Hiv symptoms after three years

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Avatar m tn (1) I had a possible exposure three years ago(unprotected sex, not sure of the hiv status of the female). (2) Three months after , I had a blood test and it was negative. (3) I have not had any sexual activity with anyone for the last three years since that possible exposure.
Avatar n tn hi!my name is john!!i want to ask you about the symptoms of hiv!!it's been about 4 years now that i had sex with a girl tha we had a relationship for about one month. after we broke up i heard that her ex-boyfriend which she was with him for about 6 years,was taking drugs i had then an hiv test and it was negative. after these years i am feeling very well but anxiety is all over me.i do not have the courage to go and make a new hiv test..................can you help me please????????????????
Avatar m tn s ability to fight infections of all sorts. As a result, in its advanced stages, after years of infection, persons with HIV can no longer fight off infection by micro organisms that people with normal immune systems co-exist with on a daily basis and as a result common, every day infections become even more common. These latter sorts of infections include fungal infections, sore throats, and sinusitis.
Avatar f tn Its been three years since the symptoms began and I felt like maybe I was just crazy. I just want to feel better. What are your thoughts on the symptoms? If its cancer and my lymph nodes are swollen...has it spread?
Avatar m tn In July 2010, I did three rapid test which were all positive. Given that the symptoms continued, I did the HIV 1/0/2 ICMA and the HIV-2 EIA tests at labcorp in August 2010. Both tests were negative/non-reactive. I did another rapid test for HIV 1/2 at the end of August which was again negative. So, my questions are: 1. Can I conclude that I am ok based on the exposure three years ago? 2.
Avatar m tn I'm so ignorant when it comes to this subject but I'm sort of in a freaking out stage so I'm hoping someone can give me some real solid advice. My husband and I have been dating since one has stepped outside of the marrige/dating relationship. No drugs etc. In 2008 my husband became sick with a bunch of different things but he has been doing much better since he had his gallbladder removed. Why am I talking about gallbladder on this is why.
Avatar n tn Hello all. I had a sexual encounter with another man a little over three weeks ago and am very stressed out that I may have contracted hiv. While I did ask him of his status, and he told me he was "clean," he was essentially a stranger. I believe that the activities I participated in are generally considered "low-risk": I fellated him and there was some precum but no ejaculation, and topped and bottomed with a condom.
Avatar m tn You said you have had a number of prolonged good health periods during these three years. Do you remember if when these symptoms cropped up if you were under more stress than usual? I know for me, increased stress leads to a flare up of OCD symptoms. As far as CBT, I really think it is the most important thing to learn when you have OCD or even HIV anxiety. The reality is your brain is tricking you into thinking something is horribly wrong when in fact there is nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn HIV can be "dormant" in the body for many years, which only means it is not producing any clinical signs or symptoms of illness. However, even if it is clinically "dormant" it is NOT dormant in terms of activity. Even without symptoms, HIV can be reproducing itself by millions of new copies every day. The virus can be clinically silent, but it is still detectable by an HIV antibody test. As malbat has wisely advised you, get tested now.
Avatar m tn I also have HIV and now most doctors just say its HIV neuralgia but I did not contract HIV until 7 years ago and have not been affected by it. My HIV is a non issue. I am the specialist on my symptoms; I have had them since I was 14. But I could deal with it then because they only happened about once every three or four years and only affected my hands, which would remain practically frozen shut for a week or two.
Avatar n tn Your spot on your tongue also does not sound like any of the common symptoms for acute hiv. Finally, you should not be looking for symptoms, that is not wise and will lead you to believe symptoms for hiv are present when they are not there- like the rash on your leg which would not be a result of hiv. The likelihood of you acquiring hiv from a minute of unprotected intercourse, with a portion of the populaiton that rarely has hiv in the first place is very very small.
Avatar f tn I broke up a couple of months ago with my boyfriend of almost three years. Then he slept with someone else, and so did I. Last week, i found out I have chlamydia. Now, I had protected sex with my second partner, and he swears he did too. So.. could I have had chlamydia for 3 years and not known it? And if I have, considering that chlamydia can cause infertility, what are the chances that it has affected mine? What ways are there to find out how long I have had this infection?
Avatar m tn If these symptoms were due to hiv would my test three weeks later have been positive.
Avatar m tn about a month ago i recieved unprotected oral sex not sure on there status and then a couple days later i had unprotected sex with one of my friends that ive known for a few years. i told him of my symptoms and he assure me that i was fine.
Avatar m tn The first symptoms of HIV infection, sometimes called acute HIV infection or primary HIV infection, occur about 1 to 4 weeks after the virus was transmitted.
Avatar f tn I'm 17 years old male received unprotected oral sex and started to have symptoms 5 days post exposure till 3 month 1-fatigue 2-joint and muscle pain 3-upset stomach 4-sleep problems and many other symptoms I forget I the hiv prevention claiming that I had no risk and no need for testing but however I am going to test but I can't right now I need to wait two months later I need help I am dying because of these symptoms
Avatar n tn Hi there. Thanks in advance for considering my question. I have been stressed for 2 years after a drunken encounter with a girl: I'm a 26 year old male. Met a girl (American, Caucasian, Grad Student from Midwest) at a bar and went to hotel. We took off our clothes and proceeded to mutually masturbate each other while "making out". I did put my finger in her anus for about one or two minutes, and my penis was in the same area for a bit as well (although it never went in).
Avatar m tn ve had four ELISA HIV tests all of which have been Non-reactive. I tested on June 30th (two weeks after the three month mark) and I tested again on August 4th (20.5 weeks after the possible exposure). My doctor is certain that the 6 month mark is the necessary window period and she has told me that I have to test again after September 13th in order for my test results to be truly conclusive.