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Avatar m tn does hiv affect children the same way as adults? are symptoms/course of disease the same? i saw a commercial about hiv children overseas and was wondering about this. thanks.
Avatar f tn Two weeks after possible unprotected sex, unsure as I was drunk, but female assures me it was protected. White female with two children, I have developed pain, stabbing pain on and off in side of head, also now sore at back of nose/ nostril one side and pain in chest muscles is this signs of ars.
936016 tn?1332769204 It lasts about two to three months, though the symptoms will last for a shorter period. Seroconversion is also known as acute HIV infection. The symptoms of an HIV infection are often described as ‘flu-like,’ the most common are fever and chills, swollen glands, a sore throat (with or without ulcers), anaemia and rash, particularly on the upper body.
Avatar m tn i have a query coz i have had an hiv exposure 10months ago and i have had morethan 15 hiv tests all negative and symptoms are persisting so iam now confused that which one to believe tests or symptoms coz iam losing hope i cant get married coz iam afraid to infect my girlfriend and how can i tell her my past i feel i need to stay alone coz i dont want to infect anyone pliz help
Avatar n tn Anyone knows receptive drs in tristate area (NY)? There is only one study I could find, done in Israel, only 9 pts who actually did complete 72 weeks, the other study mentioned here the other day had no one actually completing that much time. To me, even if it is only 9 people, 8 completed, 1 relapse, it is good odds. I don't think my practice will see it that way. I rather do 6 more months than another 48wks. Name names please!
Avatar m tn NO ! ! !
Avatar n tn she is a 28 female with 2 children and she told me she's a mistress of a guy whom is located in singapore but is an Indonesian as well. Now my biggest fear is getting HIV from her cause having unprotected sex with her. I was tested HIV negative after 3 weeks using the ELISA .Tested 4 weeks again using ELISA. The lastest test which i took was using the RAPID was after 5-6 weeks. I experience symptoms like having few swollen lumps on the back of my head but cleared up within days.
Avatar n tn Dear DR 10.3 weeks ago I was under the influence of a lot of alcohol and ended up at a place where men go to have sexual contact with other men. I ended up falling asleep there and do not remember any thing happening. About 1 week later I developed a coated tongue which seemed to disapear for about 1 to 2 weeks then came back. My tongue is white all over and they do not come of when I try to scrape or brush them. My tongue also burns and I have a dry mouth.
Avatar m tn No pain during masturbation or ejaculation. However, in regards to possible HIV symptoms, I've noticed a white coating on my tongue last night and I've noticed what seems to be the start of a sore throat tonight. Sometimes I get this very light cool or slight burning feeling in the back of my mouth when I inhale, but sometimes when I'm preoccupied I don't notice. Could this be a symptom of HIV? Was I at high risk for HIV?
Avatar m tn Hello, Since my early childhood, I had OCD. Always washed my hands many times, very picky about things I eat, get extremely worried and seriously depressed whenever i'm sick (whether it's a simple flu, or food poisoning). The illness always takes longer than normal to heal, because of anxiety aggravating symptoms. OCD also applies in the fear of me "hurting" others. I always had a "fear" of me having "HIV"..
Avatar n tn PROGRESSION OF HIV DISEASE IN CHILDREN Researchers have observed two general patterns of illness in HIV-infected children. About 20 percent of children develop serious disease in the first year of life; most of these children die by age 4. The remaining 80 percent of infected children have a slower rate of disease progression, many not developing the most serious symptoms of AIDS until school entry or even adolescence.
Avatar f tn All of a sudden it's crept back into my head and I'm freaking out over every rash or cold my children get thinking its HIV. I'm crying every night thinking i have given something to my husband and children. I have even had the kids tested for HIV which of course came back negative but that man told me it didn't come up in blood tests.  Has anybody heard of something like what that guy described? I just want this nightmare to be over!!
Avatar n tn He said HIV prevelance is very low in females but more in homsexuals here. He sugested for a CBC/ALT/urinalysis. 16th April 2007: CBC showed Hemoglobin 172.0 g/l Hematocrit 0.52 rbc 6.6 wbc 5.6 Eoisonphils 0.04 Neutrophils 0.64 Lymphocytes 0.27 Monocytes 0.05 Platelet count 156 X 10^9/l ALT 95 - very high Urinalysis was normal.
Avatar m tn Yesterday was the day that I had my blood drawn for my company paid HIV/HEP test. I told the HIV specialist doctor all my symptoms and showed her several of my rashes along with my recurrent thrush. She did an examination and found that my liver and spleen are swollen by pressing on my abdomen and pressing under my ribs slightly on both sides--it was very incomfortabe. She told me she would be suprised if my HIV results were negative this time.
