? Symptoms are never discussed here in the forum? So the debates here are strictly about windowperiods of testing? Can be kinda poor and very less informative..
Avatar f tn Thanks for your time with my worry. If not HIV, any other ideas what it could be? The symptoms seem to have happened after these sexual experiences.
Avatar f tn Firstly thanks for your reply, I've seen alot of similar replies to this question & that is comforting i just cannot understand why i have these symptoms. I have in the past drank to much alcohol & took maybe a few to many pills for Back pain & i do get sharp Jabs in my liver from time to time. I'm thinking maybe i have a liver issue & thats all hit my system with this flu like symptoms. I rang my dr there & he'll do some bloods to see how my liver is performing.
Avatar n tn I saw that Wikipedia (again a site made by everyday people but still a good site for info) claims that 80-90 percent of people infected with HIV will get symptoms..
Avatar m tn What are the signs and symptoms of acute HCV infection? Persons with newly acquired HCV infection usually are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms that are unlikely to prompt a visit to a health care professional. When symptoms occur, they can include Fever Fatigue Dark urine Clay-colored stool Abdominal pain Loss of appetite Nausea Vomiting Joint pain Jaundice What percentage of persons infected with HCV develop symptoms of acute illness?
451075 tn?1210258648 I am too scared to go get tested, but I took a full blood work test including a liver function test and it came back completely normal, even though 3 weeks before that test, I had a liver function test that showed my liver enzymes were through the roof (but I was taking tylenol, acyclovir and was drinking heavily at the party). I know bloodwork doesn't mean anything in HIV infections and that only a test can show, but I am too scared to go. I cannot take this anymore.
Avatar m tn These symptoms can be acute HIV (particularly the increase of liver enzymes, increased blood proteins and pains in the spleen)? Please help me, I am very sad! Sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil!
Avatar m tn Not conclusive and high liver enzymes are not symptoms of HIV.
Avatar f tn They itch, are painful and very slow to heal. Are these symptoms? They were the symptoms that made me see a Dr. but they are unresolved. Suggestions? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/743875'>Hepatits</a>.
Avatar m tn Your Dr. is testing you for HIV because it directly affects how fast Hep C (HCV) disease progression occurs. I found this info it should be helpful: epatitis C is a blood-borne infectious disease that is caused by Hepatitis C virus (HCV), infecting the liver.[1] The infection can cause liver inflammation (hepatitis) that is often asymptomatic, but ensuing chronic hepatitis can result later in cirrhosis (fibrotic scarring of the liver) and liver cancer.
Avatar f tn She told me that it could be a number of things like Hep C, A, B, HIV, or Fatty Liver, and maybe just stressing out really bad. My question is could I have HEP ? I have never came in contact with blood so I know that it could not be HEP C nor B because I got vaccinations back in middle school for HEP B. Possibly HEP A?? I remember eating to a tons of take out places during the last few weeks of my college career?
Avatar m tn I had hep c for 37 years never had any symptoms never have had any pain in the liver area and I have had cirrhosis for 9 years