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Avatar m tn i am a male and i had unprotected intercourse with a unknown female for about 1-2 minutes unprotected. i put a condem on after i thought of the risk. but i had a std check at 1 month including a hiv test and everything was negative. at about 11 weeks i had severe diarrhea, muscle pain, loss of weight(8-10 lbs , could possibly have to do with worrying about hiv), and a rash on my face and shoulders for about a day. i had a hiv test at the end of 12 weeks and it was negative.
Avatar m tn Sorry, we do not view pictures on this site. If you have a rash you should see your doctor or a dermatologist so they can tell you what it might be and offer treatment if needed.
Avatar f tn I have had an itchy, sore rash under both arms for a couple of weeks. I tried cortisone and switched deodorant to no effect. Please view the pictures and tell me what you think.
7750527 tn?1397990512 Unfortunatly you cant do it through the app, you have to do it on a desk top through your account, unless another mommie has figured out how.
Avatar m tn anywy hope to get ur result as soon as possible..and also what is the probability of havin me a hiv?????????
Avatar m tn Hi, Thank you for your questions. An HIV test is looking for HIV antibodies (your body’s response to having a virus). In order for a test to be accurate, you need to give your body enough time to make enough antibodies to show up on a test. In the general population (over 99%), it takes up to 6 weeks to produce a detectable amount of antibodies (for some people, it takes even less time).
Avatar f tn And also yes i have been trying antifungal cream miconazole nitrate 2 percent cream on penis and thigh rash not working tho the doc prescribed cromitazole but didnt work either so i switched to the miconazole
Avatar m tn i did let my friend who is hiv+ for 5 years see the pictures,and he is a hiv cousellor at the centre as well,he said it's look like allegic,not the ars rash present on baby,he see it with few baby before i really hope that what DR.HOOK said is right due to my 3 neg result.i will take the baby to see DR 2day.
Avatar n tn did you have a risk you'd like to ask about?
Avatar m tn I shaved the area afterwards to get a better view of the irritated skin. It seems the bumps are all surrounding hair follicles. It's not extremely painful, just itchy. I don't seem to have irritation anywhere else. I had unprotected sex with a childhood friend, someone I don't know very well, the night before last night. This was our first time doing so, and I was mostly the "top.
Avatar m tn //, I have been able to take some closeup clear pictures since then and would like you to take another look if you would be so kind. I have left the original photos up as well as adding four new ones. I am awaiting a visit with a Dermatologist but the time between now and then is still a big stretch (public heath care has it's great points and it's bad points).
Avatar m tn Sounds to me like you're irrationally fearful of HIV, if you've googled lots of pictures and info about HIV. UNLESS you've had unprotected vaginal or anal sex, OR shared IV drugs, or drug works, then you could not have HIV.
Avatar f tn does anyone know how the hiv rash looks like? is it a distinct type of rash where it is easily identified? do they look like hives?
Avatar m tn Doctor HHH, Just about two months ago I had a protected encounter with a friend. A week after I developed a rash on my penis and went to the doctor 2-3 days after I noticed the rash. He told me he did not think it was any form of herpes but rather an abrasion due to excessive rubbing. He said it was most likely due to being in wet clothing for the entire weekend. I kept the area dry and it healed within a weeks time.
Avatar n tn They do not itch at all, Does this sound like it could be an HIV rash, can someone send me a link to some rash pictures, as google images seems to be all over the board.
Avatar m tn Yes but I got the exact HIV rash on my palms exactly how it looks in the pictures! Red non painful flat I took a test and am awaiting the results.
Avatar m tn She was certainly checked for HIV at the time she had her daughter- that is a routine part of prenatal care at the present time. The odds of her being infected are no greater than 5% and probably closer to 1%. Your risk from unprotected sex, IF she ha HIV is about 1 infection per 100 exposures. Thus putting these numbers together, even before testing, your risk of HIV was mathematically no greater than 1 in 2000 and probably far lower.
Avatar m tn I kissed a lady that is hiv positive and had a ulcer and a small cut in my mouth.on a different day me and the same lady got intimate and i fingered her i had a open cut on the palm of my hand the cut was a hour old and still had some watery fluid inside.
Avatar n tn t go away and usually starts when I speak and when I am about to sleep, and also for the first time in my life I developed a severe rash on my chest which looked exactly like HIV rash in the pictures I saw. I have never seen that rash on me before so now my anxiety has quadrupled and I am so scared once again. Do you think considering my risk of exposure and all the symptoms I had before (like OHL) and especially am having right now can be related to HIV? I have not had sex since that time.
Avatar m tn I recently had sex (1 week ago) with a Girl who i met on a night out. we didnt use a condom and i have started to become paranoid that i have HIV. About 2 days after possible exposure i had mild dischage from the penis and then yesterday my armpits became very tender and were showing red lumps which hurt when i touch them. I have had a little bit of diahorrea but no other flu like symptons. Have i got HIV?