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Avatar n tn To my knowledge, there are no HIV-1 strains to which infected persons do not make antibody. You can rely on your negative test result, especially those after 4 weeks. Your symptoms don't sound particularly like primary HIV infection. Having HIV with an undetectable viral load is entirely possible, even in an untreated persons with a moderately low CD4 count of 240. (It would be pretty unusual if her CD4 count were, say, under 100.
Avatar n tn I had two hiv test one rapid oral swab the other advance rapid hiv 1and 2 finger stick one at 6 wks and the other at 12 wks both negative would the test pick up any strains of hiv? The reason is that the female encounter did a lot of overseas travel. It has been 3months and 1/2 and had to go to doctor with a terbile headache sharp pains in the back of head. Is it also likeley that ARS symptoms could be coming on at that lenght of time? also have hot sweats doing the day.
Avatar m tn All strains and subtypes are picked up on antibody tests.
Avatar n tn I understand there are different strains of Hiv and I am asking the question whever all these would show up on an Hiv screening / test taken at a G.U.M. Clinic in the UK. If you had a chance of Hiv after having sex in Thailand and also Europe (Czech Republic) would you need to take more then one test? 1 screening at GUM was taken recently roughly 4/5 years after exposure and was negative. Does this mean diffinatley no HIV?
Avatar m tn HIV EARLY SCREEN Result: HIV P24 ANTIGEN NEGATIVE HIV ANTIBODIES NEGATIVE HIV EARLY SCREEN( They have given below test after the above result) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In infection with the human immunodeficiency deficiency virus, during the transition from the earliest proviral stage to replicative infection, the first antigen to be elaborated and spill over into the plasma from the infected CD4+ cells in mea
Avatar n tn Hello, I have tested negative with the Home Access HIV test outside the window period (4 months). I'm trying to find out if there are any strains of hiv which this test will not detect. I tried calling them but the person I spoke to said she "thinks" it checks for them all. I'm just worried that there are types which this test cannot detect. If anyone can help me I would much apprectiate it.
Avatar m tn hello, i read that there are several strains of hiv. do the rapid tests cover all the different type of strains? thank you.
Avatar f tn Is there any possibility that I have some different type of strain or type of hiv and it's not showing up with the us tests cause I heard about hiv- and hiv-2 so I'm confused. Would pcr and 4th generation pick up anything wherever you gotten it around the world? Very concerned someone educated please answer thank you very much.
Avatar m tn Does anybody think that this is incorrect, and my tests could this pick up ALL strains of HIV? Teak seems to be an expert and I have read that he believes that ELISA tests for all strains of HIV 1, but would it pick up most group O infections or all of them? Dr.'s Hook and Handsfield also suggest that the idea of an undetectable rare strain is a myth with todays testing. Any advice? Do I need another type of test, or are my negative results conclusive?
Avatar f tn A year after that (now three years after the breakup), after hearing that some clinics were recalling Oraquick because it wasn't very reliable, I freaked out and went to get tested at Planned Parenthood, where I got a rapid finger stick Unigold Recombigen test, which was negative.
Avatar m tn For the past 2 months I have been having abdominal pain and I feel like my bowl movement has increased from 1 to 4 times a day, for which gastrologist is telling me I have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)and also I am having rashes for which dermatologist has told me I have excema. Are problems coincidence or HIV symptons. I am really worried about HIV. I have had several HIV tests 8.5 month HIV1 Home access kit antibodies - negative 9.
Avatar f tn How can I detect the rare hiv strains that are causing my symptons. 1) which tests detect such strains 2) can the strains lie dormant and undetectable on tests.
Avatar f tn Our CDD has warned that some of those Africans are HIV infected, and their HIV strains tend to be relatively more complicated than most places on the planet. They come from every country of Africa, which means those reported rare groups of HIV may have been spread here. My exposure is having sex with several CSWs many times in these 2 years. I remember at least 2 times my condom broke wide open during the sex.
Avatar m tn Hi, please don't ban me.... I just want a simple and clear answer about the rare strains HIV that I could have been transmitted. What should I do or whom should I turn to for help?
Avatar m tn 1) Don't these symptoms sound alarming from an HIV perspective, coupled with the drop in those numbers? 2)Will these test cover CRF's that appear under group M? Everyone asks about N and P, but how about that group? 3)Can I absolutely rule this out? 4)What would you do in my shoes? Thank you for you time and valued opinion.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if there are different strains of HSVll. I know that some people have "classic" outbreaks and sores and some people don't, or even know they care it and never have an outbreak. So, are there different strains where one strain is milder than the other?
Avatar f tn The immune response to HPV can be modified by immunosuppressive medications such as prednisone or other steroids, by disease processes which modify the immune system (certain cancers, rheumatologic diseases and infections such as HIV), by certain actions (trying to shave warts may spread them for instance) and finally, again, subtle, not well understood person to person genetic variation which, while acknowledged, is not well described.
Avatar m tn Provided you have been tested at least three months after the incident with either a third or a fourth generation HIV test, these can certainly detect the vast majority of all HIV groups and subtypes within HIV-1 and HIV-2, even the rarest of subtypes. In any case, it is believed by most virologist that all subtypes (even the newest and rarest) can be detected with these tests as they all share similar structural characteristiscs.
Avatar m tn I have read some infomation that some rare HIV strains (O/N/P/ HIV-2) that are hard to be detected by ordinary test are from those African countries. So I turned to the doctor again for this worry, and his answer was just ambiguous. When I came back to Hong Kong, the doctor told me the general tests only detect HIV-1/O/2. And I got tested in HK by ELISA 7 months post exposure, still negative.
Avatar m tn I just have one more question, I will be more straightforward rather than having you assess my situation personally. Does the HIV 1/2 ELISA pick up all strains of HIV? Is there any chance it could miss a strain that has significantly different genetic makeup than a more common strain?
Avatar f tn What is this I hear about type N or O strains producing false negative results? I didnt even know there was such a thing as an N or O strand....? can anyone explain?
Avatar m tn 1. HIV, active TB, Hep B. As far as a I know these are blood transferable (TB is airborn too [i think]) Would genital warts disqualify me from the process?
Avatar n tn The HIV-2 Virus is pretty much limited to Western Africa. I don't think you ought to worry about that at all.
Avatar n tn hi there i just tested negative for antibody and antigen at six weeks post possible exposure...i was just wondering if the combined test is reliable for picking up all strains of HIV, even the rarer ones?? (ive just returned from african travel...symptoms still wont go away!