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Avatar m tn I keep reading about and having health experts say that the chances of contracting HIV through a "one time" encounter of heterosexual acts is extremely low for contractin HIV. i.e. vaginal intercourse and oral. Can someone tell me to verify something like 1 out of 1000 chances of contracting HIV if your a man living in North America.... Also, the chances of contracting from oral is like next to nothing. Can somoene please verify this or provide some accurate data? Thank you.
Avatar m tn You don't guess about HIV, HIV is not a guessing game.
Avatar m tn What are the transmission rates of HIV thru oral sex when one partner is believed to be HIV positive. I recently took a HIV test and have not received my results but I did have Flu like symptoms a few months ago and a frequent partner has informed me he is HIV positive. I am hoping the test results are negative but based on what I am reading online I believe the results may be positive. I am very concerned about spreading the virus. I am freaking out please advise.
Avatar m tn I never said there are no strains of HIV. All I want to say is the mode of transmission/infection for all those strains is the same.
Avatar n tn Overall risk is very low. Chlamydia being the rarest. HIV not happening. Syphilis, only if sore is present. HSV, risk is very low if no blisters present. Gonorrhea...most common other than NGU. NGU is thought to be caused by chlamydia but it seems that usually it's just a case of the bacteria of the mouth not agreeing with the genital tract of the male.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know the transmission rates for Hep B? I am unsure if I was ever vaccinated, but what are the chances that a one time unprotected encounter (vaginal sex) could bring Hep B? It has been 6 months since a possible exposure and have had no symptoms. I tested for all STDS (including HIV) at 3 and 6 mo and all were negative? If the female was vaccinated for Hep B, can still be a carrier if she was exposed before me? Stupid question, just asking.
Avatar n tn teak/mikey - I was wondering what your thoughts are on incidence rates of infection. Now I know the virus does not discriminate and anyone can get it but was wondering what the prevalence of it is in the various groups. I guess you can categorize by MSM, IDU, hetero, endemic (any others?) - this is not to say that the infection cant cross into other categories. Say if you live in Chicago - roughly 2.
Avatar n tn Fact (1) Unprotected sex, Fact (2) HSV2 positive partner, Fact (3) HSV can be transmitted with or without symptoms, Fact (4) You can have HSV without symptoms A person can contract HIV/aids in 2 minutes - so what exactly are they trying to say? I think we should beware of persons on this site who are too quick to provide "reassurance" - which we are all looking for. Wait your 3 months and do your blood tests, and don't engage yourself sexually (unprotected) during this time.
Avatar m tn Hi, I heard that the approximate rate of transmission for unprotected vaginal sex from a HIV positive woman to a HIV negative man is 1 in 1000 So based on this, would that mean that the man would have to have unprotected vaginal sex with the woman for more than 2.5 years every day in order to catch the virus. This doesnt make sense. Could I please verify if this is true.
Avatar n tn what is the probability of a male contracting HIV from a female partner of unknown status what is the probability of a male contracting HIV from a female of HIV+ status?
Avatar f tn How much cured rates? if genotype treament24 weeks with sofosbuvir plus RBV.
Avatar m tn pdf - published in 2009 but presented in Amsterdam in 2005 - the transmission rate of HSV-2 from a woman to a man (without a condom) in the absence of HIV is 0.0067, or 0.67% if I read it correctly (with 100% probability being represented as 1). In my view this calls into question the commonly cited Valtrex study. Their numbers were 5% of couples transmitting in a year while receiving placebo, having sex about 2.3 times a week, without using condoms - this works out to about 0.04% per act.
Avatar n tn While most of the questioners (including myself) are people who are overly nervous, I’m sure your advice spreads to millions via the internet who become educated over the risks of HIV and is a valuable tool in public health. I found out that a man whom I had unprotected anal sex with tested positive for HIV last week. We had the sex two years ago when I was his first same-sex experience, and it is doubtful that he was infected at the time but I cannot know for sure.
