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Avatar n tn As far as the symptoms you describe, they are consistent with recently acquired HIV but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand that they are also entirely consistent with to sort of viral infections that most people get from time to time. When persons with these sorts of symptoms have been tested for HIV, fewer than 1% are found to have HIV and those who have HIV have been engaged in behaviors which put them at risk for HIV.
Avatar m tn I had symptoms 10 days after unprotected vaginal sex with a female. I just tested negative with unigold rapid at my clinic at exactly 91 days. Is it possible to have HIV and test negative after ARS symptoms are present??
Avatar f tn Hello, so I received oral unprotected from a female and guilt had me running crazy, I got tested for HIV at 3 months post and HIV and full STD screen at 6 months, all were negative, I’m at 10 months now and the other day I got some sort of rash on my ear and around my eyes it’s kind of swelling, and a small bump behind my ear, is it possible that 10 months post encounter I could be getting HIV infection?
Avatar m tn IT WAS A BAD IDEA, I KNOW) I felt completely fine but I sort of feel like I am having symptoms characteristic of acute HIV now... most have past after a couple of days. The symptoms I had are: - Swollen lymph nodes in the back of neck - fever/chills - chest pain - headache - thrush I know I can't get tested but could someone tell me what my risks are? Is there anything else I should look for? What can I do in the mean time?
Avatar m tn Symptoms or the lack of symptoms will never tell you anything about your status.
Avatar m tn It is estimated that around 1200 medical conditions can cause swelling of lymph nodes. Chances of being infected from an HIV positive female is 1 in 1,000. And you don't even know if she was infected. So the chances are about 1 in a million. I don't think you should worry much, but get tested just to peace your mind.
Avatar n tn I have read that in any case the per encounter risk of female to make transmission is low even from an HIV positive female to an HIV negative male. Is that true? In that case, the risk with condom must be even much lower..?
Avatar m tn after 2 weeks my last exposure i am having experiencing hiv symptoms acute infection i am having diarrhea and loose 3-4 stools daily watery and yesterday i was having fever 101c i am having skin rashes also and diarrhea not responding to medicines and treatment and i am having pain in my abdomen and stomach ache and mouth ulcers also my exposure was with female when i went to massage salon full naked body massage and she gave me handjob for 15minutes and i put my mouth in her boobs and i touch h
Avatar m tn there are no hiv specific symptoms. the same symptoms of early infection are those of numerous, common, everyday illnesses. the only way to know one's status is by testing.
Avatar m tn On day 10 of intercourse the middle of my tongue changed in color and turned into light brown color with a strange taste,i don`t know if it is from smoking as i am a heavy smoker ,anyway on day 13 i developed a flu-like symptoms fever and sore throat without tonsillitis , IS THAT AN HIV SYMPTOMS ? CAN IT HAPPEN THAT EARLY?, please help me as i am really scared.
Avatar m tn Hello, 2 weeks ago I was with female sex worker in legal German brothel. She did some handjob for me without condom, then she put on the condom on my penis and started doing blowjob until my ejaculation. We didn't have any vaginal or anal intercourse. But now I'm feeling symptoms similar to HIV (joint pains, some rash on my arms) although I used condom. Is there any possibility I cached HIV infection? Please answer I'm terrified here.
Avatar m tn A month ago i had protected sex with hiv+ female,but dont know if the condom had some leakages. in week 2-3 i have developed the following: 1. mouth sores in my gum for two days. 2. high fever(38c) and persisted headache for 4days 3. swollen lymph nodes in armpit for 3days 4. rash on my wrist which is not painful for 3 days now. 5. very lowed wbc of 2.
Avatar f tn I am now in my third week and now i sometimes feel cold and tired easily. I started to freak out when i read an article about hiv symptoms. Am i at risk?
Avatar m tn Hey everyone, I'm new here and wanted to get everyone's opinion on my situation. I'm a male and received unprotected oral and protected vaginal with female CSW 2 weeks ago. My situation is different than most because I have a urethral defomity where I have a permanent hole right next to my actual urethra opening. This was a consequence of laser treatment for a symptomatic HPV infection a few years ago.
Avatar m tn Is it true that chest tightness is NOT a sign of ARS? I ask bcuz if had a low risk situation back in march. During the week that jus passed I experienced chest tightness that lasted 2-3 days then disappeared. After that I noticed a small bump on my arm a couple inches above my wrist resembling a bug bite.
Avatar f tn About a month after my risk events I started to develop alot of odd symptoms much like oppurtunistic infections that some one with advanced hiv would have. For instance I first started to get pins and needles all around my body, everything would fall asleep easy and things have been getting worse.
556087 tn?1226595414 No it was to early to develope symptoms that early and as you know you can't go by signs or symptoms. If you want to test which you should test at 6-8 weeks post exposure and then do a 3 months conclusive test.
Avatar n tn The large majority of CSWs in Singapore and other eastern Asian countries do not have HIV. As for your symptoms, they started too soon to be due to HIV; a week is the minimum and usually it's 10-14 days. And if it was HIV, the fever would continue for at least a week. So as you were told on the community forum, if you caught anything from your commercial partner, it was just a common cold -- regardless of not having nasal symptoms.