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Avatar f tn 5-6 days is not even the time frame for ARS. You can't use symptoms to give an indication for HIV.
Avatar m tn 4th geneation HIV assays check for HIV antibdies and HIV P24 antigen, but not viral DNA, as viral DNA is checked by PCR test.
Avatar m tn Ok, thanks Teak. Is this burning rash on my stomach that is hard to see consistent with ARS rash? Also, how conclusive are my test results at day 40? My GP said it's conclusive and I don't need additional testing, but my symptoms have changed since I saw him, and I keep reading anything prior to 3 mos is not conclusive. I am going to call him in the morning, but looking for some comfort tonight. Btw, the fungal looking infection on the head of my penis is sill somewhat visible.
Avatar n tn I did not ask her if she had any STD’s/HIV but since then I have had some symptoms that worry me so I went and got HIV tested. I am currently waiting for the results of the HIV test but of course I am sitting here all stressed out on what the results will be! Here are my timeline of symptoms - 7 Weeks after encounter I developed severe abdominal pain and severe diarrhea. Not sure if I had a fever or not but had some mild sweating. Also burning/stinging while urinating.
1289692 tn?1273147831 ve developed an extremely severe sore throat and a rash all over my abdomen at about week 5. The rash is red and blotchy and comes and goes. It extends down my arms. Here is a link to the rash: The rash does not stay, it comes and goes and moves around. It tends to come more when I'm hot. I've also felt quite warm lately despite having no fever. I'm very worried as I've also been suffering EXTREME night sweats.
Avatar n tn If i have definatly been exposed to the HIV virus and i am experiencing all the symptoms of acute HIV syndrome exactly and according to the timeline most doctors there any chance i still wont end up having HIV for the rest of my life?? i have never tested positive but i was exposed to the virus about 2 months ago. i am also infected with herpes and had a open sore at the time of contact. after 16 hours i was put on PEPs. my symptoms include.....
Avatar n tn a female csw sat on me nude, on my penis, no penetration, i am male, and also gave me unprotected oral sex, a week or so after developed a rash on my testicles.. 5 weeks after that low fever very sore throat, night sweats, feels like i am always foggy minded, went on penicillin didnt work switched toa broad spectrum antibiotic and seemed to work for the sore throat( lots of white on tonsils) did get tested for all stds at about 4 weeks everything neg..
Avatar m tn Your symptoms did not occur at the same time as is typical of HIV, your rash sounds nothing like an HIV rash, 6 weeks is late for ARS to begin, an you id not report the widespread severe muscle and joint aches which we see with ARS. 3) What do you mean by it is "uncharacteristic of ARS" to start at 6 weeks? Can ARS start at 6 weeks (fever starting at 6 weeks) or is it too late? When does it start mostly? latest time for onset you;ve seen? See above.
Avatar f tn Man i sure hope your right because anytime now that i try to be happy a little thing goes off inside my head and says "you know you may have hiv and are gonna die"...then my day is shot and im back depressed! ..
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Avatar n tn Since then I have had a horribly sore throat for about a month until last week when I went in and they gave me amoxicilin. I also had a rash for 2 days on the back of my knees, I had just gotten back from vacation and figured it was from all the sunscreen and lotion i put on. Starting last week I starting noticing that i was having pretty bad nausea alot, don't really remember having that before. I got tested last wed.
Avatar m tn #1. does this sound like ARS? #2. Do I need to worry HIV from this incident? #3. When to test if yes?
Avatar m tn Doctor, a couple of fine tuned questions: First, I honestly want to walk away from this knowing that I don't need further HIV testing. That is why I brought up the 11 week possible symptoms. If the onset of symptoms can exist at 10 to 11 weeks? I guess that is what I was asking. Now, I see that you wrote "You can expect negative results on all tests", and I am not trying to misjudge anything you say, but the preceding comments did, to be honest, have me a slight bit worried.
Avatar n tn I tested negative at about three weeks and a half, I know that's not conclusive. I was thinking though; if I had unprotected sex with a streetwalker (but I only penetrated for 10 seconds), I am uncircumcised, and she gave me chlamydia, is that high risk? (See my other post) (
Avatar n tn I recently (5days ago) had unprotected sex with someone and found out they have genital herpes. I have had vaginal itching in different areas for 2 days followed by frequent and urgent but not painful urination (have problems with UTIs and this is different). I haven't gotten any bumps or rash or redding of the skin yet, but I imagine they are coming. What is the timeline on developing lesions from the initial itching stage?
Avatar m tn It was my first sex ever and he said he was not infected but he had some experiences with man.In this timeline i didnt have many problems 2 times temperature with 2-3 days limit the max temperature i had was 37.5 °C (99.5 F) but it mostly was near 37-37.2°C(98.6F-98.96F) the last temperature was like 1 weeks ago and at that time i had a little sorethroat.In these timeline i never had night sweats nor muscle joint pain,nor genital warts or blisters.
Avatar n tn Doctor suggested to wait a week and if it does not improve we will do another blood report and hiv test. Hiv test did not sink in properly until a couple of days. I had not even thought in this direction and doctor had not even done any risk assessment. I started reading about it. And yes to my surprise almost all the symptoms of ARS matched except fever.
Avatar m tn Timeline story: On April 23 I had unprotected sex with a random girl in the neighborhood "I know stupid". May 6 someone told me she had sex with someone who recently came from prison. May 10 I go to the Er feeling tingling feelings in my legs and shortness of breath. The doctor said I was having a panic attack/anxiety so he prescribed me ativan/lorazepam. May 11(day 18) I go take my first ever hiv rapidtest The results came back negative.
Avatar n tn Hello, I would like to know what people think of the possibility that the following is related to HIV: About a year ago, I had a few protected, receptive anal sex sessions with transsexual sex workers in Amsterdam. None ever ejaculated, though one did use spit as a lubricant. Around 6-9 months ago, I had between 5 and 10 encounters with men that included giving oral sex, though none ever ejaculated in my mouth.
Avatar f tn I know you would say my exposure was no risk from reading other posts, and I was willing to let it go, but now that I've developed a rash just over 2 1/2 weeks post possible exposure I'm really losing it! My possible exposure was about 2 1/2 weeks ago when I was out in front of my house and a guy introduced himself to me and shook my hand. Afterwards I checked my hand for any cuts and sure enough on the back of my hand where the guy's thumb pressed, I have three small cuts.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have legit info. or websites that deal with the timeline of the HIV/AIDS onset to diagnosis? I have seen that seems a legit source. They state that 3 weeks (or 21 days) is the "average" time for seroconversion. Are there other websites that would refute this? Understanding that not all persons infected with HIV would undergo ARS, if those that do, do indeed go through ARS and have symptoms, what is that timeline?
Avatar f tn I am a female who has had unprotected vaginal/ oral sex over a two week period with a male whose HIV status is unknown to me. About 3 weeks after our first sexual encounter I become sick with a running nose, productive cough, swollen neck glands, and general weakness that lasted about 4 days. At 8 weeks after the first encounter, 5 weeks after the last encounter I received a HIV test which was negative from my general practioner.
Avatar n tn thank teak but what ever i read on wikipidia happened to me. the rash at week 3 and 4 the gastric problems on week 6 the wieght loss ( they said 10% of body wieght i only lost around 4 - 5 %) the time line rthey put for ARS all happened to me.
Avatar m tn You may want to go to the HIV forum to have your HIV questions answered. 3 months is the timeline for unprotected intercourse for a HIV test.