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Avatar m tn m in the late stage of HIV and does it matter that I waited six years do I need a different type of test for hiv
Avatar m tn late stage? do you think you were infected 2 weeks ago and now you're in the late stage of aids? c'mon now..........................
Avatar m tn I believe I am experiencing late stage HIV/AIDS symptoms and repeatedly test negative with anti body tests. I have shingles now, continue to loss weight in my arms and legs and I have three brownish , purple spots on my thigh about the size of a quarter that look like bruises but do not fade or blanch when pressed upon.
Avatar m tn Hi i hope someone can answer my question for me, And it is a PCR TEST RNA AND DNA ACCURATE at late stage of hiv, if someone could give me a answer to this question i would be very grateful for your help Many thanks in advance...
Avatar f tn Hi Teak and friends, I already asked few questions on this forum. I swear I really had another very high risk long ago to ask. in early 2008, I had completely condom broke with sex worker and I knew only when I finished sex. I didn't know there was PEP that time. First time I tested was on March 2009. Later Until now, I tested 8 times all Negative.
Avatar m tn and doctor please tell me is HIV 1 and 2 and p24 antigen test is also able to diagnosed late stage HIV or aid and is homeopathic medicine can effect HIV test results .i am sexually active from 2,5 years during that time i did hiv test and it all come negative.i am exxtremely worried and tired of these sensation and fatigue This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/STDs/Suddenly-noticed-a-scab-on-penis-shaft/show/248349">Suddenly noticed a scab on penis shaft</a>.
Avatar m tn Basically, back in early February I had my first encounter. Had Sexual Intercourse with a girl, she was a fellow student; 18 and English, presumably her number of partners couldn't be that many considering her age. Anyhow, after this exposure the following occured: 4 days after - Beginning of Fever/Flu symptoms/Swollen testacles.
Avatar n tn I was already told that these usually happen 2-4 weeks after infection. Im wondering if it can happen so late, is there symptoms during seroconversion? If so how long do they last? Im wondering if this is all due to stress and anxiety, since all of this can be caused by that. Im wondering if all my worring about hiv is causing this. Iam going to grt tested next week.Thanks for the help!
Avatar f tn Just was wondering if there was an approximate time frame like what stages early stage, late stage...etc I have never in my life had an ulcer. One popped up in my cheek last night and it hurt really bad.
Avatar f tn was presenting with oral thrust, in my case I have a similarity with oral OHL, flu and sore throath all the check list in HIV seroconversion and late stages hiv symptoms im having except wt.
Avatar n tn Without treatment, the infected person will continue to have syphilis even though there are no signs or symptoms; infection remains in the body. This latent stage can last for years. The late stages of syphilis can develop in about 15% of people who have not been treated for syphilis, and can appear 10 – 20 years after infection was first acquired.
Avatar n tn t have strep throat or mono but my throat has never felt so sore before in my life. I am sure I have late stage HIV but test negative, is this not a possibility?
Avatar m tn well during the early stage of HIV 70% will develop some early symptoms, usually two to four weeks after they were infected. During this primary HIV infection symptoms usually include fever, sore throat, headache, diarhea, swollen lymph nodes and a rash. I have experainced all but sore throat and rashe. in addition persistant headache, stomach ache, loss appetite and diarrhea. During this window period eaither 6 weeks - 3 months test show negative result.
Avatar m tn so I developed severe anxiety worrying to death that I might be infected with HIV…I saw the late symptoms of the second stage of HIV but I had none of them…but with time I started to feel them one after the other…I had burning tongue (witch maybe erythematous candidaiss ) but after few weeks it went away and then I started to notes that I have too much scales on my face and behind the ear (even though I have dandruff since I can’t even remember and scales behind the ears and some around the nos
Avatar m tn m worried, because I remember from my long time reading this forum that thrush is the most common of early HIV infection symptoms. I was reading post today trying to avoid having to come back in a state of panic, yet here I am. I really need some help. I just looked in the mirror, and I have white like spots, little clutters of them on the left side of my throat, the right side, and on the left side of the mouth.
Avatar n tn Canker sores have nothing to do with HIV. Anyone can get canker sores. See your dentist if you have a concern.
Avatar m tn I had all advanced HIV stage symptoms and now cmv igg 150 but testing negative on both ab and ag24 test is that possible? Am 100% sure am positive. How on earth is this happening!???
Avatar m tn Now i would look over this if i was a young 20 or 30 year old who has been out playing the field and takes the test 3 months and ends up with anxiety symptoms, but im not im a 53 year old who had a tough 18 months and as i said i am worried that im at late stage with the symptoms i have, as they all point to hiv.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr. HHH, I read that recurrent mouth ulcers is one of the symptoms of people who are HIV positive. However, it seems that such symptom usually occurs in the late stage of HIV. I'm curious whether that could happen very soon, say 2-3 months after infected? Also, I read from a Japanese national healthcare website that almost all patients failed to notice their ARS symptom, only very very few ones do. Is that statement valid?
Avatar m tn what's the difference between the fever in acute hiv infection and late stage hiv as to duration, treatment, grade, etc?