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Avatar m tn 5 weeks: HIV-1, HIV-1 O, HIV-2 Vironostika Uniform Ag/Ab -- Negative 9 weeks: HIV-1, HIV-1 O, HIV-2 Vironostika Uniform Ag/Ab -- Negative 3 months: Syphilis, Gonhorrea, Chlamydia, NGU -- Negative 4 months 1 week: HIV-1, HIV-1 O, HIV-2 Vironostika Uniform Ag/Ab -- Negative 4 months 1 week: Oral swab for Candida Albicans - Positive -- Diagnosed with "Candida Albicans Complex" 4 months 2 week: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C -- Negative 4 months 2 week: Hepatitis A, CMV, Herpes 1/2 (don't
936016 tn?1332765604 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
936016 tn?1332765604 What are the symptoms of HIV? This is a common question we receive here at Freedom Health. According to this article on emedicine ( ) , it is thought around 70% of people who contract HIV will develop symptoms when they are seroconverting. Seroconversion is the period between exposure to the HIV virus and the completion of the initial response of your immune system.
Avatar m tn can any1 tell me please why we have symptoms even after fully protected sex? for example having spots after 4 weeks? maybe just timing ?
Avatar m tn Resp doctor I am a 52 year male. I was foolish enough to go to a soap massage parlor in Bangkok. The lady glided over me with soap on her body. Then we both entered into a bath tub with plain water. After about 10 minutes we got out of the tub and I remember I wiped my wet hands on my face and probably the water went in my eyes. One week later I had flu like symptoms. Two weeks later I had physical contact with my wife. After one week my wife had uncontrolled diahorrea.
Avatar m tn once those symptoms stopped i began having a sensation of a light sunburn on my chest and stomach with no exposure to the sun, and my stomach has small pinkish spots all over. also im feeling lightheaded and symptoms similar to anxiety, re these symptoms of hiv?
Avatar f tn t focus on HIV but on other matter ( study and financial) then one or two weeks after sex encounter I started fear and stress on HIV then everything ( acute HIV symptoms) started to appear in me one u one , sometime it happen altogether like fever and headache and rash something else which mimic acute HIV symptoms. Please advice ! Thanks!
1183190 tn?1326108934 Well am back again, i really wished that my symptoms would go after my 12 month HIV -ve Sigh.. still have loads of symptoms with new additions Sore throat,painful lymph nodes behind knees,in neck and in armpit. Sinus infection with fever,folliculitis... and yes i have been working with doctors for an diagnosis,,,but still no luck My wife wanted children badly and i finally relented for unprotected sex after my last -ve test I had a skull xray last week ..going to doc today..
Avatar m tn Also, would things like HIV related fungus and gingivitis appear so prominently only a year after infection? I definitely have not had any other risky exposures, since I have not had any type of sexual activity since this incident.
17690240 tn?1459166083 I had unprotected sex with a girl of unknown HIV status. After 35 days i got tested with a tridot test. It came back negative. But i read in some websites that tri dot test is conclusive after 3 months. This thing is really killing me. It would be after 30 days to complete 3 months. I really am not able to wait this much longer. Every symptom in my body, i just tend to connect with HIV. I am going mad on this now. I am just really not able to focus on anything. Not able to do my studies.
1202943 tn?1347840652 It's been about a year since RAI and my levels are finally where they should be. My energy level is good and I've been trying to keep up an exercise routine. I've been doing Bikram yoga or going to the gym. I'm making it there around twice a week. I'm hoping with Spring on the way that I can start walking too. I've been eating pretty healthy and have attempted to do a gluten free diet, but I keep messing up.
Avatar m tn So today I went to get an appointment with the inmunologist. Unfortunately, Dr. is on vacations so I will have to wait a bid. So I also went with another Dr. (an infectologist - the second one I see during this week). But unlike the one I saw on Monday, this one was more interested in the case and seemed knowledgeble.
Avatar m tn I have tested for every STD including HIV and HTLV, this was negative after 17months. My current struggles are white coated tongue with teethmarks at the border. Severe headache which is much better now, but have a moving crawling sensation 24/7 in scalp/brain. Balanitis and peeling hand and soles. My next stop will be at a dermatoligist on 2 dec, to se if I have actually a yeast infection or staph.
Avatar m tn Mine is a story of a 28yer old out to have a bit of fun and using a condom only to start showing ARS symptoms in Jan close to 2 months from the said "safe-event". All antibody tests came out negative till around 110 days post exposure and that's when it hit me that the condom had failed!!!! Just did my WB today and it showed 2 env bands(120 and 160).Am in shock and I can't bring myself to believe these results. Where does a man go from here?