Avatar n tn Unless your daughter was at independent risk of HIV, you should not have tested her. HIV testing is never, ever appropriate in children unless recommended by a doctor. Almost certainly her weakly positive test is false; perhaps your anxieties are leading your to over-interpret her test results. But at this point, your daughter now needs to be professionally evaluated. I doubt she has HIV, but if if it turns out she does, she did not catch it from you.
Avatar f tn your symptoms are not indicative of hiv. i dont think there has ever been a 10 week negative turn positive...but according to guidelines...a three month test is conclusive.
Avatar m tn Didn't think much of it as this has happened a lot when I travel. Could have passed something to children at this point as we were all in close contact. 2-3 weeks later, my children got ill, sore throats, feeling very bad, stayed home from school a few days. Eventually got better, but still some unusual fatigue the next couple of weeks, and sore throat that took a whiel to go away. My son still has a bit of phlegm and cough in the mornings.
Avatar m tn If you wish to rule out the possibility that your current symptoms are due to HIV however, you could test at this time with a combination HIV antibody/HIV p24 antigen test. If your symptoms were due to HIV, the test would be positive. As for your specific questions: 1. Does fever < 2 days too short for ARS or do other symptoms and PEP mean short duration is not material? There are no reliable data on the ARS if a person is taking PEP.
Avatar f tn I don't think hiv is your problem I mean since you had all those tests. When and How did you know something was wrong? If you are getting sick of my pop quiz just let me know and I'll back tha F up!
Avatar n tn The woman I was with is a co-worker who is married and swears she has never had other partners nor has her husband but I am having all kinds of symptoms. I am also married with children and much to risk. I know I am so stupid, the guilt is unreal. My question is, I have had soar throat, swollen lymph nodes, stomach aches and headaches non-stop. My question is, are the results to the PCR test reliable? I don't want to harm my wife. Do I need additional testing if the results come back negative.
Avatar f tn The CDC does not consider hep c to be a sexually transmitted illness especially for long-term monogamous couples. For people with multiple sexual partners, engage in rough sexual practices or in the presence of HIV there is an increased risk of sexual transmission. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), up to 80 percent of those with acute hepatitis C won’t experience symptoms. In some cases, people will experience symptoms not long after being infected.
Avatar n tn So from those facts alone, the chance you caught HIV is no higher than 1 in a million (0.001 x 0.001 = 0.000001). Further, HIV cannot cause any symptoms of any kind sooner than 8-10 days after exposure, and almost always it causes fever. You caught a cold -- maybe from your sex partner (obviously, being close enough to have sex carries risks for garden variety respiratory infections) -- or maybe from one of your kids, which you undoubtedly know is the usual source of colds in adults.
Avatar f tn It's been 2 weeks now after completing the course, now i feel little bit dizziness and skin burning sensation on my shoulder. What could be the cause for the rashes ? Can I have HIV without symptoms ? Am I in position of HIV positive ? Thank you.
Avatar n tn If your symptoms were due to HIV, your blood test would be positive at this time. I suspect that your blood test will be negative, making it unlikely that you got HIV form the sexual encounter you have described. I hope my comments are helpful.
Avatar f tn Having sex for pleasure only in a sense goes away from the purpose, so nature has a way of keeping us in line by offering diseases and in this case is the HIV scare. In some ways its not only the disease that concerns us, but in our subconscious we also know that it is not natural, so its a conscious scare and also a subconscious scare that eats at us from the inside. We call this guilt.
Avatar f tn However, what you have to realize is that the amount of stress you are putting on yourself can manifest itself in the way of symptoms. I know it sounds strange but that is how our body works. High levels of stress lowers our immune system's ability to fight off infection and so if you do get sick and you are an HIV anxiety person, of course any symptoms you have are going to be attributed to HIV. That is your mind doing a number on you.
Avatar f tn Thanks a lot Iwan24. i had one more question in my mind though. when you say chances are less but are there still chances? and the test you are telling me can i also consider this one as confirmatory test. Also i have small white bumps on my body around 0.5 cm in diameter. can you please also tell me ehy are they coming? also i have one rash on my left chick not very red but somewhat red.
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Avatar m tn During this period, people are very infectious, and HIV is present in large quantities in genital fluids. More persistent or severe symptoms may not appear for 10 years or more after HIV first enters the body in adults, or within two years in children born with HIV infection. This period of "asymptomatic" infection is highly individual. Some people may begin to have symptoms within a few months, while others may be symptom-free for more than 10 years.
Avatar n tn like so many other people in this forum I am married with children and have overwhelimg gulit and fear for what I have done. I performed cunnilingus ( unprotected ) and protected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown status. Condom afterwards apeared to be intact. A cuple days later I had a very bad cough cold etc. I got antibiodics from my doc. seemed to clear things up. Any way ihad a pcr test at 2weeks and 4weeks for hiv both negative.