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Avatar m tn Fast forward to 4 years, I have had NO classical HIV related symptoms until about last year I developed a severe case of tonsilitists. My sister had it first and a couple of days later- I developed severe sore throat, high fever, night sweat and a severely swollen tonsils. Can tonsilitists spread through air?? I was prescribed antibiotics- Augmentin Duo Forte to be precise and I developed a severe case of thrush, white ulcers like at the back of my throat.
Avatar n tn (Howeverr, your symptoms do not particularly suggest HIV to me.) You need a blood test to know and symptoms simply are not helpful. Since your exposure was a month ago, you can get tested now. You wasted your money on the PCR test; a standard blood test (for one tenth the cost) would have been sufficient. Anyway, the chance you got HIV from the encounter you describe was close to zero. Just relax; you're overly stressed about this.
Avatar n tn He said HIV prevelance is very low in females but more in homsexuals here. He sugested for a CBC/ALT/urinalysis. 16th April 2007: CBC showed Hemoglobin 172.0 g/l Hematocrit 0.52 rbc 6.6 wbc 5.6 Eoisonphils 0.04 Neutrophils 0.64 Lymphocytes 0.27 Monocytes 0.05 Platelet count 156 X 10^9/l ALT 95 - very high Urinalysis was normal.
Avatar n tn along with new symptoms like muscle weakness and joint pain. I finally went inafter researching my symptoms, putting two and two together, and talking to my grandmother (she had hashis and cancerous nodules resulting in a TT)—again for blood work. I demanded a thyroid test because I was done, I was miserable. The results came back & here I am. I just started on Levo this week & following up with an endo in July. I recommend getting your thyroid tested ASAP.
1235186 tn?1549261219 We had only been married for 4 years. When I met him he was facing 6 months in jail for theft. He was a recovering drug addict. He had also used heroin. I had met him through a mutual friend. I had used alot of drugs recreationally. I was a older teenager and in my twenties in the 70's. I had never done any opiates or heroin. He served the time in jail. it was shortened not sure now how long he was there maybe three months. He was a very nice guy. He treated me well.
Avatar m tn on tuesday I will go to get tested for other STDs, but will have to wait other 2 months for the HIV. How easy can HIV be transmitted after a single vaginal sex (maybe for one minute)? What about my symptoms?
Avatar n tn Most people who ask the questions here really are at much greater risk of dying from some unexpected illness (other than HIV/AIDS) or an accident in the coming WEEK than they are of catching HIV in their entire lives.
319532 tn?1250992176 I used to come to this forum many months ago, cuz i thought i caught HIV due to the symptoms i was having, i now know they were due to herpes and not hiv. Now with the dumbest luk in the world am back scared as ever. The prob is i recently had a condom failure with a girl and since then i've been getting the very same symptoms, except fever. Soar throat, muscle and joint pains, headaches, neck pain and one gland in my neck swollen for a couple days.
Avatar m tn You are absolutely right in saying correct info is of the utmost importance, especially on this forum. Is it out of line to correct a poster if something they say is incorrect?
Avatar m tn Remember you might be infected with HPV for years and not show symptoms, or might be caring it and never show symptoms, HPV doesn't cause itching. THIS IS YOUR GUILT AND ANXIETY! But never rule anything out, get tested in a YEAR!
Avatar m tn As stated earlier, your symptoms are certainly anxiety driven,none of it seems specific to HIV ARS. Refrain from reading about HIV symptoms on the internet, you are clearly imagining what you are reading on to your self. 2. Your risk was very low, it is observed that for a male to contract this virus from a female partner through vaginal intercourse, it usually takes multiple exposures.
Avatar n tn most likely he isn't infected with HIV. Finally, the various symptoms you describe don't sound much like HIV; a garden-variety respiratory infection is a much morelikely cause of your sore palate and throa than HIV. Technically, your doctor is right; a 3-month test will be definitive. But you can be confident it will be negative. So to be safe, follow your doctor's advice and be tested at 3 months. But don't worry about it in the meantime.
Avatar n tn No, your symptoms aren't consistent with ARS. In all my years of working in this field, I have only seen one person get this, and it was bad enough to put him in the hospital. In fact, the docs that I work with hadn't seen anyone else with it either. It doesn't happen that often, even though some of the literature says differently. The rash is VERY pronounced, and there is no mistaking it, and you'd have a fever. You wouldn't have any tingling in your body, or any brain fog.
Avatar m tn He pulled out and then ejaculated about 7 seconds after. Later on I found Atripla in his bathroom and confronted him about it. He says he was infected 6 years ago and has been Undetectable and a count of 350 for a long time. He has a partner for about 5 years that is negative and they are sexually active with eachother. When I found out I went to the hospital and they gave me a HIV test and it came up negative. They started me on PEP medicine (this is about 4 hours after exposure).
Avatar n tn I don't know for sure, but I think docs are now wary of prescribing steroids or human growth hormone to men who have HIV, because it fueled a sexual subculture of body obsession and possibly turned a number of HIV+ men into even more perfect transmission machines! In your case, you know exactly where you got the virus, you know exactly when you got it, and you probably don't have the complicating factors that would weaken your natural immune system.
