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Avatar m tn I never said there are no strains of HIV. All I want to say is the mode of transmission/infection for all those strains is the same.
Avatar n tn teak/mikey - I was wondering what your thoughts are on incidence rates of infection. Now I know the virus does not discriminate and anyone can get it but was wondering what the prevalence of it is in the various groups. I guess you can categorize by MSM, IDU, hetero, endemic (any others?) - this is not to say that the infection cant cross into other categories. Say if you live in Chicago - roughly 2.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know the transmission rates for Hep B? I am unsure if I was ever vaccinated, but what are the chances that a one time unprotected encounter (vaginal sex) could bring Hep B? It has been 6 months since a possible exposure and have had no symptoms. I tested for all STDS (including HIV) at 3 and 6 mo and all were negative? If the female was vaccinated for Hep B, can still be a carrier if she was exposed before me? Stupid question, just asking.
Avatar n tn As you realize, in the US the rates of HIV (and most other STDs) are several times higher in African Americans than in whites or Asian Americans; Latinos and Native Americans have rates between those extremes. The rates of HIV are somewhat higher in AA women than men, but that's a relatively minor difference, and part of that is just that women tend to be diagnosed sooner.
Avatar m tn You don't guess about HIV. Use protection correctly and consistently and you won't have an HIV concern. It's that simple.
Avatar n tn s blood tested for HIV negative (4th Gen CMIA). I got myself tested at 4 weeks (0.10), 8weeks (0.20) 12 weeks (0.13), 18 weeks (0.28) . All results negative. The cutt off rates varied and seemed to increase. My question is do I need to get tested after 6 months ? Can I rely of 4th Gen HIV 1 & 2 Combo CMIA lab based tests? and are they reliable at 4.5 months ? How come the cut off rates incresased with time ?
Avatar m tn 1 million people in the US are HIV+. That is .04% of the population. The odds of your partner having HIV is extremely low. Second, female to male HIV transmission via vaginal sex is highly unusual. Based on this facts, HIV is extremely rare in the heterosexual community. The published odds of a healthy male with no preexisting STDs acquiring HIV from a one-time, unprotected vaginal encounter with a female partner of unknown status is 1 in a 1,000,000.
Avatar m tn The other aspect of higher rates of HIV in heterosexual African Americans is related to high rates of incarceration, in turn from opportunistic sex with other men (among men who otherwise only are heterosexual) and from injection drug use -- which is rampant in some prisons. Paragraph 2 is exactly right. When the HIV expert forum was active, one of docs (Hansfield I think) had a couple of great comments about why heterosexual HIV was so much more common in AAs than whites.
Avatar n tn Clearly, I have become anxiety ridden because I read that the rates among African Americans and HIV are high and I would like to know If you think I have really put myself in jeopardy. Do you think I have a greater risk of having HIV from this relationship? I did ask him about his HIV status, and since we have broken up, we maintain contact and I asked him again and he told me he loves himself and would not play with his life.
Avatar f tn i dont think it has anything to do with democracy, we have democracy here as well, lol, OMG. the hiv rates and aids rates here are the highest in the world, to protect the future and the children we do this so that kids can be born hiv free. I cant believe u dont see the sense in making this compulsory?
Avatar n tn Last evening on the news three individual cases were reported on WRT HIV transmission without notifying their partners and the legal implications of doing so. I am certain this happens a great deal, but, what stood out here was the transmission rates in all 3 cases. What I found to be a discrepancy in the CDC posted rates was one guy who had sex with 15 women and 5 have contracted HIV from him, the other was 11 sex partners and 7 were infected.
Avatar m tn I know that condoms have high success rates when used correctly, as far as HIV is concerned. As for STDs, it reduces the risk except for those like Syphilis and HPV which can infect via skin-to-skin. Condoms are being distributed in our community. Some groups however, opposses this and tells that that hiv is smaller than the pores of condoms making it easily pass through. Quite scary. I read some articles about HIV needing a host in order to infect.
Avatar m tn To elaborate, although STD rates may be slightly higher among AA CSWs than the general population, HIV is still rare. Thus it is unlikely that your partner had HIV. If she did, condom protected safe sex is virtually no risk. This is true even is some of your partner's genital secretions got on your skin because the condom slipped partially down. Finally, your test at six weeks, in this situation, further proves that you did not get HIV from the encounter you describe.
Avatar f tn The large majority of new HIV infections in the US continue to occur in men who have sex with men, because anal sex carries far higher risk of HIV transmission than vaginal intercourse. Second, combinations of factors like low rates of male circumcision, higher rates of other STDs especially HSV-2, a higher proportion of infected people with high viral loads, and certain sexual behavior patterns (high rates of "concurrency", i.e.
Avatar m tn Further, even though it probably is true that Brazilian sex workers have relatively high rates of HIV and other STDs, it remains true that the vast majority are not infected -- certainly under 1% (1 in 100) on average. So you do not need testing for HIV, syphilis, or any other STD on account of this event, and you can safely continue unprotected sex with your wife. That's what I would do if I were in your situation. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Yes the rates of HIV are high there but you had no risk and you can move on.
Avatar n tn Nobody here can help what a clinic in Albuquerque thinks of heterosexual HIV infection rates, but I can tell you that the data suggest otherwise! HIV infection rates are rising across the board, and are hitting disproportionately those demographics who used to think they didn't have a risk! While gay males currently compose a disproportionate share of HIV cases, that tables can and are quickly turning. You should never think that probability alone can prevent transmission.
Avatar m tn Hey guys. I was wondering what you all thought about the chances of getting different types of STDs or the rates of infection for both performing fellatio and receiving..both unprotected. I have been on the HIV forum and they were very helpful as this act has little or incalculable rates of infection for HIV but I am concerned about other STD's as I have done this in the past with sex workers. Thanks for any help you can give.
Avatar n tn I don't know much about this, but found this: You need to follow up with a doctor about this promptly. I don't know about false positive rates, etc., but seeing your doctor will help. If you want to spend $15, you can post it in the doctor's forum. Just click on the STD link in the related expert forum on the right side of this page. From what I understand, its not fatal.