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Avatar m tn Could it be jock itch? Can jock itch be transmitted via oral sex? The rash is specific to my inner thigh. Also, on a side note, does anybody see a risk for HIV from these actions? Everything I'm reading is pointing at a big NO, but I just want to validate what I've learned with your thoughts and opinions. Thanks, everyone!
Avatar f tn You can not use symptoms to diagnosis HIV or even give an indication. The risk you had was the unprotected sex and would advise testing for all STD's and HIV. HIV test is conclusive at 3 months post exposure.
Avatar n tn Furthermore, since your anxiety and stress followed your exposure, even if it did somehow effect your vulnerability to infection, this is irrelevant since you had already been exposed prior to the onset of your stress. Jock itch is not a symptom of HIV. As far as testing is concerned, there is no medical reason that you need to be tested. If you wish to do so for your own peace of mind, then get and HIV antibody test in about 3 weeks at the 8 weeks post exposure time point.
Avatar n tn The dr at urgent care didn't say anything about scabies, but at the time, there were no bumps, they just appeared last week. They said it was jock itch or just a fungal infection. If you don't mind, I have two quick questions. First, what exactly does a herpes blister look like, I've never had a blister, and are they usually centered around the penis/genitals. Second, since Saturday, I've had some discomfort on my neck, around the lymph nodes, is that a sign of a upcoming herpes outbreak.
Avatar m tn Hello Doc and Thank You- I am 33 white hetero male. I have been having on again off again (never fully resolved) jock itch type skin problems in groin area and sometimes on scrotum for last few months. Along with other "symptoms" I have been reading online, I have been worrying a bit. I ended a relationship in Aug of 2007 with my ex girlfriend (we had lots of unprotected sex). Since Feb 2008 until present, I have had many HIV tests-all negative.
Avatar n tn Jock itch is not known to increase HIV risk. You had condom protected sex, so there was no significant risk for HIV.
Avatar m tn Just for the sake of my own education, what is the difference between Intertrigo and something like Jock Itch or Eczema? They seem to be different ailments with very similar symptoms. Thank you so much for your time and help!
Avatar n tn and you have had low risk. yeast infections, jock itch ringworm, they are not caused by hiv. poor hygeine. not that you dont soap, lather, and wash your golg balls, but when moisture retains in that area it becomes a breeding ground for fungus, plus you probably have athletes foot too. after bathing, towel dry, then give yourself a few extra minutes to air dry or blow dry with very low heat. if jock itch had to do with hiv, every ball scratching male american would be in big trouble.
Avatar m tn A little over 2 months later I had what I thought was jock itch but it didnt't go away with normal powder and treatment. Around the same time maybe a few weeks later my anus became irritated. Sort of burning, not so much an itch but like it was dry or raw. I have been to the Dr. 4 times. Tested neg for chlamydia gonn. They did tell me I have HSV 1 and 2. 1 I knew I had but 2 i did not as I've never had an outbreak. They said I have tags in there that are probably the cause.
Avatar m tn At the time of these encounters (all three of them) I used to have a case of jock itch on my inner thigh/groin (now resolved). I have never noticed any serious irritation (or bleeding) due to this fungal infection, but I was wondering if the presence of an irritated skin may have put me at a higher risk of contracting any STDs in case some of the vaginal fluids or saliva came in contact with my groin area. I also may have had a few razor cuts at the base of my penis.
Avatar m tn they look like jock itch. is it possible that the csw gave me jock itch or is this herpes? What are my chances of getting herpes, HIV or any other std from this encounter? This was my first sexual experience. I am very anxious so i am feeling a lot of things on my genitals at the moment. I was tested for chlamydia and gonnorhea 3 days after the incident and results were negative for both. Please help. Thanks.
Avatar m tn However, your symptoms do not fit the profile. If you contracted HIV, there may be symptoms 2-6 weeks after exposure: swollen lymph nodes throughout the body, fever, chills, and so forth. Then it goes into hibernation for months or more likely years. Your symptoms are in no way related to HIV.
Avatar n tn Could there be a chance these are HIV symptoms.
Avatar m tn You need to wait 6 weeks for testing for syphilis, 3 months at least for herpes and hiv. Just itching is more likely to be jock itch than herpes. did PP mention what they thought was causing it?
Avatar n tn I spoke with a professional and they assured me that I cant get HIV thru Jock itch, then I stop focusing on the jock itch and put my attention on if the condom had possibly broke during so called intercourse. When I look at the condom it was still in tact, however I am now worried that the condom might have had a whole in it. About a week after protected sex with the female I started getting dry throat and week after that I have been getting flu-like symptoms.
