Hiv rash without fever

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Avatar m tn Could the rash come without the fever? Ive been testing my temp and it is not going above 98.6 so I know that I dont have a fever. I also dont have any other symptoms. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn It's not HIV you were never at risk.
Avatar f tn This is a hiv rash? Does hiv rash show up without other symptoms? Thank you. I hope answer my question. Because when i think that it is a symptoms for hiv my body become itchy and irritating and when i scratched it they become red then disappear but there a some remain small dots. I have no fever and no other symptoms. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I am also getting a sore throat and headache with the rash on my hand and diahrrea. Is ars common without fever?
1180329 tn?1265430988 Hello, From the symptoms the rash looks like typhoid fever and not HIV because skin rashes in ARS do not present so early. But to confirm the diagnosis investigations are needed. Many people do not develop symptoms after they first get infected with HIV. Others have a flu-like illness within several days to weeks after exposure to the virus. confirmation is only done by specific tests for HIV like western blot,PCR and ELISA.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have hiv when i have sore throat (tonsillitis) and rash without fever?
Avatar f tn Can hiv primary symptom only have rash without fever
2060683 tn?1330770657 1. HIV has not specific symptoms 2. ARS never lasts 10 weeks. if one has ARS symptoms last 1-2 weeks 3. Lympadenopthy doesn't happen during ARS.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the quick reply. So the active and passive oral WITHOUT a condom but also WITHOUT ejaculation dont put me at risk? I know I probably overreacted but yeah, it's probably understandable.
Avatar f tn I asked the girl about her status she said she dont have hiv but i dont know maybe she caught it and didnt check , Another thing that i had my teeth bleeding while i was kissing her too much I think my status is that i was at high risk if considering she had the virus So iam just asking to not be obssesed untill i test , rash without fever and other symptoms can be an hiv ?
Avatar m tn Thanks again, whereas my fever was quite severe and thats why I had this concern raised and my body still got a bit of rash here and there. It is obviously that I will re-test again after 12 weeks to ensure the result can exclude hiv anyways. It is a relief to have the statement you quoted by doctors also the comments from everyone here for me to believe I am fine and it is just coincidence to have the "symptoms" happened to me.
Avatar m tn varies person to person ars can not be diagnosed by symptoms. 70% will experience high fever, sore throat, and rash the rash in ARS look like?is localized or generalized? either everyone reacts differently 3.Is ARS possible after 10 weeks of exposure?as i know the ARS normally occur within 3-6 weeks post exposure - not likely 3 - 6 week like you stated the only reliable way to rule out hiv is to test. 6 - 8 weeks 90% will test positive.
Avatar m tn There is nothing called HIV Rash , Google will always give wrong image. As per the study , RASH will come with high fever , yes you need to be hospitalized. Main part is , you don't have risk to worry about HIV. If you still worrying , get one 4th gen test now and see your negative result. DON'T Go to Dr GOOGLE.
Avatar m tn I started to have headache about 10 days from a possible hiv virus, but I had not fever max fever was 37.1 last night and right now my fever is 36.8 . Still now I had not diarrhea swollen lymph nodes rash fever ,thrush or lost of appetite.My weight was 64 kg and about 6 days from a possible HIV virus was 62 kg,today I check my weight again and I gainned 1 kg , so my weight is now 63 kg.
Avatar m tn fever and rash is NOT involved*****
Avatar n tn The odds are overwhelming that your fever 10 days later are due to something other than HIV. Among other things, fever due to a new HIV infection lasts at least 1-2 weeks, and acetaminophen (Panadol and other brands) wouldn't have any effect on it. It is not possible for fever due to a new HIV infection to last only a day. And lymph node inflammation due to HIV doesn't cause armpit pain. So no worries about HIV. Of course, if you remain concerned, you are free to be tested.
Avatar m tn HIV rash doesn't look or behave like you describe. For sure it's something else. The rash of ARS never occurs alone, only with fever and other symptoms of ARS; doesn't blister, crust, or ooze; and generally is just painless, non-itchy red bumps. And anyway, HIV test results always overrule symptoms. But no matter what your rash looks like, your negative Oraquick test proves HIV isn't the cause.
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Avatar m tn Please doctor please answer my question after analyzing what i have written, why did the rash occured and does HIV Rash itch or it is Non Itchy, does HIV rashes go away in less than 2 days time without treatment. and i had sore throat for 4 days gone without treatment after 3 months later the first symptoms.. please please answer my question, i will be very thankful to you and God bless.
Avatar n tn I realize that what I have could well be due to other factors such as fatigue and stress (have been under personal/family stress recently a great deal), maybe even a some other hormonal thing, but I am still extremely worried - I guess its just seeing HIV somehow associated with rash, fatigue etc. kind of freaked me out. Is the rash I mentioned the type one might see with ARS symptoms?
Avatar m tn Thank you,I'm not anxious and I had no fever in past 3 weeks.I consulted before that my behavior without risk.thank you again.
Avatar f tn Fever subsided, but started seeing rash on the palms. I am still worried please help.
Avatar n tn Everything was ok. My fever got very high, around 103-104 and this lasted from the 16th - 25th. My rash would also come and go. The doctors were not sure what was causing my fever, so they said it was a fever of unknown origin. They also told me on 2 separate occasions that I don't have HIV. I don't trust them though. My symptoms seem like HIV. I also have 2 slightly swollen lymph nodes in my neck and some minor body aches.