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Avatar m tn Symptoms or lack of will never tell you anything about your HIV status. As you already know your test at 3 months post exposure will be conclusive.
Avatar m tn Symptoms are not a great way of detecting a HIV infection, you had a risk and testing is the right thing to do, however ARS is generally 1-2 weeks after exposure and lasts 2- 4 weeks
Avatar m tn In June I had dinner outdoors in Northern Europe with a colleague who is gay with HIV positive status. After I took my first sip of my wine, he sipped my wine for tasting. I was quite worried of being infected HIV, but because of matter of courtesy I sipped the wine a few minutes later, probably in the same position of the glass. I did not notice clear blood stain on the glass BUT I felt my mucuos membrane of my upper part of my mouth 'burning', which did not happen for my first sip.
Avatar n tn The first symptoms of HIV infection, acute HIV infection, occur about 1 to 4 weeks after the virus was transmitted. Signs and symptoms are not reliable indications of HIV infection and the occurrence will vary from one to another. Some people with HIV infection have no recollection of an acute infection stage. Acute HIV infection can last from one to three weeks.
Avatar f tn Most people experience NO symptoms at all after HIV infection. If there are symptoms, they may be mild enough so as to be dismissed or they may be severe enough to warrant hospitalization. They usually present as a "syndrome" . The onset of symptoms usually begins 2-4 weeks after infection (all at once), last 1-2 weeks and go away all at once. This said, the presence or absence of ANY symptoms should NOT be relied upon as evidence of your HIV status.
Avatar m tn s ability to fight infections of all sorts. As a result, in its advanced stages, after years of infection, persons with HIV can no longer fight off infection by micro organisms that people with normal immune systems co-exist with on a daily basis and as a result common, every day infections become even more common. These latter sorts of infections include fungal infections, sore throats, and sinusitis.
Avatar m tn ve been suffering dizzy spells, faint feeling every now and then, nightime anxiety, swollen glands and headache. Could this be symptoms of an undiagnosed hiv infection contracted years ago?
Avatar m tn am i infected with HIV ???. I want to do 4th generation HIV test after 30 it sufficient or should i wait 3 months & do the test ????t.
Avatar n tn I have not been tested yet (last test was several years ago and was negative) and am afraid to find out the answer, but assuming I am HIV+, how long would I be symptom-free? Are there any alternatives to HAART? I am scared to death of having to go on regular drug treatment, because of the side effects and the fact that I can't afford it. If I go to get tested, how am I going to face the result if it is positive? I know these questions are moot, but please humor me.
Avatar m tn However, recently I have some symptoms such as watery diarrhea and headache. May I consider them as a sigh of hiv infection and do I need test in the future? I do not have drug and cancel treatment before. Thank you guys, please give me some suggestions.
Avatar m tn The first symptoms of HIV infection, sometimes called acute HIV infection or primary HIV infection, occur about 1 to 4 weeks after the virus was transmitted.
Avatar n tn My question is wether it is possible that my yeast infection is due to HIV infection but just hasnt showed in my blood yet? Is it possible for symptoms to show before antibodies are created in the blood?
1362800 tn?1277747043 please read the is full of posts regarding unprotected oral sex. here are a few quotes from the hiv specialists here at medhelp: There is no debate (among experts) about the HIV risks associated with oral sex. The risk is so low that almost nobody who cares for HIV infected patients has ever had a patient believed to have been infected that way. Among experts, it's a semantic issue about using terms like "no risk" and "very low risk".
Avatar m tn Hi, I posted a question a couple of weeks ago about whether I was at risk of infection from HIV after having protected (fairly sure) oral and vaginal sex with a prostitute. Please forgive me for posting again but I am a nervous wreck at the moment. I appreciate what has been previously answered about not trying to diagnose HIV from symptoms and the fact that my risk of hiv, if I was protected, is minimal. However, I have just noticed that I have a number of small dark marks on my face.
Avatar m tn It could really be a cold. At least it feels quite similar. I just read that an acute hiv-infection has the same symptoms. That's behause I'm afraid.
Avatar n tn Therefore, it really is not a realistic possibility that any symptoms you have are due to HIV, no matter how typical for acute HIV infection they may seem to be. Almost certainly your doctor was just being careful; I doubt he really suspects you were at high risk for either syphilis or HIV. Anyway, your symptoms don't suggest either HIV or syphilis. Neither causes lymph node swelling only in the armpits as the only symptom.
Avatar n tn symptoms when they have recently acquired HIV and are beginning to develop antibodies to infection (this is where the symptoms most often come from). How many people have these sorts of symptoms is not known. Finally, it is clear that the majority of people who acquire HIV do not have symptoms which signal that they were infected. for all of these reasons, we counsel our patients against efforts to use symptoms as indicators of infection.
Avatar m tn Hello Joe, Your risk of HIV infection is low. Your symptons are not really HIV infection because it only has been 3 days. HIV early symptons are fever, dry cough, skin rashes, headaches and swollen limph nodes and they started after few weeks. The major risk of kissing is herpes HSV 1 which is not a deadly virus as HIV 1 and 2. Herpes can cause cold sore in the mouth. Check online for herpes virus type 1 and 2. Take care!
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Avatar m tn 2 weeks after possible HIV infection I had many ARS symptom. I was very stressed after reading about the symptoms. Even though everyone says oral sex with condom with cuts on penis and testicles is no risk. I am now concerned again because now 6 weeks after possible infection I am now getting a few Canker sores in mouth. Questions; 1) can my sores be stress related even though it is a common HIV Symptom.
Avatar f tn Some of your symptoms such as fever and sore throat do overlap with the symptoms of recently acquire HIV infection however these same symptoms are also caused by a number of other far more common problems including both bacterial and viral (non-HIV) sore throats. In fact when symptoms typical of the ARS have been studied, less than 1% are due to HIV. Further, the presence of white patches on your throat is typical of bacterial (strep) throats. I woul urge you not to worry.
Avatar m tn Can you get symptoms after 5 days following HIV expsoure and infection?