Avatar m tn My question is, when symptoms occur, do they appear all together or one by one? Because first I had jock itch, 2 weeks later I had rashes on my groin diagnosed as eczema then went away. 2 weeks after my lymph nodes are painful, slightly swelling. CBC is normal. Doctor cannot feel any big swelling. Its painful especially the armpits. Then 3 weeks after the pain, I feel nauseated. I will get tested but want to ask first. No fever or night sweat by the way.
Avatar m tn Abadamon pain and vomiting. Recurring cold and jock itch. Muscle pain. Cold sweat and fatigue. Permanent Goose pimples. Ear ringing. not feeling hungry. Skin itching. Cold and all over the body. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Ok, us with hiv negative tests and persistant problems can discuss here on this matter and hopefully come up with some constructive answers
Avatar n tn i know it sounds funny, but really it works.i have had problem with jock itch.
Avatar n tn Finally, symptoms never are a reliable indicator of new HIV infection, and your symptoms don't suggest HIV anyway. So bottom line, you really don't even need HIV testing. However, if my reassurance isn't sufficient and you need a negative test result to allow you to get over your concerns, have a test 6 weeks after the event. You can be sure of a negative result, assuming you have no other risks of HIV infection.
Avatar m tn She smoked crack and shot up after we had sex. I have jock itch and there are some sensitive areas on my testicles but I couldn't find any cuts. Two days later I had direah and felt nausous. It went away then three weeks later I got extremely nautious, and a small red rash broke out on my arm but only for two hours or so. I have now been nausious for three days. I am assuming I have HIV and wow it has changed my life. I do not have a fever but I had night sweats once. My stools are loose.
Avatar f tn - 3 weeks after the event I had bad jock itch, red blotches under the head of my penis and the oral thrush was still there. Went to the DR who said it "I have no idea why you're so yeasty!" And gave me some cream. The cream cleared up the jock rash but the thrush won't go away. Its now been a month, does this sound like I had an exposure and if so are these symptoms typical? I have a family and have been an absolutely nervous wreck for the last month.
Avatar m tn I went to the Dr yesterday in regard to some small blisters on the head of my penis, Ive had jock itch before but was concerned because this time the blisters were only localized on the head of my (circumsized) penis and I had some swelling in my lymph nodes. Last month on October 21st, I had an STD/HIV test done and everything came back negative, everything including Herpes, Syphilus, HIV etc. When I had the test done it was after any 3month window period for anything i might have had.
Avatar m tn i got other symptoms but i didnt happen like all symptoms i got in one, and the symptoms i got is jock itch when i wear brief that time and it got blisters! when i use boxer shorts jock itch is gone! i have weight loss just a bit but on that year i was a soccer player but only a bit sometimes diarrhea one and only time mouth sore fever and then something is bothering me when i hear hiv on news, i was feeling anxious very anxious like i cant sleep!
Avatar n tn Im very atheletic so i suspect it may be jock itch or something like that. About a month later i noticed a light pinkish rash around my mouth, it dosnt look like hiv rash at all, its not raised and not too noticable. there are not pimples on it and it dosnt itch at all. I think it may be an allergic reaction to something im eating but i dont know. Then about a few days ago i got a sore throut but that only lasted a day not i have a sinus infetion. I dont have a fever, or swollen lymphnodes.
Avatar m tn from what l have heard,the ratio from a woman to a man is 1/,its not EXTREMELY hard to get it.l cross my fingures for you.
Avatar n tn I got my hep C , b12 and thyroid done at 2 months and it came to be negative. I also got jock itch at 2 month period Now I have started getting pains in my fingers,toes under my feet and behind my knees and under my arms. MY thumb hurts in the left hand and every time i touch a metal it kind of sends a shooting pain in my thumb but my thumb has to be directly touching it. My right him hurts and so does the back. My face gets real itchy during nght time. but lasts like 10-20 minutes.
Avatar m tn It was protected, but I had a slight rash around the base of the penis at the time (I believe it was jock itch) so I am leaning to believe vaginal fluids could have possibly entered my body that way. Anyway, I have not experienced any flu-like ARS symptoms such as fever or night sweats but just recently, I have gotten a maculopapular rash on my entire back. It is very similar to pictures I've seen online when I look up "hiv rash".
Avatar n tn 1- (Creamy long hair on the body , Greasy skin,) ( Shiver hands)(Sweating hands and feet) 2_ fatigue, Jock itch, weight loss 2.