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Avatar m tn I went in to the doc the other day to get checked for STD's, and when I told him I have no symptoms and no known contact with someone who has a STD, he said not to worry about getting checked. I get checked during my physicals for HIV and another big one (either gonorrhea or syphilis, I can't remember), so I don't have either of those. The doc said, that as a male, if I had any other STD's, I would have obvious symptoms.
Avatar m tn I'm wondering if there are men on this site that battle sexual urges when going through a manic phase?
Avatar m tn Fast forward to 4 years, I have had NO classical HIV related symptoms until about last year I developed a severe case of tonsilitists. My sister had it first and a couple of days later- I developed severe sore throat, high fever, night sweat and a severely swollen tonsils. Can tonsilitists spread through air?? I was prescribed antibiotics- Augmentin Duo Forte to be precise and I developed a severe case of thrush, white ulcers like at the back of my throat.
Avatar m tn thank you so much.... i know what i feel for the last 30days are all anxiety/stress/guilt to my wife and depression.. hope it would end after getting the test (2 months post exposure).. God bless you and more power...
7736596 tn?1393783098 November of 2013, I was screened medically for Dubai residency for any infectious diseases and thankfully I was free from any of them. I came to India soon after that. I have had a couple encounters since my arrival here and 99.99% I have only been into insertive oral NOT anal & never receptive at any given point, more so because I am much of a top. I am currently also going through counselling & therapy for a drug withdrawal (No Needles) very severely.
Avatar f tn Thank you. I will have my test done to make sure i am alright.
Avatar n tn Regardless of what you probably have read online, symptoms never are a reliable indicator for or against HIV infection. (Howeverr, your symptoms do not particularly suggest HIV to me.) You need a blood test to know and symptoms simply are not helpful. Since your exposure was a month ago, you can get tested now. You wasted your money on the PCR test; a standard blood test (for one tenth the cost) would have been sufficient.
Avatar m tn Living with fear based on the faulty premise that you are dying there is a high probability that the self diagnosed symptoms are psychosomatic and you have nothing wrong anyway. Consider therapy for your HIV obsession, as it is quicker than waiting around for tests, so might provide quick relief.
Avatar n tn Those are not any kind of symptoms of HIV. You did put yourself at risk so you should test.
Avatar f tn I also got tested for herpes and other stds the other day too and was negative for HPV and HIV on rapid test. I tested negative for Chlamydia over a year ago, and have only had protected vagina sex once and awhile since then with unprotected oral performed on me.
Avatar n tn And surely the large majority of those women are commercial sex workers, injection drug users, immigrants from HIV endemic countries, or partners of known HIV infected men. The chance your sex partner had HIV undoubtedly is even lower. To your questions: 1) Your symptoms don't sound like those of HIV. Even if you had classical symptoms of ARS, that probably would not be the cause in the low-risk scenario you describe.
Avatar m tn I asked my doc over the phone after describing the symptoms what it was, only to be told She did not know. Is there anyone here that have had this happen to them? How do I treat it if possible?
Avatar n tn 52 year old male just recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I think I have had it for years, but recently the symptoms got real bad. My symptoms have been: tightness in knees, especially behind knee, joint pains, arthritis, loss of muscle mass, neck pain and tension, muscle weakness, edema in feet and ankles, dry skin. My doctor is starting me on 1/2 dosage strength of Synthroid and building it up in dosage over the next 21 days to finally arrive at .1 MG RX.
Avatar m tn Dear doctor , iam 25 year old male ,i had sex with a prostitute before three months,whose hiv status unknown ,during virginal intercourse my condom broke at the top ,i senced and took it out , it was there for a max of two min, know i have symptoms like sore throat for more than a week ,and thick water colour discharge from penis only after erection,tiredness .pls advice me what would be the symptoms ,and what should i do.
