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Avatar m tn i found one website that said this is major symptoms of hiv? is it true? only back pain or lower bank pain is a symptoms of hiv? pls help...
Avatar m tn Of course see a health care provider if your symptoms continue or you otherwise remain concerned. But I see no concerns here about HIV or other STDs.
Avatar m tn HI, this is stalin coming to my exposure I had sex with a SW and underwent HIV test 3 month's post exposure and the result was negative. But from past few week's I am having pain in my groin and back of my ear's,rashes on my leg and abdomen,burning sensation on skin,black spot's on my skin and my skin color is changing to black. So are these symptom's related to HIV.
Avatar f tn I would like some thoughts on this please. Are these typical symptoms of HIV that occur a couple of years after infection? Do you recommend that I retest? Thank you all in advance!
Avatar m tn hello . i had a protected virginal sex with a sex worker 4 weeks ago, she performed unprotected oral . now i started having sore throat and v bad pain in the back of neck & headache sometimes . i don't have any rashes / fever / muscle pain/ Diarrhoea / joint pains. this pain in neck , sore throat and headache is really getting me worried. can any one tell please is it HIV ?
Avatar m tn I guess my real problem is that somehwere along the way I developed an obsession with HIV and I have had unprotected sex with two people over the past 2 and a half years so I would not consider myself promiscuous but my mind keeps telling me I have HIV and obvioulsy when I google these pains the first thing that ppops up is HIV it drives me crazy. I want to go to the doctor but i guess that gives me anxiety as well.
Avatar f tn Hi back in October 2013 i started working in a prison drawing blood i was doing my clinical for school i came in contact with all type of kilers rapist and hiv infected people i was always careful during my last week there i became ill with what i thought was an ear infection as the day went on body aches came fever it was to paniful to be a flu i went to the doctor of course he said the flu and gave me meds i got worse about a few days later my tonsils were swollen with pus it was bad went to t
Avatar n tn Within the next couple of weeks followed diaherra, extreme neck pain, back pain, fatigue, and reduced appetite. The week of May 15th I suffered a sore throat and a red open sore on the inside of my mouth cheek. The sore throat wasn't intense but felt sore. After about a week I fed it some sore throat spray and it went away. All the while still experiencing same neck pain. The week of July 13th I had this pain in my head between my eyes above my nose.
Avatar f tn White female with two children, I have developed pain, stabbing pain on and off in side of head, also now sore at back of nose/ nostril one side and pain in chest muscles is this signs of ars.
Avatar n tn Sorry but this is another one that takes the cake as HIV anxiety goes. Lower back pain is just that, lower back pain. Go see the chiropractor or do some back stretches. What makes you tie back pain in with hiv anyway?
Avatar m tn HI, I had sex with an escort 2 times in the month of oct(2009) nd nov(2009). My main concern is that in these 11 month's I have faced strange symptoms like breathing problem,ulcers in my mouth,rash on my stomach which is still present( it's in black color), bumps on my thighs(which is still present and I am having them from past 2 month's),feeling drowsy all the time,pain in my ribs,nd my skin color was changed to dark.
Avatar m tn hi i had a possible exposure to hiv on 10 th Apr. started having back pain and hand pain on 10th may done blood test on 22nd may WBC= 7600 LYMPHOCYTES=27.5% B12 deficiency high bp .. .had swollen lymph node on 5th June then had diarhea , sore throat,abdominal pain,cough ,sinus in june Sinus not gone yet ..... paining lymph nodes tested for hiv on 10th june Came back -ve...? wot is this ..? yeast infection / hiv causing yeast infection..? i am Mr.anxietious always...
Avatar n tn Hi I have done one protected sex with one asian in mid april 2009 , that was not fully intercourse and condom was not failed, till now I didn't get any type of symptoms of HIV infection. But only one day during this period I got some muscle pain on my legs for few hours , I have taken one pain killer tap and it has gone and never come back. My question is there any possibilities to getting HIV infection with condom also , if it is not failed.
Avatar m tn U are absolutely zero risk and do not need from hiv testing,your symthomps is create by your guilty and anxious. U are safe n stop worrying hiv stuff beacuse u are hiv negative. Stay safe!!!
Avatar f tn fatigue sleepy all the time tired ,no energy ,température 37,1 normal,pain in the neck ,ache in all my body , it sounds very Hiv to mr especilly the timing 14 day anf symptoms ...please help i am loding my job and my life coz i cant focus nomore no smile.
Avatar m tn Now I understand that the exposure I had is generally considered no risk with no testing needed and symptoms are not reliable for diagnosing HIV risk but still I need to know if the symptoms that I experienced are known to happen in primary HIV infection. Should I be worried. Incidentally I got myself tested few days back (in fifth-sixth week) for HIV antibody test which came back negative.
Avatar n tn I have taken advil and that seems to be a little more relaxed however I did have a soreness at the top of the right back of the throat and when I press on two areas, one being under the back jaw on the throat and a little higher under the right ear it is sore. I have been stupid by driving with my sunroof up this week even though it was cold and it seemed to appear after this. However this is a wish rather than me believing it could only be that.
Avatar m tn I still have some joints pain tingling sensation shooting pain in my legs arms and buttocks. Sometimes muscle weakness. And i feel like there was invisible bruises on my arms off and on, I used to have general fatigue i started getting better. Discomfort throat. All my std's, herpes1&2, heps b&c and Hiv1&2 ab/ag all came back negative. I went to see neurologist he suspicious MS since i have a family history with ms. My mri came back normal.