Avatar n tn Sir I’m a 26yo hetero male from the UK who started a relationship with a girl a few months ago. I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardise our relationship or her health, so got an STD & HIV test – all negative. I’ve had some sporadic anxious spells over HIV in the past, perhaps triggered by certain experiences including one of my friends becoming HIV+.
Avatar f tn ive been taking ciprofloxacine as the doctors prescibe. Whats killing me now is the thought of infected with hiv.. i cant sleep. Cant eat. Depress most the time.. anxiety and guild consuming me alive.. Can anyone please tell me my situation. Its my very first time with a sex worker. What are my chances in geting infected? Thank you..
Avatar m tn Lichtenstein, Section Editor Article Outline • Comment • Copyright Neal KR, Ramsay S, Thomson BJ, et al. (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom). Excess mortality rates in a cohort of patients infected with the hepatitis C virus: a prospective study. Gut 2007;56:1098–1104. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection remains one of the major health care challenges worldwide. In the United States, it is considered the most common chronic blood-borne infection, affecting up to 4 million Americans.
Avatar f tn Different areas have different HIV rates and a lot of other factors come into play when your trying to find out what kind of risk you had. Why we qualify a risk as a risk.
Avatar m tn 1 million people in the US are HIV+. That is .04% of the population. The odds of your partner having HIV is extremely low. Second, female to male HIV transmission via vaginal sex is highly unusual. Based on this facts, HIV is extremely rare in the heterosexual community. The published odds of a healthy male with no preexisting STDs acquiring HIV from a one-time, unprotected vaginal encounter with a female partner of unknown status is 1 in a 1,000,000.
Avatar n tn Some headaches, weird body aches, back aches, kidney's operating in overdrive (they periodically hurt), one to one and half weeks of really bad fatigue (the second week of January) etc. Tested at 4 weeks (STDS/Hep/HIV), and at almost 6 weeks for Hep panel and HIV. Urine tested 2x. Clear thus far, but nausea not stopping. Today I went in a for some type of mini physical recommended by My Dr.
Avatar m tn I am not able to sleep at nights and very much worried. Always, HIV is roaming in mind. Sometimes, my blood pressure and my heart beat rates are getting very high. I am always afraid that due to me someone else will get HIV. Though, I have not done test till now, as it is not even month over after my act. Can anyone please guide me, what should I do now?
Avatar m tn I didn't even know I had it, or when I contracted it, since I have been frequently tested for HIV (-) but not HSV. Anyway, I would like to know if there are any stats on the transmission risks amongst gay sexual activity from an infected partner to an uninfected partner, assuming no visible outbreaks and no condoms. In this case, we engaged in some oral and anal, both unprotected (less than 10 acts, total).
Avatar m tn Transmission via the vagina and rectum appears to be far greater than that via the mouth/throat. The lower transmission rates of HIV via the oral route are leading many individuals to the false conclusion that oral sex is safe from the risk of HIV infection. Epidemiological data support the premise that, whereas HIV transmission via saliva is low or non-existent, oral infection with HIV in semen appears to be possible. Animal studies confirm that HIV can be transmitted via the oral tissues.
Avatar m tn 04pm EDTLONDON (Reuters) - Scientists studying swingers -- straight couples who regularly swap sexual partners and indulge in group sex at organized meeting -- say they have higher rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) than prostitutes. Health | Lifestyle Dutch researchers publishing their work in the British Medical Journal showed that older swingers -- those over the age of 45 -- are particularly vulnerable and yet are a group largely ignored by healthcare services.
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar f tn In a person with ONLY HSV 2 orally, who is HIV negative, shedding occurs on about 1% of days in a year. That's about 3 days. If the infection is only oral, then it isn't shed from the genital area. It is not likely to be transmitted through kissing because of the lack of oral shedding. So how do you know you have oral HSV 2? Did you get an oral outbreak that was swab test positive for HSV 2?
Avatar f tn Millions of cases of an infection for which there is no vaccine, no effective treatment, and where case management is so expensive that it is beyond the reach of most patients," said Dr. Laith J. Abu-Raddad, co-author of the study and assistant professor of public health at the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Group at the Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar." Alarming.