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Avatar m tn Welcome to our Forum. I will try to help however some of your questions are difficult to follow. As I understand your comment, you have had sexual contact with commercial sex workers, using condoms for all vaginal sexual exposures but not for oral contact. Assuming this is correct, here are the answers to your questions: is necesarry for 6months test? Six month tests are a waste of time.
Avatar m tn I have read many conflicting things on the internet about the asymptomatic time period of hiv, I have read the average amount of years before you develop AIDS without treatment is 10 years. What is the average amount of time before most people know they have hiv (develop symptoms that alert them) and does this differ by age at time of infection. Do people in their 20's differ from those in their 40's 50's and even 60's?
Avatar m tn You need to post in the HIV Anxiety Support Group.
Avatar f tn if you go to the expert forum you will read that most people infected will develop symptoms 2-4 weeks after infection and that symptoms will not last more tah 2 weeks. but since you had unprotected sex i think you should go test if you passed the 3 months after exposure.
Avatar m tn In less than a week I developed viral-type symptoms (fatigue, headache, sweating, chills, etc.) Is it possible to develop hiv symptoms in less than a week after exposure?
Avatar n tn I read a lot of posts here where people were tested negative for HIV but have developed ARS like symptoms. However, what I would like to know is if it is at all possible for an infected HIV person to develop NO ARS symptoms fever, sweat, swollen glands...(during 1, 3 , 6 months whatever) and thus continue to infect other without knowing it.
Avatar m tn is it possible to develop hiv after my 17 weeks result???
Avatar n tn Most things I read say that ARS symptoms develop within 2 to 4 weeks. Is it possible to develop the symptoms 4 months later? Should I test again? Is it all anxiety and stress related?
Avatar m tn In July 2010, I did three rapid test which were all negative. Given that the symptoms continued, I did the HIV 1/0/2 ICMA and the HIV-2 EIA tests at labcorp in August 2010. Both tests were negative/non-reactive. I did another rapid test for HIV 1/2 at the end of August which was again negative. So, my questions are: 1. Can I conclude that I am ok based on the exposure three years ago? 2.
Avatar f tn What your tests so far do prove is that none of your earlier symptoms were due to HIV. not only did they occur too soon after exposure to be the ARS (the ARS would not begin two days after an exposure) but if your symptoms had been the ARS, your test afterwards would have been positive. I am confident you did not get HIV form the exposure that you describe.
Avatar m tn How long does it take to develop symptoms of HIV? Can it be as short as a week?
Avatar f tn Do u think anxiet can case same symptoms in all of them even thou most of them didnt even think about hiv till they got these symptoms ? Is there a different virus they got and duno about it thats why all of them experiance the same symptoms !? Im just thinking loud and would like to hear ur opinion ..
Avatar f tn No. I never had symptoms at all. You cannot use symptoms in diagnosing HIV. Diagnosing symptoms as ARS is after the fact. That mean after you test positive for HIV and then you can say the symptoms I had were ARS.
Avatar m tn We don't talk about symptoms because lack of or symptoms will not tell you anything about HIV. A test now will give you a good indication, but at 3 months it is conclusive. Use condoms.
Avatar f tn What is the chance lab technician wrongly did my test and result -ve. Any chance of hiv symptoms develop this stage?
Avatar m tn how long would it take to develop a hiv related white tongue.. next day next week etc...
Avatar m tn It is theoretically possible to have HIV and never develop a positive antibody test. But it is very, very rare -- and I am unaware it has happened at all in the past 10-15 years, since development of the currently standard HIV tests. And in rare cases where antibody may not develop as soon as expected, the test for HIV p24 antigen fills the gap. That's the test you had, i.e. combination for HIV antibody and antigen.