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Avatar n tn I spoke with a professional and they assured me that I cant get HIV thru Jock itch, then I stop focusing on the jock itch and put my attention on if the condom had possibly broke during so called intercourse. When I look at the condom it was still in tact, however I am now worried that the condom might have had a whole in it. About a week after protected sex with the female I started getting dry throat and week after that I have been getting flu-like symptoms.
Avatar f tn You can not use symptoms to diagnosis HIV or even give an indication. The risk you had was the unprotected sex and would advise testing for all STD's and HIV. HIV test is conclusive at 3 months post exposure.
Avatar n tn I realize about a day later I reoccurred Jock itch. I am not sure if I occured Jock Itch prior to sexual intercourse. Can you get HIV if you have sexual intercourse with someone who might have HIV through Jock itch. I went to the doctor a week later and all STD test came back negative as well as HIV.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. You had completely safe sex. You can't catch any STDs through intact latex or polyurethane, and a little condom slippage doesn't significantly reduce protection. No STD is likely to show up first as a blister or sore of the upper thigh. Most likely it was a superfical non-STD skin infection, perhaps localized spread from the inflammation in your groin.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor a week later and all STD test came back clear as well as HIV.
Avatar m tn 11 weeks ago I had unprotected oral sex at a strip club and have developed a rash on my inner thigh that looks like jock itch and will not go away. I also have has swollen lymphnodes and mild fever 99 to 99.5. I have had 8 visits to urgent care and this rash will not go away. I finally talked my doctor into prescribing me Valtrex 7 weeks ago and it has had no affect on the rash nor has the 11 weeks of Nystatin. It is a bright pink itchy rash. I am never sick...
Avatar m tn First of all, jock itch has absolutely nothing to do with HIV- did you read something on the Internet that suggests jock itch is a sign of HIV? You can't judge your HIV status based on jock itch or anything else except a blood test. It may be that MSM activities make you inherently nervous (considering your first episode of HIV anxiety), and the jock itch was just a trigger for your anxiety.
Avatar m tn Hi I have a jock itch in which I am scratching evry night but it doesn't posses any wound or any..Recently a hooker gave me a blowjob with a condom. I am thinking that her saliva with blood would drip to my scrotum ( which I scratched ) will put me on any risk..Do i need HIV testing on this manner?? Thnx.
Avatar n tn NOw I have jock itch. My question is how long do you have to be infected with HIV for fungal infection to attack you ? I understand its a very vague question but I cant seem to get over it. And is my 86th day enough for conclusive test even if it was a high risk sexual activity?
Avatar m tn i mean jock itch* also ive been having headaches and upset stomachs on and off
Avatar n tn Jock itch is not known to increase HIV risk. You had condom protected sex, so there was no significant risk for HIV.
Avatar f tn The symptoms are suggestive of Jock itch. Jock itch shows up in post-adolescent men and hormonal changes during puberty,lifestyle and heredity each play a role.Predisposing fungal disease like tines cruris may also aggravate it. Keep your groin area dry and keep a separate towel for yourself. Most forms of jock itch respond to over-the-counter products, which contain any of several basic ingredients: miconazole, tolnaftate, terbinafine, and clotrimazole.
Avatar f tn She does not have any other symptom of HIV other than Jock Itch butShe read somewhere on internet that treatment resistant Jock itch is a sign of HIV. Is it true?
Avatar n tn Hunter, I read in one of your earlier posts that treatment resistant jock itch can be due to HIV. I am having a case of jock itch that just wont go away. I tried over the counter medications and they didnt work then i got oral prescription and did not work either - it did get better but not a lot. i am 2 weeks into the treatment of 4 weeks I am very worried it might be due to HIV. The only risk i had was 2 years ago i had for 20 seconds unprotected sex with a woman.
Avatar n tn somtyms i forget to shower from a long tired day, can it be a jock itch? cant be related to hiv right? i got a hand job from a friend n a bj 2 weeks ago, but were friends.... the last sex i had was 6 months ago but i used a condom, was i at risk? but this jock itch was last week... wat can it be? i had 3 hiv test for the past 2 yrs my may,2007 then october 2007, and last was august 12, 2008... all 3, 4 and 10 month intervals, ALL NEGATIVE... m i over worried.
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with a female I don't know very well (dumb I know) but shortly after developed jock itch and a few weeks later a bad cough which stuck around for a few weeks along with slight sinus problems (stuffed up nose). I have had bronchitis fairly frequently in the past so I didn't really think a lot of it, and I had no other symptoms that I noticed.
Avatar m tn About 7 to 8 months ago I had unprotected vaginal sex. A little over 2 months later I had what I thought was jock itch but it didnt't go away with normal powder and treatment. Around the same time maybe a few weeks later my anus became irritated. Sort of burning, not so much an itch but like it was dry or raw. I have been to the Dr. 4 times. Tested neg for chlamydia gonn. They did tell me I have HSV 1 and 2. 1 I knew I had but 2 i did not as I've never had an outbreak.
Avatar m tn The probing stops the itch. When I remove my finger, it will have dead skin on the tip of my finger. This problem started about 3 weeks ago. I am a sexually active gay man who has unprotected anal and oral sex on a regular basis. Lately, anal sex has been very painful and I usually have to stop anal sex after a few minutes because the pain is too intense. I am HIV+ and I am not on HIV meds because my T-Cells are very high (800's). My viral load is also very low (10,000).
Avatar m tn I am positive though for rickettsia and hsv1. My symptoms are rash that comes and goes ,jock itch , yeast on body and orange tongue. Also wounds that are slow to heal.I know people say oral sex is not a culprit. But what about the unwrapped condom. It didn't break or show any signs of tampering. Been sick now for weeks.
Avatar m tn On Dec 31 I was having anal sex with a girl and the condom broke. I was inside of her for 5-10 minutes when I pulled out. I immediately washed my penis. Since then occasionally my penis would itch and I don't have a rash, no swollen lymph nodes, no fever, no headache, no fatigue. Daily i experience a tingling feeling on my pubic hairs and no rash. The first couple of days i had a sensation when i would urinate but it wasn't burning.
Avatar n tn can i get exposed to hiv if i have sex with protection with someone who is hiv positive.
Avatar n tn I consulted my mother who is a nurse but she stated what the docotors stated that it was jock itch. I have read that jock itch can be misdiagnosed..but I have not had a fever, I had felt fatigued but I thin kthat it was more because I felt like I was getting something. my mate had a bump on her genital area which further fueled my angst,... but it was one bump with one hair in it that she could not get an after it bled it produced a clear fluid...