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Avatar m tn Thanks a lot for your help, i had one more exposure past 10 months bach that was condom broken incident and i was tested 4-5 time for that exposure all test result was negative and my last test was done after 9months of my 1st exposure for that region only i am asking again and again that after 9months any hiv symptoms can comes or not. Thanks once again for helping me.
Avatar m tn I don't think these symptoms are STD or HIV related at all. Have you ever had an STD check up?
Avatar n tn If she had HIV it's 1/2000, not 1/500. IF she had HIV and gonorrhea (which I highly doubt since she uses condoms regularly) it would increase this risk somewhat, but it's impossible to tell how much. The 1/2000 figure is a theoretical average that takes into account having other STD's/open sores etc... I know you're not going to believe me, but your chances of getting HIV are extremely slim...Somewhere in the order of 1 in 20,000 at most.
Avatar m tn m asking can Acute HIV symptoms appear after the 2 to 4 week period? Sex n feb symptoms in may basically.
Avatar f tn my mean half brother tried to scare me the other day by telling me that after blood has dried if you wet it again with a little bit of water or something that if it was hiv positive that it could reactivate the virus...i know it is a dumb question but is it true i just cant find an answer anywhere.
1653013 tn?1332972007 If you believe you have been exposed to HIV and want help to judge your risk, would like advice about HIV testing, or have questions about the effectiveness of condoms or risks associated with specific sexual practices, this is the site for you. You never had a fingering incident.
Avatar m tn m taking antibiotics now for prostatitis (cipro) and diox something for std. My dr now worries that maybe this was herpes and I just had symptoms without OBs or only very minor rash. He said chlamydia wouldn't last 2 months and wouldn't cause these pains. I asked if it could cause prostatitis and he said yes but symptoms would have shown for chlamydia earlier. I thought I had a leaky pipe during this time and it just got mucus like 3 days ago... So maybe i missed it? I'm lost.
Avatar f tn HIV is never diagnosed by symptoms. The symptoms people associate (or think are related) with HIV can be caused by lots of other things. If you always use a condom, you should be free of worry. The usage of a condom prevents HIV transmission during vaginal or anal sex. Sharing IV drug needles is the only other way people get HIV. Oral sex is not a risk because saliva and air deactivate the virus. Hand jobs, touching fluids, etc. is not a risk.
Avatar m tn when someone acquires HIV, and they get the primary the fever and what not. Are the symptoms usually something that you would notice. In other words, would it feel like a cold, or more serious than that. I know not all people get early symptoms...but if they do. Thank for your help guys!
Avatar n tn I have been in a really bad way for days over hiv risk which teak and others rightfully class as pretty non existent. for me in high school there was no sex ed on hiv and i spent days online looking up symptoms and getting very stressed.
Avatar n tn ve had a fever, serious chest cough, muscle pains, sinus congestion, and, just today, bouts of diarrhea. Is it possible for the early symptoms of HIV to show up so quickly, or is this just a common cold? I had been pushing myself, so it's possible my body just got overworked. So if anyone could tell me if this is possibly HIV, I would really appreciate it.
Avatar f tn Also does anybody know if swollen glands are painful in hiv 1 year post exposure or not? Teak what hiv symptoms have you had since you contracted the virus?
Avatar f tn I found a place with an autoclave but do I need to worry about this last time? What are the facts? And do I really need to worry about HIV if it can't live out of its host? Please let me know so I can put my mind to ease. Thank you. This is a follow up question to the following that I already asked: I got a manicure on Sunday at a Vietnamese place. I forgot to bring my own tools so decided to let them use theirs.
Avatar m tn Okay acording to many sources HIV transmission from female to male through unprotected sex has an average transmission rate of 1/2000 exposures ie. if you dont use a condom with a hiv pos woman and you have normal vaginal sex, your chances should be only 1/2000 of becoming infected.
Avatar n tn Symptoms can not be used to diagnose HIV. ARS symptoms appear 2-4 weeks after exposure and they do not stay for occurs in 50% of people seroconverting (hence not everyone) and in most girls, you would know for sure if she was a virgin (the bleeding of hymen) although this does not occur with most girls... I will assume you got the risk 1) get a PCR test at 11 days mark, if possible.
Avatar m tn And from what I read, seem very much like what the symptoms are for the onset of HIV. The main one just recently is a tingling sensation in my right foot at the tips of my toes. This incident involved a woman that I don't even know that lives in my apt. complex... I am waiting to get my blood work back from my Dr. in the next couple of days since I just had it done. I have also been very stressed out about the idea of being HIV positive.
Avatar f tn Only because you get ill and then your son, it does not mean that simple facts of hiv transmission should be ingnored, they should always be the starting point and if you didnt have a risk then any symptoms their after cannot be hiv related, its just that simple. So your son has stomach pains and spots and you think its hiv really? Come on mate, is this logical - no. Is this the first time he has ever had them no and it will not be the last, fact. Ok your fear. 1.
Avatar f tn You don't have HIV which means the symptoms you think you have, have nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. I will try to help, but I don't think it will make much difference in your anxiety. You had extensive, factual, accurate advice on the HIV community forum. Your own doctor has repeatedly told you your tests are negatgive and you don't have HIV. All a forum can do is state the facts, and the facts you will hear from me will be the same you alrady heard.
Avatar f tn Further that your GF came up with similar symptoms so soon after an exposure is also inconsistent with HIV as well. I am confident that what you have is the flu or some other sort of non-HIV viral illness that you acquired in the course of yoru normal activities. As we have said again and again and again, trying to assess risk for HIV from symptoms is a waste of time. If your exposure was unprotected, I suggest you go get tested for common STDs, i.e. gonorrhea, chlamydia.
Avatar m tn 2) Would such mild symptoms (no other symptoms - no fever, rash, etc.) be indicative of HIV or another STD? Should I seek specialized medical advice because of these or do I just wait for my 12 week HIV test and move on, if negative?