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Avatar n tn I know that this may sound totally weird but i am concerned about HIV transmission. I didnt examine the earphone before i put it in so i keep thinking that what if there was some blood on there or something that i didnt see. I dont know how many ears that those have been in. As soon as i got back to work which was maybe about 5 minutes later i cleaned my ear with a wet paper towel. Im terrified of HIV and this incident has totally scared me.
Avatar f tn He has always been really attractive and charming and seemed like the boy next door and all the teenagers in the neighborhood all had crushes on him. I knew nothing at the time i had sex with him what he had been up to until after. I found out he had been raped in prison, and heard he was highly addicted to drugs and shared needles, which i didn't believe until i walked in on him one day and he had one of his friends shooting him up.
1730676 tn?1310163757 Can hiv lower your immunity to things you've already been vaccinated for in the past, for instance Hepititus A? I am scheduled to take an HIV test at an AIDS clinic on Wed., but I had other blood work done last week with a gen. practitioner and she wants me to come back in and get vaccinated for Hep A, because it came out that my immunity for that specific disease is low!!! Apparently my white blood cell count is normal.
Avatar m tn For example, male sex workers in Spain were found to have an overall HIV prevalence of 12% in a study conducted in 19 Spanish cities compared to 1% for female sex workers during the same time period.39 40 A study conducted in three cities in the Netherlands found that 18.8% of transgender sex workers surveyed were HIV positive, compared to 5.7% of sex workers in general.
Avatar n tn My full blood count returned normal, as did ESR, and my liver function was in normal range too...
Avatar m tn Cannabis Use in Teens Linked to Irreparable Drop in IQ Fran Lowry Apr 26, 2013 ORLANDO, Florida — Cannabis users who start smoking the drug as adolescents show an irreparable decline in IQ, with more persistent use linked to a greater decline, new research shows. On the other hand, adult-onset cannabis use is not linked to a decline in IQ.
Avatar n tn do you know what stds are associated to my symptoms? i have never heard of blood in the sperm and in the urine after ejaculation being related to an std.
Avatar n tn I have had the same symptoms in my lower left leg. I Googled the problem and found your comments. I am going to the Dr. on Monday. I will post what ever I find.
Avatar n tn How many gay males are there in the US? Of those, how many are HIV-positive? How many IV drug abuser in the US? Of those how many are gay and positive? How many are straight and positive? How many teenagers are in the US, How many are HIV straight and positive? That goes for blacks, latinos, and Asians. Guess you need to visit the local ID clinics and take a look at the "HIV-positive patients.
199177 tn?1490502134 o Poor grades, failure in school, quits school o Low self esteem o Refuses to bring friends home o Stays away from home or runaway o Feels responsible to take care of home and mother o Violent outbursts of anger, destroying property o Poor judgment, irresponsible decision making o Unable to communicate feelings o Immaturity o Withdrawn, few friends o Nightmares o Ulcers, digestive problems o Bed wetting o Headaches o Severe acne o Males hitting their girlfriends or females hit by their boyfrien
Avatar m tn I found that HIV from heterosexual sex acts are increasing year by year in women in Italy Actual incindenced is estimated about 1 in 350, but average infection age is close to her age. I also found that unprotected insertive vaginal sex has an infection rate ranging from 1:500 to 1:2000. At last I am from a zone which has an infection rate lower than average. Given all of the above I'd like to know if you think I should get tested or chances are that low that I am really paranoic.
Avatar f tn This is fuzzy for me though because some people have what could be considered a reactivation and not feel anything in the way of symptoms while other people, such as myself, can have numerous symptoms. Your test indicates that EBV is kicked up in your system, but it might not mean too much if you don't feel symptoms, which would probably suggest your immune system is functioning properly.
Avatar n tn Hiv is not an issue so lets not go there. Average primary for hereps would be 3 to 13 days post exposure and if she did not have any lip or vaginal sores at the time you can pretty much rule out herpes.
Avatar f tn If you always used condone during sex, and never experienced a failure, then you were protected 100% from HIV, even IF your partner was HIV+. Which, in all likelihood he was not. HIV is very rare in the US, with only 1.1 million of a population of 310 million. That is less .04% of the population. Bottom line protected sex = NO HIV risk. This means your symptoms are more likely to be a result of a common community acquired virus/bacteria as you suggest.
