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Avatar n tn and recently for a week I have started to have vaginal white discharge as well. my question is what other disease have the similar HIV symptoms. the doctor say I do not have HIV, but they don´t know what is the matter with me, they say I am okay, I want to believe them but my symptoms are real, white coated tongue and general lymph pain that change from one part to the other part. I want to start another relationship and I am not sure if I have any unknown type of HIV.
Avatar m tn i am having hiv ars symptoms i receive handjob for 15minutes and i was completely naked and women was just wearing her pants and she rub my penis with her hands and gave me handjob i was not wearing any condom i mean my penis was without condom and women massage e for 40minutes and i ejaculated on her belly she put massaghe lotion on my penis i am having diarrhea loss of appetite and fever and rash and confusion i need to get tested for hiv women was 30years old and i did not do sexual intercour
Avatar m tn I kiss a prostitute a normal kiss of lovers with afraid because i have a gum problem not so serious.. So i took a hiv Ag Ab (CMIA)after (87 days) ..the result is NON reactive or i have to take again?? is there any chance to be positive??
Avatar m tn i posted on the doctor forum about french kissing and he said you can not get hiv through kissing but when he found out she had hiv he change the answer from the one he gave me first and then he started talking about viral loads and if you kiss her alot you would have a small chance of getting hiv. if you cant get hiv from kissing it should not matter if she has it or not they should give the same answer. what do you think about it ?
Avatar n tn s fear of friends, English may not be good for a doctor to help me look at my behavior. My behavior was half a minute with foot technician tongue kiss, very hard nipples sucked half a minute of each other, no other act, she detected 11 days 22 days testing overcast overcast I also continue to test it with?
Avatar m tn t know what to do feeling like dying help me please I never had these kinds of oral problems before after the kiss I have these symptoms I need your help
Avatar n tn Most commercial sex workers, do not have HIV. Even if your partner did, HIV is not spread by kissing, including French kissing, ingestion of a partner's saliva or breast milk or giving or receiving oral sex. Your symptoms do have some of the characteristics of the acute retroviral syndrome but these are the same symptoms as the symptoms of a huge number of other viral illnesses which are far, far more common than the ARS. In answer to your specific questions: 1.
Avatar f tn You can't get HIV from a kiss. See your Dr abot the symptoms, but again it's not HIV.
Avatar n tn if the her saliva gets into my cuts inside my mouth . would it give me hiv?
Avatar m tn These symptoms don't sound like those of a new HIV infection and the additional information doesn't change my opinion or advice. But feel free to be tested if you will feel better about it after a negative test result.
Avatar m tn I had a negative HSV test years ago, so I am concerned that this exposure puts me at risk for primary HSV infection (likely HSV-1). I washed my face and lips with soap and an alcohol hand wash 2 hours after the kiss. I talked with my physician the next day and he thought I had relatively low risk of getting oral HSV infection and started valcyclovir 1g tid for 7 days and said I could get another blood test for HSV titers two weeks after the exposure.
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor, I am ramesh 23 year old male,i had sex with a sex worker last 2 weeks before i hav used a thick latex condom and we both were in doing protected sex at that time i had my body weight of 55kgs at that time we had a kiss in lip to lip not in a deep state,but i searched in Google regarding hiv symptoms it showed me the similar symptoms of tiredness and mouth spots on my lips, rashes and diarrhea, i had desentry last night and checked my body weight the next day and i came know
Avatar n tn I normally only kiss and engage in mutual masterbation but a few weeks ago I performed oral sex with another male. He did not ejaculate and I did not see any pre-cum on his penis. 4 days later I developed a mild sore throat, tickly cough and felt a bit off.These symptoms are still with me 3 weeks later. I have read that oral (especially without ejaculation) is very low risk but it is these symptoms that are causing me to worry. What are the chances that I have caught some thing Dr.?
Avatar m tn re imagining it to be then everyone would have it. HIV is spread sexually through PENETRATIVE intercourse. HIV transmission can only occur in the confines of the human body- a penis inside a vagina or anus. It is not spread through kissing or touching or contact with fluids outside the body. You do not have an HIV concern, Regarding your symptoms- this forum cannot address your symptoms- see a doctor if they concern you.
Avatar m tn You cannot get HIV from a handjob or kissing. So you didn't need an HIV test, although anyone who is sexually active should get one. So you can get on with your life and get married.
Avatar n tn Don´t want to be refused by the community as him just because he claimed he got HIV trough a kiss. I know certainly I was HIV- before the kiss. The fact that I had my lymph nodes swollen was a bad indicator for both of them. I know what safe sex is, I know that my only risk was the kiss, but maybe I´m another exception to the rule that kiss is no risk. What happened to azprince? Did you found out if he was cheating? Hope to find some support.
Avatar f tn What are the chances of catching HIV from kissing with bleeding gums? I engage in a kiss with a male (unknown status) 4 weeks ago! At the time and currently I have bleeding gums. At the time I the kiss I could taste blood. My concern is that I've caught the virus because I have oral thrush/white coating over my tongue which brushes off and a Few red spots at the back of my throat. I also don't know but my hypercondria is destroying me.