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Avatar n tn I can't add to my previous reassuring replies. But if it helps to hear it again, here goes. Since it is almost impossible that your exposure resulted in HIV, it is equally impossible that your "fever" or other symptoms indicate HIV infection. ARS symptoms always start within 2 weeks. That amount of temperature variation is entirely normal.
Avatar f tn Is there additional infections I should be testing for now or in the future. I am also concerned because the nurse suggested chlymidia which I understand to be difficult to transmit orally which makes me concerned there was a condom problem in which case many other risks would be prevalent. I do believe the condom was intact so im suggesting my exposure then is the receiving of oral sex. Which means hiv is not likely.
Avatar n tn The disease is extremely common among gay men, but in most settings very rare in women and straight men. But if one partner has syphilis, then yes, it can be transmitted quite readily (in either direction) by oral sex. Your donated blood was tested for syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B, but not for any other STDs. Most providers these days probably do not do syphilis testing during routine annual exams unless the patient has risk factors (e.g., gay men) or requests testing.
Avatar n tn I don't know for sure, but I think docs are now wary of prescribing steroids or human growth hormone to men who have HIV, because it fueled a sexual subculture of body obsession and possibly turned a number of HIV+ men into even more perfect transmission machines! In your case, you know exactly where you got the virus, you know exactly when you got it, and you probably don't have the complicating factors that would weaken your natural immune system.
Avatar m tn not all people that are infected have symptoms nor does it take only ejaculation to transmit HIV. oral sex is not a risk of HIV transmission. You never take anyone's word for their status. A person'a symptoms is diagnosed as ARS after they have received a confirmed HIV postive test result, not before. The only way to know your status is by testing.
Avatar n tn The scary part is these symptoms were not in my mind I went to a Dr...and I had no fear of hiv at the time because my risk was so low I didnt even consider it. Things could be worse though right, certain cancers and other diseases likely give people a much shorter lifespan than hiv, where hopefully there will be a cure soon!
Avatar n tn However, I am extremely scared and anxious that it could be HIV, and am very scared to get tested. I have used condoms exclusively in my current relationship. Does anyone think this could be HIV?
Avatar m tn Followup urologist exam day 14 showed no obvious lesions on penis. From day 14 onward symptoms improved to almost normal except slight sensitivity in tip of penis. Day 20 slight sensitivity progressed again overnight to uncomfortable stinging Day 21 + feeling of swelling/burning at tip of urethra (less severe than original symptoms).
1469227 tn?1293114480 That is impossible, but of course with 1 out of 20 gay men in Belgium being HIV+ according to the latest studies, the risks are truly quite different straight versus gay. What I also wonder about is that the HIV expert refuses to give me a PCR-test to give me a 100% answer before 6 months. The PCR-test is expensive and not approved for diagnostic purposes. However, in the US and some other countries it seems like the PCR-test is used for that (CDC however does not approve it either).
Avatar m tn Point of clarity please. On question answer (3) you stated that PEP may be a good idea, but what if the status of some of the parties involved are not known. Moreover, Is the fact of sharing bodily fluids in multiple partner situation more risky here and thus your suggestion that PEP may be a good option in this case. Or is it simply the case that the persons involved here (the female, her husband, one other man, or I) are engaging in multiple partner sex.
Avatar f tn Can ARS symptoms be scattered? Here is my scenario and timeline: - For the first 2 weeks post protected vaginal sex (condom did not break) and uncompleted oral: no symptoms - 2 weeks after: had light rash on inner arms for a couple hours. Used a thin layer of steroids and it cleared immediately (within an hour). next day, got a really itchy rash on inner calf, again used the steroids which helped it clear. NO fever, sore throat, lymph node issues, cough, etc. accompanying this.
Avatar f tn Can ARS symptoms be scattered? Here is my scenario and timeline: - For the first 2 weeks post protected vaginal sex (condom did not break) and uncompleted oral: no symptoms - 2 weeks after: had light rash on inner arms for a couple hours. Used a thin layer of steroids and it cleared immediately (within an hour). next day, got a really itchy rash on inner calf, again used the steroids which helped it clear. NO fever, sore throat, lymph node issues, cough, etc. accompanying this.
Avatar m tn Sexual risk behavior and risk factors for HIV-1 seroconversion in homosexual men participating in the Tricontinental Seroconverter Study, 1982-1994 [published erratum appears in Am J Epidemiol 1997 15 Dec; 146(12):1076]. Am J Epidemiol 1997, 146:531-542. Studies which show the fallacy of relying on anecdotal evidence as opposed to carefully controlled study insofar as HIV transmission risk is concerned: Jenicek M. "Clinical Case Reporting" in Evidence-Based Medicine.
Avatar f tn "If you have symptoms, they might include: yellow skin or yellowing of the whites of your eyes (jaundice) tiredness loss of appetite nausea abdominal discomfort dark urine clay-colored bowel movements joint pain If a person has symptoms, how long does it take for symptoms to occur after exposure to hepatitis B virus?
Avatar n tn Most people infected by oral sex are the oral pertners who perform fellatio on HIV infected men. Transmission in the other direction by fellatio, or by cunnilingus in either direciton, is so rare that it could be considered theoretical; some experts believe it doesn't occur at all. Children with HIV are infected during birth or by nursing, and people used to catch HIV by blood transfusion or organ donation, although those routes now are rare.