Avatar m tn Reliability of self-reported sexual behavior risk factors for HIV infection in homosexual men. Public Health Rep. 1987 102(6):692–697.Nov–Dec; Catania JA, Gibson DR, Chitwood DD, Coates TJ. Methodological problems in AIDS behavioral research: influences on measurement error and participation bias in studies of sexual behavior. Psychol Bull. 1990 Nov;108(3):339–362. There is no debate (among experts) about the HIV risks associated with oral sex.
Avatar n tn I also had HIV testing, syphilis test, and herpes test.I took the zithromax and diflucan but for a week the the symptoms still continued. 4days later Doctor's office called me that they didn't able to process my gonorrhea and chlamydia test due two samples were put in the same tube and that they had to throw away the whole sample. So, I came back to do the chlamydia and gonorrhea test. And it came back negative. By the way, the hiv is negative, syphilis is negative but I am positive for hsv 1.
Avatar n tn Your negative HIV test 8 weeks after the apparent exposure (assuming you had sex during the period you don't recall) prove you did not acquire HIV at that time. Symptoms are never a reliable indicator of HIV infection; they suggest the possibility of an oral yeast infection, but other things can cause the same symptoms, and oral yeast infections can occur in people without HIV. I speak from experience; I have had it myself.
Avatar m tn on tuesday I will go to get tested for other STDs, but will have to wait other 2 months for the HIV. How easy can HIV be transmitted after a single vaginal sex (maybe for one minute)? What about my symptoms?
Avatar m tn Your fever symptoms are not related to HIV. ARS symptoms happen all at once and occur 2-4 weeks after exposure. Oral sex is not a risk for HIV.
Avatar n tn It doesn't matter if she's slept with an army of men. Most people are HIV negative, and its harder for men to get it from women than the other way around. Your odds are very low here for HIV. But see your doctor.
Avatar m tn today evening i see dat my toungue has a lot of red spots like small red bumps also have itching at the tip of my penis and very small bumps on the head of penis. I got tested for std/hiv. the std report has come negative, the hiv test result wil come after 2 days. I am very scared. I am taking medicine for stds and fungal infection as of now. the red spots have not gone or reduced.
Avatar m tn sorry but thanks
Avatar n tn You were never at risk, Your symptoms are not due to HIV
Avatar m tn It is apparent that you have read our comments on this site in the past That makes your concern surprising to me. As we've pointed our numerous times in the past, the symptoms of the ARS are TOTALLY non-specific and when people experience "ARS symptoms" they are much more likely to have something else, usually some other, more typical virus infection.
Avatar m tn So, I would like to know why a lot of people say never to rely on your symptoms when gauging hiv. What is the point of experts even listing symptoms for people to research if you shouldn't even be worried about them in the first place. Not sure if I posted in right forum or not. So sorry in advance if this is wrong forum.
Avatar m tn I know oral sex is lower risk and most people would say I am not at a very high risk, but I have still been pretty worried, since I know he has had unprotected anal sex with men. I didn't really have any symptoms until at about 4 weeks after there were a few nights where I felt very hot. It only lasted a couple hours maybe for about three nights. I never took my temp until the third night and didn't have a fever.
Avatar m tn Greenspan Page-Shafer K, Veugelers PJ, Moss AR, Strathdee S, Kaldor JM, van Griensven GJ. Sexual risk behavior and risk factors for HIV-1 seroconversion in homosexual men participating in the Tricontinental Seroconverter Study, 1982-1994 [published erratum appears in Am J Epidemiol 1997 15 Dec; 146(12):1076]. Am J Epidemiol 1997, 146:531-542.
Avatar m tn Why this is so I am not sure, as purely basis scientific knowledge , HIV should not have a ethnic minority-specific transmission rate. Its not a gay/black /IV user only disease. Figures for new infections in Africa for example are exaggerated due to the fact that one can be diagnosed HIV pos in many countries there simply by exhibiting 4 symptoms (without even being tested)which can be linked to a myriad of other diseases, waterborne or due to socio-economic factors.