Avatar m tn You do not have HIV. Your symptoms don't sound like HIV either. I don't know what you have, though; you'll have to see a heatlhcare provider. For further information, see all the messages available if you search the forum for "HIV anxiety"--which is the main keyword I am using for this thread as well. In other words, relax; you have nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn CMV is a common virus and usually people who have had CMV don't have symptoms at all. If they do have symptoms, their symptoms are usually just like cold symptoms. However CMV can be more disabling in people who immune compromised. I know of a couple of people in MedHelp who had CFS symptoms after they had a 'bout with CMV. I think both of these viruses can be passed on through sexual intercourse. It is my opinion.... based on information that I've been reading about these viruses.
Avatar m tn All possibilities are rare and all would pretty much always cause obvious symptoms; and syphilis would be vanishingly rare in this situation. In the absence of symptoms -- i.e., abnormal penile discharge or sores of the penis -- you really don't need testing after this sort of event. It is not reasonable to take any antibiotic, especially cipro, which is not reliable against any of the conditions I listed.
Avatar n tn I was still feeling bad 7 weeks later and in addition to the original symptoms which come and go I have back pain and dark circles under my eyes. So just to "make me feel better" he ran the EBV test to confirm it, but it came back negative. I made note that I found articles online about mono spot being positive could be other things like hepatitis and certain types of cancer. He told my liver function was normal and that EBV may not show up in the first 8 weeks.
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424839 tn?1268189846 Signs and symptoms • Reduced sense of pain • Sedation • Depression • Confusion • Constipation • Slowed breathing • Needle marks (if injecting drugs) Recognizing drug abuse in teenagers Possible indications that your teenager is using drugs include: • School performance. Your child suddenly shows an active dislike of school and looks for excuses to stay home. Contact your school officials to see if your child's attendance record matches what you know about his or her absent days.
Avatar n tn a test at six weeks is a good indicator of what the final result will be...but only a test at 3 months will give you a conclusive result. first off...stop reading about hiv symptoms...or you will have them ALL before you know it. the mind is a powerful thing... if getting drunk causes you to make such foolish might want to watch the alcohol intake :) always use a condom for vaginal or anal penetration...this is your life we're talking about!!
Avatar f tn you also can go to planned parenthood where they are well trained in keeping teenagers privacy with their parents. if you are sexually active, you need to be sexually responsible! if you and your partner have had other partners, you need std testing. if you haven't, you need herpes type 1 igg blood testing so you can see if you should be concerned about unprotected oral or not.
Avatar f tn Since most adults have been exposed to EBV, so you could have been exposed in the distant past or last year (when you had your symptoms). The usual symptoms are sore throat, swollen lymph nodes under the throat area, high fever, and around half have swollen spleen. Some have swollen liver as well.If you had a complete blood count as well there will be higher number than usual of lymphocytes and they will look atypical. Here is a website from the CDC that talks about EBV and the testing.
Avatar n tn Besides, MSM should have HIV tests 1-4 times per year, ESPECIALLY if engaging in unprotected anal sex. Your tests do show reliably, however, that you do not have HIV from the exposure you indicate. If you continue to have unprotected anal sex, however... Be well.
Avatar n tn Around november, my boyfriend developed what was a big ball the size of a golf ball on the back of his neck since mid, which is quite consistent with the arrival of ARS symptoms and his claim he got infected in October. He asked his general doctor and he was merciless: it can be a ball of fat but if not, you either have Cancer or HIV. My Bf. connected the dots, thought he should get tested, voila, HIV+.
Avatar m tn S. In my town, some teenagers have a habit of chewing betel. It is one of the traditional habits. Last three weeks ago, I made protected anal sex with a guy of unknown status. I am a guy too. I used latex condom from beginning to end. But I used his saliva as a lubricant. My doubt is there. He did chewing betels about 15 minutes ago before doing sex. there may be remaining chemicals in his saliva. To sum up, the things that he chewed have some acidic property that may make condom to fail.
Avatar m tn Its been almost a month now and the bumps are still there i got an std work up done results will come in about a week I was told by someone that these do not sound like std symptoms I feel like most of symptoms are phycological I heard it could be pauples Wondering if that would cause white spots on the penis yeah i saw a doctor he said it didnt look like anything was there but i feel like he may have rushed it but i do see bumps also in my pubic area where the hair is coming out of there ar