Avatar m tn Finally, I wanted to include a timeline of my symptoms for you to see if these add up to HIV/AIDS symptoms. I didn’t notice any symptoms until about 24-26 days after the encounter. The only symptom that I believe was affecting me after 24-26 days was my neck lymph nodes felt and appeared swollen. When I moved my head back and forth I felt them swollen; this symptom lasted for about 5-6 days. Didn’t notice any other symptoms that were apparent.
Avatar n tn 2) Well you can test after 1 week for gonorrhea and chlymidia, 6-8 weeks for syphilis and HIV and 3-4 months for herpes. Most men will show symptoms for gonorrhea and a lot will show chlymidia symptoms-burning while urinitating and/or discharge most common symptoms. Herpes-well you would see an out break or maybe just one bump and syphilis you would see a sore. 3) We never recommend self medication 4) Everyone has different reactions to cheating and possibility of an STD.
Avatar n tn Do you think that the cold sore in her mouth could have transmitted HIV via oral sex. 3. Do you think I have had ARS symptoms. 4. They say people with HIV get herpes often. Is it true? 5. I urinate frequently now. Do yo think I have some kind of infection. I don't what to do. Cant think and can't talk to my wife, as I have done a stupid thing of being unfaithful Please help! Please help! I have the feeling I may commit suicide.
Avatar m tn That does not mean zero risk, it's just very low. Also the timeline in regards to your FMS dx being HIV instead, does not work, unless your negative test was inaccurate. Please continue getting tested regularly and if possible go for some counselling, as your high risk sexual behavior, puts you at an even higher risk category, compared to other gay men, who respect "the rules of engagement" in their sexual activities.
Avatar n tn You don't need further testing. Your HIv test results, which you already described in the earlier thread, prove you didn't catch HIV. Zero chance--that's nada, zilch, nichevo, nil, no way. I won't have any further responses.
Avatar n tn Only 31 days after risky vaginal intercourse, I am in fact HIV positive. Just got my results today. I am in disbelief as it all seems like a nightmare. And I know it was this 1 encounter that got me as I got tested at the 12 day mark when I got the rash and it was negative. It all started with a rash in my groin area only 10 days after having sex with this female. ARS soon started in, so I can speak 1st hand about it.
Avatar m tn I was recommended to post in this forum, after a recent post in the HIV Prevention Forum. I am going to copy my post from the prevention forum here, as it is a complete summary of my experiences related to my possible anxiety, and therefore could affect responses to my question. IT'S LONG, I APOLOGIZE! I am Male, 20 years old, and gay. I have only had ONE sexual partner in my life, with whom I had sex < 20 times, though unprotected.
Avatar n tn Except for unusual circumstances, most providers would not recommend chronic suppressive therapy in this situation. 3. What is the value of the HIV test done at about 5 weeks after the last sexual encounter? At five weeks 85-90% of persons who will develop HIV antibodies would have done so. This makes it unlike you acquired HIV but if you are anxious a 12 week test will be more definitive. 4. Could your HSV or low probability of HIV be related to your walking pneumonia/laryngitis. NO.
Avatar m tn You have been advised by iommi on the likelyhood of your exposure and the unreliability of symptoms in diagnosing HIV. You have to test to know your true status. Since it been 9 months now, a single antibody test will do the trick. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I understand that most chlamydia/gon infections clear up on their own in men within a few months. However, now I'm scared taht I gave it to her, she'll think I've been unfaithful, which isn't the case. I also know she has not been unfaithful, we have an amazing relationship. Assuming she hasn't been unfaithful. About a week before my symptoms, we had unprotected sex. This makes me think I somehow contracted some sort of non-chlamydial NGU from her? Is that possible?
Avatar n tn I'm taking your advice and I'm going to get re-tested, but I have to wait to my insurance kicks in after first of this year. However, I just wanted to reiterate some of my symptoms in a timeline, just to make sure i didn't leave anything out.
Avatar n tn 2)Are repeat vaginal yeast infections because of bacteria from one vagina to another? 3) Any info on your part would shed some light! I get my HIV test back in 5 days and my Herpes in 2 weeks. I just wanted to add for all the other forum readers out there. Cheating on your BF/GF is completely stupid. There is absolutely nothing that is worth compromising your own health, and mosre importantly, the health and LIFE of someone you should be in love with. Just something I learned AFTER the fact.
Avatar m tn Ill kind of go thru the timeline as symptoms appeared and hopefully maybe somebody has an answer or could guide me in a direction so when I go to the doctor again about this I can give them some guidance because it is really hard to explain to a physician without them looking at me crooked after doing all the tests. Ok 6 Months ago I started noticing a dull ache in the middle of my penis.
Avatar n tn DR - I hope this is my last post, but everytime I put this in my rear view mirror, it seems like something else pops up. To refresh you - in early may I had unprotected insertive oral (hetro) from a pro. In late May I had two occasions of unprotected oral followed by protected vaginal - the condom was intact and fine both times. No syptoms at all - that is until my mind started going crazy. It late July my wife went on a 5 day trip where she rode horses in tight riding breeches.