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Avatar m tn All strains and subtypes are picked up on antibody tests.
Avatar n tn I understand there are different strains of Hiv and I am asking the question whever all these would show up on an Hiv screening / test taken at a G.U.M. Clinic in the UK. If you had a chance of Hiv after having sex in Thailand and also Europe (Czech Republic) would you need to take more then one test? 1 screening at GUM was taken recently roughly 4/5 years after exposure and was negative. Does this mean diffinatley no HIV?
Avatar m tn Does anybody think that this is incorrect, and my tests could this pick up ALL strains of HIV? Teak seems to be an expert and I have read that he believes that ELISA tests for all strains of HIV 1, but would it pick up most group O infections or all of them? Dr.'s Hook and Handsfield also suggest that the idea of an undetectable rare strain is a myth with todays testing. Any advice? Do I need another type of test, or are my negative results conclusive?
Avatar n tn ) Am I 100% HIV negative for all HIV strains including all rare undetectable strains of both HIV 1 and 2 on a possible exposure to all the strains from many people of diff. nationality for 1 day only after testing negative for HIV ag/ab more than 3 months?? 5. )  Do I need more testing for HIV, Hepa C and Hepa B? 6. ) Will my HIV ag/ab after more than 3 months will miss any HIV strains? 7.
Avatar f tn Hello Everyone, I have some questions about recombinant hiv and detection. from my knowledge recombinant hiv arises from people with different hiv strains infecting each other giving rise to the recombinant form. So my question is can recombinant form of hiv be detected using the current approved 3rd and 4th gen tests. (i.e. rapid abbott determine or oraquick?) Thank You.
Avatar m tn I never said there are no strains of HIV. All I want to say is the mode of transmission/infection for all those strains is the same.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have tested negative with the Home Access HIV test outside the window period (4 months). I'm trying to find out if there are any strains of hiv which this test will not detect. I tried calling them but the person I spoke to said she "thinks" it checks for them all. I'm just worried that there are types which this test cannot detect. If anyone can help me I would much apprectiate it.
Avatar m tn 1.any diffrent in hiv antibady in all group or strains in hiv1 or all group or strains in hiv1 is same antibady in elisa test 2. can elisa test detect all hiv1 and 2 3. can 4. can antibdies late in1 year ??
Avatar m tn Please help as now I'm panicking terribly..... Years ago I had a risky encounter.... Had the HIV Duo test recently - showed negative..... But I'm panicking because apparently there are some rare strains of HIV. I'm terrified that the test won't have picked up a rare strain of HIV. Please help me as this is terrifying me beyond belief........
Avatar f tn Was negative. However just reading that there are different types and strains of HIV. Now concerned my test did not test for all possible strains. I have no idea what type of test was taken, only that my blood was taken from my arm and sent off. Really worried about the possibility I was not tested for all strains. Please advise. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Had various tests in usa after 2 years - hiv EIA 1/2, hiv icma 1/0/2, HIv duo test, hiv 2 specific EIA, hiv western blot, hiv 2 immunoblot, HIV 1 rna pcr qualitative, hiv 1 rna viral load, hiv 2 dna/rna pcr, oraquick advance 1/2 . All tests negative after 2 years of exposure. 1) I developed red, flat rash on face, upper body few weeks after expsoure. Exposure is multiple times, unprotected same person.
Avatar m tn does anyone know how these new strains were detected and would modern HIV testing detect possible new strains by a cross reaction/common connection? i have had several routine test within the last 12mths all been negative, is it safe to say that i can rule out being infected with a new strain?
Avatar n tn I was really reliefed until a friend who studies medecine told me that there are some strains of hiv that can not be picked up by the duo test, and that this strais were most common in africa. I am in panic now since the csw was african black and she obviously doesent care about her health since she agreed to have unprotected sex. I want toknow the following things. 1. Does the roche combi test detect all stains of hiv? including those rare strains from africa? 2.
Avatar m tn Provided you have been tested at least three months after the incident with either a third or a fourth generation HIV test, these can certainly detect the vast majority of all HIV groups and subtypes within HIV-1 and HIV-2, even the rarest of subtypes. In any case, it is believed by most virologist that all subtypes (even the newest and rarest) can be detected with these tests as they all share similar structural characteristiscs.
Avatar m tn You do not have an HIV concern. You have tested conclusively negative.
Avatar m tn The body will produce the same kind of antibodies for all strains. Hiv strains are identified after you test positive. So please accept your negative result and move on with your life.
15848845 tn?1443459936 2) can ID NAT ( viral screening for Rna/dna for hiv 1/2 detects all subtypes /strains ( even some rare crfs groups strains !? At 124 day or 17.9 week ? 3) What is diff between Nat or Id NAT ? 3) I had several duo test eclia and ELFA method at 4 12 13 14.5 17.5weeks ? 4) if no antibodies then antigens or viral rna DNa should detect ? Can all be rumours or some strain missed out All were not detected! Only thing which made me worse was symptoms due to hiv or rain ?
Avatar f tn I recently just got tested a clinic down where I live and they checked me with I think 4th generation hiv test and also a pcr test I don't know if it was RNA or DNA and were negative. My risk was months ago it might sound wierd but I'm still worried cause the guy I had a risk with was from Germany and he slept with people there. I'm all the way in NYC.
Avatar m tn Vance, I definitely understand what your saying about there being "100 different things not related to HIV" that can be the cause. The problem is that when one looks up these symptoms they all, in combimation, point towards HIV and not 100 different things... I know that there are reasons why questions of "other strains" are quickly dismissed, can you enlighten me and many others as to why? And any idea as to any other virus, std that have these same characteristics?
Avatar m tn I think you are missing a point. HIV will not escape the immune response to produce antibody. If you had HIV, you will produce Antibody...PERIOD!!! There are many different strains of HIV, the test are manufactured to pick up "antibodies". It is a sensitive process. There are 2 types of antibodies we produce to HIV. Read about antibodies and how they work in our immune system, this may help, your body will not ignore the virus if it enters the body.
Avatar m tn However only my 86 day test was an HIV 1/2 test and the 98 day test tested only for HIV-1. It is possible that I was infected with HIV N strain or O strain and would these tests have caught it?
Avatar f tn Our CDD has warned that some of those Africans are HIV infected, and their HIV strains tend to be relatively more complicated than most places on the planet. They come from every country of Africa, which means those reported rare groups of HIV may have been spread here. My exposure is having sex with several CSWs many times in these 2 years. I remember at least 2 times my condom broke wide open during the sex.
Avatar m tn If you took a rapid test at least 3 months after that episode then you are HIV negative. Rare strains/HIV-2 are not an issue unless you live in certain parts of Africa, and the tests will pick them up anyway.
Avatar m tn Not even HIV2, do you recommend me to go to HIV 2 PCR test or a western blot to make sure it is not hiv causing my symptoms and start looking for another reason?
Avatar f tn an antibody test will detect ALL strain/groups of hiv. you are conclusively 100% hiv negative. Move on. Start woohoooing and stop worrying. and ps. NOTHING you did put you at risk for hiv. you never needed to test to begin with.
Avatar n tn Would a fourth gen test detect the vast majority of HIV strains? Inc HIV 2 strains?. Every test that has been done has been a NHS 4th gen test and sent to a lab for analysis. Thanks for a response.