Avatar m tn The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established so there is no detail that you can add that will make your encounter a risk for HIV. No one got HIV from the situation you encountered in 40 years and likely no one will in the next 40 of your life, so there in no more likelihood of HIV transmission happening than of you getting hit by a meteor as you read this.
Avatar n tn Hello all: First and foremost I must say that my current worry about a possible HIV infection has granted me more empathy for anyone worried about an infection and those that are infected. I wrote a few weeks ago about an encounter with an escort that I had where the condom came off as I pulled out (also I might have herpes, as one doctor diagnosed me with it years ago and other doctors since said it was a misdiagnosis).
Avatar m tn I am 45 years old and have only had 4 sex partners in my life--my wife of 20 years and, in the past few months, 3 men, all of whom told me they were HIV negative. The last incident has me very anxious to the point of producing physical symptoms that are probably, hopefully, only coincident with certain HIV onset symptoms. But, I wanted a rational analysis. All 3 episodes of intercourse with the men were protected, and I was the inserting partner.
Avatar m tn ((( I've been in a completely monogamous relationship for four years. I've been with only him sexually for all 4 years except for this recent incident. I have a huge fear that I could have affected my boyfriend even though we've only engaged in oral sex since the incident. But, now every time he mentions symptoms of even the slightest cough or that he's tired or anything I immediately freak out and assume the worst. :/ Every day has been a nightmare since.
Avatar n tn Initially the doctor told her he can not tell if it is viral or bacterial but a few days later when she came back he diagnosed her with a sinus infection because her eye started to swell from the infection. Please let me know if this is hiv infection symptoms? 4)in my situation do you think the 5 week negative test results is conclusive since this has been my only encounter ever out of my relationship.
Avatar n tn I have had a flu like symptoms around 9 days after our last intercourse(26 days or first exposure 7 weeks ago). My symptoms were fever (last for 3 days), slight headache, mouth ulcer, a night sweats (head only), sore throat, nasal congestion and tireness. I went to see doctor and given some antibiotic. After taking the antibiotic for 5 days, all these symptoms gone away after a week (2nd week, after last exposure) except the nasal congestion.
Avatar m tn ) Starting day 14, I developed soar throat (first time in years), mouth ulcers, swollen neck lymph nodes, all in 2-3 days. I sleep 10-12 hrs a day and wake up tired. But I have found numerous people showing exactly ARS symptoms, who test negative eventually. So this is kind of relieving that test results over weigh symptoms. Checkout this case here: Probably very similar to ours....
480448 tn?1426952138 I am very honored to be a regular contributor on the HIV Prevention Forum here at MH. The forum is very busy, and we often get the same inquiries over and over. I figured that putting together a journal entry covering the most popular topics, and just laying out the facts may be helpful. I also invite Lizzie Lou and Teak to share their thoughts, and to cover anything I may have missed.
Avatar m tn A total of 2174 people were included in the investigators’ analysis. All had had an HIV-negative test result at most four years before their diagnosis with HIV. The mean age was 29 years; 96% were men; 45% were African American, 44% white and 11% other ethnicities. Just over a third (35%) were diagnosed with HIV within a year of a previous negative test result, 41% were diagnosed within one to two years of testing HIV-negative, 17% within two to three years, and 7% within three to four years.
3191940 tn?1447272317 If you had oral injuries sufficient to allow HIV into the blood stream, you would be unable to engage in kissing. 4) Licking or sucking breasts, with or without breast milk. HIV doesn’t “live” on skin, and breast milk is only a source of infection to newborns, who lack sufficient immune systems. 5) A penis rubbing an anus or vagina without penetration, with or without semen or vaginal fluids even with a wound. HIV simply doesn’t transmit that way. No penetration = no risk.
Avatar n tn (3) I have known many gay men (even riskier situations than yours) that have slept with HIV + men and have not been exposed (even after risky/unprotected sex). (4) I think MD HHH will tell you that you will need to get tested @ 6 weeks as well as 3 months since you are knowledgeable of the fact that this woman was HIV+. (5) Just because you had sexual intercourse with someone who was HIV+ does NOT mean you will necessarily get it.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had unprotected vaginal sex about 2 & 4 years ago. I am now getting a "Ringworm" like rash on my arms after doing some work on my windows. I think there was some Pigeon droppings in the area which could have pre-empterd the ringworm, but i have been looking on websites and they say that it is a sign of HIV. I have booked a test for next week, but i am brivcking it, could you please give advice.
Avatar n tn If exposure was over 48 hours but less than 4 weeks ago, and where signs of HIV infection have been detected, it is possible to offer 3 or 4 antiretroviral drugs in combination as a means of limiting the spread of HIV in the body. Interference with virus replication at this stage of infection may permit eradication of HIV from the body after several years of treatment, or to maintain infection at an extremely low level for the rest of the patient's life.
Avatar m tn I spoke with my Sexual Health Doctor and he has been in this field for over 15 years, he told me that you can feel quite confident after 4 weeks if the test comes back negative you are negative. Testing is becoming much more advanced these days. I mentioned the 3 month thing, he laughed and said I what decade was I living in??? I'd rather trust him than someone who isn't a doctor.