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Avatar m tn I know that symptoms cannot diagnose HIV, but do I have anything to worry about? I have never felt like this before and gotten sick twice so quickly. Thank you.
Avatar m tn s first symptom of HIV involves the respiratory system, illustrating why HIV testing is so important. Any cough or shortness of breath could be a sign of bacterial pneumonia or pneumocystis (carinii) jiroveci pneumonia (PCP)" however is this at the stage after hiv has fully developed? also do sex workers that dont work from the streets tend to be less hiv stricken thn others? many thanks. a worried man. p.s ignore my previous post as this was too detailed.
Avatar m tn I have developed a dry cough with no fever or any other symptoms. I have been active orally with different guys. Unfortunately I ran across this on the NET. which has me worried. Could a single symptom be the first sign. I will test but wanted your thoughts. Thanks Respiratory symptoms — A dry cough is usually the only respiratory symptom associated with primary HIV infection.
Avatar m tn Is is possible that the only symptoms you have for HIV is only cough and mouth ulcers and not having fever and swollen lymph nodes? Because now I have 2 mouth sores and a cough.
Avatar m tn you NEVER had an exposure.
Avatar m tn I heard that HIV symtoms can be fever, troath pain, diarrea, thong pins, headache, cough. My wife had the above symtoms, can be these HIV symptoms or it is only flu symptoms? Is 1 month with dry cough and don't stop. The HIV symptoms can be only one of the above mentioned or needs to be in conbination with the others?
Avatar f tn Rashes persisted and then 3 weeks later the cough. 11 days after my encounter it was negative and 28 days later regular HIV 1/2 A/B test came back negative. This rash comes and goes and cough/runny nose has been around for 2 weeks now. I have had severe anxiety these passed 4 weeks. I am waiting results of a 4th gen test, day 29. Anyone think this is straight up anxiety rash? 4 weeks? HELP! PLEASE!
Avatar n tn HIV has no specific symptoms.
Avatar f tn If you're asking for the same exposure you mentioned in the link above, NO.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have been reading a lot of posts in this forum and I'm hoping that those who have knowledge about HIV can help me. I had unprotected sex. My partner was of unknown status. I got tested for HIV at 5w3d and 6w2d. Both were Ag/Ab tests and blood was taken from my arm using a syringe for lab tests. Since the results were going to take days to get, I also decided to get rapid Ab only tests on the same days to at least get an indication of my status. These were finger prick tests.
Avatar n tn 3rd day after posible exposure,,, started with a little cough,, 4rd day a little chest congestion a little more cough,,, 5th day cough, although not a lot,,,, 6th day cough,, fever in the afternoon,,and night sweats,,, 7th day less cough, congested nose, 8th day,,, less cough, maybe a little runny nose 9th day till today 14th day,, very little cough,, just like sporadic remaining cough. What do you think about this symptoms doctor?
Avatar f tn HIV has NO specific symptoms.
Avatar m tn even if I swallow semen? I have plhegm on my throat and cough when I had that oral sex? Is is still risk free? What if the virus mixed with the phlegm? Is nose bleed also a symptoms of HIV?
Avatar n tn You mentioned that HIV does not cause the sort of symptoms I have in isolation. What are they generally seen with? Fever? Rash? What else? Is my cough any consideration?
Avatar m tn Symptoms typically are irrelevant to HIV. ARS symptoms typically start within a month after possible infection other symptoms start when HIV is progressing ro late stages (on average 7 years). Please practice safe sex. Google mostly yields the most authoritive website like CDC which lists symptoms without really describing what they are like. I can confirm that your symptoms are irrelevant.
Avatar n tn Thank you.
Avatar m tn Day 2- feeling cold, chills, sore throat, minor aches, and mild fever. Day 3- Same symptoms as Day 2 but now with night sweats and cough, occasional sneezing. Day 4- chills and aches went away, no night sweat, no fever, but dry cough, sore throat, sneezing and chest congestion; Day 5- chills came back, had another night sweat (my neck, chest, and upper back were drenched), minor sore throat, dry cough and congestion. Day 6-Day 13- lingering dry cough.
Avatar m tn I have read that the initial symptoms are similar to a cough/flu and I am full of fear so I would like to ear the opinion of a doctor. Is the feber always high?? is there another difference with a cough/flu? If I do a test after around 3 weeks it could be useful?
Avatar m tn Exactly a week later i started having symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes in armpit,neck, and groin mild sore throat mild dry cough that lasted for about 2days, and about three week later ive had a mild headache located in between my eyes i took a home test 2wks after my symptoms and it came back negative. so do i have something to worry about?
Avatar m tn m scared that I have gotten HIV at the worst, but am I overreacting? HIV symptoms seem so similar to all of these bugs that I don't know what to think. I am within the six week window, so I intend to get checked soon.