1183190 tn?1326108934 personal_page_id=1007632 My wife has very high fever(101 F),muscle pain, blocked nose,cough,night sweats and severe headache 15 days after we started having protected sex and 2 days after our condom broke.. her symptoms have not It just cannot be co-incidence I dont believe in condoms anymore, i must have belived the posts in AIDSMEDS where people stated they tested +ve even after condom usage.. guess its too late now.. Watching her go through ARS is making me go suicidal....
Avatar f tn I have symptoms of hiv like swollen lymph nodes all over body. Dry and scaly skin. Uncontrollable Dandruff and hairfall like never before I think I'll go bald. I don't have energy any more to worry about hiv or get tested once again. Feeling lost and hopeless. Don't know what more to do.I am Basically feeling very depressed.
Avatar m tn Shortly after the massage, I experienced an upper respiratory infection, liver and spleen tenderness, GI issues, mouth ulcers, fatigue and the list goes on. Currently experiencing liver and spleen tenderness. Testing History: 6 weeks post: HIV DNA PCR w/ antibody (neg), HCV DNA PCR (neg), STD screen (neg), acute hepatitis a,b,c (neg) 11 weeks post: HIV Rapid blood test (neg) 13 weeks post: HIV DNA PCR w/ antibody, HCV DNA PCR, Acute hepatitis panel. All negative. 14.
Avatar m tn hello i had unprotected sex about 4months ago shorty after 2wks i had flu-like symptoms and about aweek after still having the symptoms i went to the hospital and told the doc that i had unprotective sex ,the doc gave me a hiv blood test. the results of that test came back negative. my question is can a hiv blood test give a true reading only after 3weeks .
Avatar n tn After acute infection, there is an asymptomatic phase that lasts up to 10 years or more after infection. There are no symptoms after 1 year- it is a waste of time for you to be examining yourself looking for them. Only your test results will tell your status.
Avatar m tn Sorry if this does not meet well with worried-wells or those who want to address the anxiety of worried wells but there it is. People deserve the truth, not answers to reduce their anxiety. Sensible advice, appreciate him and others levelling with me.[comments mine] e-mail from The Health Protection Agency UK [USA's equivalent is the CDC.
186166 tn?1385259382 A lot of people have been writing questions about early symptoms of HIV infection. Many of these people do not seem to have any risk for HIV, but may be having some kind of anxiety related to an encounter with a sex worker (or as in the case of question one, a strip club). Most have tested negative for HIV and are beyond the window period. They report a wide array of symptoms, some of them are very severe.
1183190 tn?1326108934 I told my fiancee that i was going in for an HIV test,she has no clue how HIV is transmitted..all she knows is that if i test +ve, It was terminal disease and with my current physique and existing health conditions its gonna be much worse ..She Cried,,My heart sunk hearing her cry I could'nt take it any more and I broke down telling i will not marry her if i test +ve,She threatened that she will kill herself if i come to such a conclusion..
585050 tn?1301835164 After one year, I have lost about 50 lb. I have never been this determined in my life. I'm so motivated NOT to have diabetes. This diet has become my way of life and is not hard. Had to get used to no sugar, white flour, bad carbs. But had good carbs, fruits and vegetables, lean meat, and the good oils (avocado, olive). It helped that my husband joined me in this new way of eating. He's losing too.
Avatar f tn Anyways, ars symptoms are non specific(means no particular symptom can be related to hiv) and are not used to diagnosed hiv based on lack thereof.(means people without hiv experience symptoms for other reasons and people with hiv may not even experience the symptoms at all). Now, talking about the time period, ars symptoms don't appear so soon. At least 2 weeks for the virus to do haywire in the immune system.(go read the pathology if hiv if you wish to know more).
Avatar f tn Hi guy can please any one tell me that if we get tested hiv negative after 5 months and 13 days so we are still at risk of developing hiv
Avatar f tn t have a fever but anyways when that was over I felt finea couple of days later I developed a stomach ache that lasted for like a week with that I looked up early hiv symptoms and eveything started to match those symptoms...
1183190 tn?1326108934 thats the scary part I have not been tested for Clamydia,Gonnereah,Trich or Herpes if , If i had one these during my protected exposure , risk of HIV transmission is high I have been having a low grade fever from past 1 week and its not going away.. I have read that low grade fever is common among HIV +ve people . I threw my life away, I hate myself ...since am india... I will have no access to proper medical care and before you know it i will be dead....