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5696127 tn?1381089797 I read that dry cough is one of the main HIV-Infection symptoms, but I want to know what does dry cough mean here? How is dry cough in HIV positive persons? I mean if someone has this symptom, does he or she have itchy feeling at the end of his or her throat? Does this symptom continous and a HIV-positive person has this symptom every day? Or it comes and goes for some days and after a while it comes back for some day? Please answer this question clearly, it's so important for me.
Avatar f tn Dry cough alone is not a valid indication of HIV acute infection, having said that, sometime people do not experience any visible symptom but they are infected. So, symptom do not mean much. You have exposed yourself to HIV risk through unprotected sex with someone of unknown HIV status, therefore instead of focusing at meaningless symptoms, go and get yourself tested NOW.
Avatar n tn Can the blood in her mouth (or others’ semens) increase my chance of HIV? Can you tell me if my long dry cough caused by HIV? It’s about six weeks now, so what kind of HIV test should I have? Is there any other STDs related to my Cough?
Avatar n tn Can the blood in her mouth (or others’ semens) increase my chance of HIV? Can you tell me if my long dry cough caused by HIV? It’s about six weeks now, so what kind of HIV test should I have? Is there any other STDs related to my Cough?
Avatar f tn Thank you I was very calm , but I read that dry cough is a strong reason to belive that you might contacted HIV, Will this change your oppinion if he had few blood mixed with his saliva? will this put me at risk?
Avatar m tn After 2 weeks, I got ear pain, headache and then dry cough. The weather is also very cold here. However , this cough was continuing and then it moved from dry cough to cold cough and still having. I am very tired but no fever or no issues in my penis. But since I have cough I am worried. Can anyone help me ?? Should. I get tested ? Is this hiv or std??
Avatar n tn it keeps on coming and going.... i also have dry cough and breathing problem... what i need to know whether i am at risk and need to test?????????
Avatar n tn My dry cough has some different symptoms. It occurs while speaking. I have changed three doctors for the same issue since last one and half months. Even one ENT doctor done painting in my throat saying some infection is in my throat for dry cough but no relief finally visited new doctor and now I have some relief by taking steam and gargling with saline daily in the night and some medicines but not antibiotic and some cough syrup.
Avatar m tn Is dry cough (without fever) and red eyes are symptoms of HIV and how long does it take HIV symptoms to appear? If i will result HIV negative after six weeks test, does that mean that i am 99% out of danger zone?
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar n tn Nothing you describe above put you at risk for HIV. Your symptoms are for sure not do to HIV. You can be "Worry Free" about HIV.
Avatar m tn See a Dr for your cough, it has nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a condom break incident 10 weeks ago. I had an HIV test at 17 days after and 4 weeks after the incident and they were negative. about three weeks ago I have been noticing that I have itching in my throat and so I cough to "un itch" it. Is this a dry cough (I call it a dry cough) and does this sound like I might have HIV? I have no other symtoms.
Avatar m tn So what i'm thinking is my mouth does'nt feel the same as before i started to worry about hiv infection. My cough is still there but not as bad as before. My eyes are not as clear as they used to be either, people used to wierdly compliment me on how white my eyes were around my cornea(no drugs/alchohol/fast food,ect), not anymore. These suttle changes are bothersome, i do more excercise, eat healthier than most people i know, so i should look/feel better than i do.
Avatar m tn At four weeks I got a full STD check and everything came back negative. Literally right after I started having dry cough and has continued for over a month now! It's on and off! I've started having throat issues at times as well. At six weeks I went to my doc to check my cough and got the hiv ag/ab combo test. It came back negative. My doc gave me anti-biotics and nasonex. I finished my meds and I still have this cough! My doc wants me to take a pulmonary test now.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, many people's first symptom of HIV involves the respiratory system, illustrating why HIV testing is so important. Any cough or shortness of breath could be a sign of bacterial pneumonia or pneumocystis (carinii) jiroveci pneumonia (PCP)" however is this at the stage after hiv has fully developed? also do sex workers that dont work from the streets tend to be less hiv stricken thn others? many thanks. a worried man. p.s ignore my previous post as this was too detailed.
Avatar m tn 5 weeks (85 days). Can someone give me some advice on this. Coughs are in the Aids category, not hiv category of symptoms. I'm very worried as i've noticed a mole on my arm change from flat to a bumpy texture consistent withskin cancers. I will be getting a Doctors opinion on that. Maybe i have something to be worried about....
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from a mild sore throat and a dry cough (No runny nose, but I feel my ears are plugged a little bit). All those flu like symptoms started on the 30th of October and have been going on for 4 days now. I have also been feeling tired and sleepy during the past 4 days. During the sexual encounter I gave the girl a little bit of oral, my tongue touched her rectum pretty quick for one second maybe.
Avatar f tn Iam a man 19 years old I had protected sex with sex work ler in redlight amsterdam before 53 days,after 2 weeks ihad fever night sweats an sore throats then after one month I have Eustachian tube Dysfunction dry cough and Nightly diarrhea still with knowing that i have disease in colon and i take Immunosuppression medicines and my leucocytic count 6.1. I tested after 49 days negative but I have som questions Do the medicines i take effected on the tested ?
Avatar n tn I cant remember the exact time frame, but a month or two later i developed HIV symptoms. For a two week period I was constantly fatigued, my lymph nodes in my neck and arm pits were very sore, and my whole body ached (even the joints in my hands). Now about two months after exposure I decided to get tested. I went to a planned parent hood and got a HIV test done. I got my results and they were negative. I then thought that everything was ok. About 6 months later in Decemeber.
Avatar n tn The exposure was over 3 months ago(december 22) and I haven't experienced any symptoms although a couple of days ago I now have a sore throat(march 20) but no other flu like symptoms. I did have a dry cough for about a day. I have always been told that the flu like symptoms from hiv would show up in 7 to 14 days and no later than 4 weeks after exposure and this is 13 weeks later and I know is probably completely unrelated to my contact with this person. Is this true?
Avatar n tn -------- I just recovered from diarrhea one week ago, the diarrhea lasted one week, and now i am having fever and cold with dry cough and some itchiness across my body, the scratching cause the rashes but after few minutes it disappear, and then it comes back again at other part of the body. so am I at risk of HIV infection? or it's just some viral or recent H1N1 symptoms?
Avatar n tn Cut the drama, you will only yield a negative result until you have a POTENTIAL exposure. you didn't need a test at the first place. Your symptoms are not HIV specific. You need to see a doctor to figure out the actual cause.
Avatar f tn Together with this cough, I had diarrhea, muscle pain, headache and fever 2 weeks after. 1. ARS presents as flu-like symptoms. Does this include dry cough? 2. When does dry cough present among HIV patients? Early or late infection?
Avatar f tn Six days after this encounter I began having a dry persistent cough with no other symptoms I researched dry cough and found out it is a symptom of HIV I was very alarmed and frighten not long after that I started feeling very fatigue and haviing blurry vision and trouble seeing things clearly also having bad nightmares that jump me out my sleep in panic I also had an irregular heart beat I went to the er where they diagnosed me with bronchitis but I didn't understand why because I do not smoke