Hiv symptoms after one year

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Avatar m tn Also, would things like HIV related fungus and gingivitis appear so prominently only a year after infection? I definitely have not had any other risky exposures, since I have not had any type of sexual activity since this incident.
Avatar n tn After acute infection, there is an asymptomatic phase that lasts up to 10 years or more after infection. There are no symptoms after 1 year- it is a waste of time for you to be examining yourself looking for them. Only your test results will tell your status.
Avatar m tn i had sex once, after a year i have taken HIV test which resulted negative, now, can i be sure that i am negative or need to take any further tests
3248898 tn?1346991611 5- If the PCR + Combo tests both come Negative AFTER ONE YEAR , can I move ON and am sure 100% there is no HIV and have sex with my wife. Thank you doctor.
Avatar m tn A year? Then you have nothing to worry about.You don't have HIV and you can trust your labs.You had one of the best HIV tests in the world.The DUO/COMBO is very sensitive and extremely accurate.Stop worrying and start living.Always use protection in the future and stay safe because it's not worth the risk.
Avatar m tn In a quick glance at your many threads on the HIV community and international forums, I see you have symptoms that you think might be due to HIV, but concistently negative tests up to a year (or more) after your last possible exposure. The HIV blood tests are among the most accurate tests that exist for any medical condition, and the test results always overrule symptoms, exposure history, and all other factors. Therefore, my reply is the same as all the others you have had.
Avatar f tn about 3 weeks after I got tested ELISA and nucleic acid test they came back negative. In February of that year I wasn't get my period for about 3 months which freaked me out, my doctor said it was nothing and put me on birth control and I was fine again. Now a year later have swollen lymph nodes on my neck for about a month, swollen taste buds, and a swollen tonsil (my lymph node is more swollen on that side).
Avatar m tn I would really need an advice. I have unprotected sex about a year ago and have my hiv test at 3 months later which is negative result. My questions is i started to develop some sickness which is near to aids systoms. There are one white spot appearing on my tongue and my stomach often hurts ( causes me to visit the toilet often). i have muscle and joint pain too. i have constant headache too. Is this really aids systoms???
Avatar m tn How reliable a hiv test result after one year? i recently test negative but im afraid that i might be positive. Im planing to get tested again. My GP doesnt seem to be as worried as i am. Brackground story: i had sex with a CSW and the condom broke, About three months later i had what i believe were ARS symptoms(sores in the mouth, painful joints/ muscles, sore throat, stomach ache, discoloration in the mouth). and now i have developed a yellow tongue, which i believe to be oral thrush.
Avatar f tn m really sorry to ask another question but u cleared up my original worry abourt oral sex but the main reason I worried was I was bruisin easily I got cellulitus which is swellin after a bite and white on my tongue and internet says they are symptoms I got a negative test a year ago and have got all these since then I have done every sexual act unprotected apart from penetrive sex I always use a condom I don't no why but the symptoms scare me
Avatar n tn hi!my name is john!!i want to ask you about the symptoms of hiv!!it's been about 4 years now that i had sex with a girl tha we had a relationship for about one month. after we broke up i heard that her ex-boyfriend which she was with him for about 6 years,was taking drugs i had then an hiv test and it was negative. after these years i am feeling very well but anxiety is all over me.i do not have the courage to go and make a new hiv test..................can you help me please????????????????
Avatar n tn Can anyone state if someone with HIV would have symptoms showing after over a year? Swollen nodes in armpits and groin?
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Avatar n tn I know my calculated risks are 1 in 10,000 for a BJ. I know symptoms are not a good indicator of HIV infection. My question may appear similar to before, but, I would like to ask it anyway in hopes you can clear up my confusion about information on the web. In short, it is now 5 weeks since my exposure, my face (forehead, nose and upper cheeks) feels hot and appears slightly red with small bumps/blotches. My arms still have a burning sensation along with my back and legs.
Avatar f tn After 1 year of my visit to hong kong massage parlor and got handjob from a lady that suddenly went out of the room while the handjob ( i didn't know why ) and came back to finish the job and i was lying on my back with my eyes closed while the handjob which was very hard and took 15 minutes and i didn't notice what was in her hands ! It could be vaginal fluids or other guy semen .
Avatar m tn then after two months i had high fever, sore throat,and UTI then i have been treated with antibioistcs for three days i was quiet ok.. losed all the symptoms. then after three months(april-2007)i had pain on Knee of legs only, weekness in both legs, cant stand properly( losed the Strength), sore throat again. i use to climb to a hill top approximately 1.5 km by foot daily in the evening from my office to go back home.
Avatar n tn last year when i was in dubai i got a sex with a lady after dat i am getting all hiv symptoms so i went to the test after 2 week it came after 2 month 1 got pcr test it was olso negetive.still all hiv i got test after 9 month it was same negetive. but still i am havig symptoms like oralthrush rashes like all hiv related symptoms i worried please help me.what can i do i dont kno what to do symptoms are killing me i never get thise symptoms in my life...
Avatar n tn If your condom stayed intact, you did the right thing and had safe sex, which is a no risk situation for HIV, symptoms are never a clear indication of HIV to vague and mirror other bugs out there such as flu