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Avatar m tn Since then I have had a small rash on the tip of my penis, and a slight lump on the right side of the tip. I have had HIV tests, after 3 months, negative. Though a small rash did apear on my chest, which flaked and eventually fell off, leaving slight patches lacking pigmentatin in the skin. The rash was prominent for about 2 months then disappeared, after a year it has returned. There are no other symtoms.
Avatar m tn recently I developed very itchy legs and some spot on my side. Could this be an HIV rash? There are no individual spots on my legs, just red areas around the hair follicles. There is nothing on my back or face. some redness on my upper chest but only around where the hair is. I'm freaking out. Can't work, sleep, or sit still.
6947444 tn?1403849867 I have a rash on my legs and it comes and goes all the time since being pregnant is this normal?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have noticed a rash made up of small red spots on my thighs and inner legs this morning. They are also a little itchy. I am slightly concerned because I went for a massage yesterday and am worried I might have caught something infectious while there. I lay on a towel. The rash is on both legs and is contained to the inner thighs.
Avatar f tn I've had a problem with my legs since about October 2009. I have been having a rash on my legs that look like small pimples or bites..If i pop one it comes out as if it were a black head. But it itches tremendously to the point that I can't sleep! I've gone to the dermatologist several times..and he's done numerous biopsy's on my legs and it come back to NOTHING! I am wondering if maybe it is bed bugs(EWWWW!)? How do I know if it is bed bugs?
Avatar m tn The question I have is what are some possible reasons I could be having additional rash continuing to spread on both legs? The newer rash ranges between looking like the red, raised lines of the jellyfish sting and smaller, singular red bumps. It is in a bout 5 different spots including both legs and my groin. The lymph nodes in my groin have also felt enlarged this whole time, as my body has been fighting all this off. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn I have horrible rash on my shins and my calves, I am on a bunch of medicines. Can the rash be caused by that?
Avatar n tn I went back to the doctor 3 days ago to get checked out, the rash on my legs was gone and so was the rash on the head of my penis, well he gave me an HIV test and syphillis test to ease my mind saying i didnt have anything, well the test came back Negative today for both, but they said i have to come back in in 6 months for another HIV test.
Avatar f tn As soon as old rash go away , new rash comes again but in another spot on legs.( Never had rash in upper part/ torso of body) I am feeling worried .I am in my 12 weeks now , pls advise does hiv rashes keep on coming on going and is my test conclusive?
Avatar m tn One of the reasons why I was so concerned is that after googling about my rash, and finding information on the Internet on whether HIV rashes itch or not, I have found some sites where they say that it does rash, so that was confusing me a lot. May I ask a follow-up question on this? you seem to be pretty certain that it does not itch, can you provide more background on your answer please?
Avatar n tn what exactly can i use to help stop itching and rash pn my lower and upper legs? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/241193'>Itchy legs, no sign of rash or irritation</a>.
Avatar m tn Dear docter, Hook,Handsfield, After a exposure with a male sexworker BJ with ejaculation from my site and i swallowed,i develloped after 23 day a blotchy rash on my legs. both leg full of red flat spots, no other symptoms after about a week the rash was gone.
Avatar f tn ok last night i was looking at my legs by my knees and i saw a redish purpleraised bump imeadietly i think seroconversion rash i looked on my other leg by my knee and there were these scar like thinks theres about four of them and a few are redish purpel i do not think theyre scratches im freaking out worse than ever before
Avatar m tn I also started to experience itching all over my body (scalp, arms, legs) and noticed that the light pink rash on my arms was now also on my legs. I also started to apply lotramine to the red area on my penis and after a couple days seems to have helped but has not cured it. As of today I have yet to have any noticable lesions on my penis or on my mouth (not sure about in my mouth).
Avatar m tn Ok i been putting symptoms together and what i have come up with is scaring me to death so i had sex with my girlfriend for her first time 3 months ago about 3 weeks ago she had very bad swollen glands and a week after that i notcied white like blisters on each side of her inner legs by her vagina like were her legs rub together.
Avatar n tn Then some post say usally at the upper torso, the chest area, face, and rarely the extremities. While others say it can occor on the legs and thighs an buttocks. I get tested again on Aug 20 which will be 13 weeks from the encounter and hope it is still negative then. Your reply does help and hope that is the case that i dont have it.
Avatar n tn im just wondering about what a hiv related rash loks like because i have been getting this tiny very tiny little dots that look like an acne pinple in my belly (very few, about 4 o so) im also getting what looks like little tiny blood dots that is under the skin and i cant feel them, only see. and im also getting what looks like pimples on my legs but dont know if the are really pimples. please can any one here tell me what this is if it could be hiv or not.
Avatar n tn what kind of rash did you have ..and you had protected sex so i think you should not worry unless you had a broken condom..
Avatar m tn 5 weeks PCR test, all came neagtive , i was quite relieved , but after 8 or 9 weeks i started to have strange symptoms again , mouth ulcers , typically 2 disspear from place and appear in another and some acne like rash on my forhead ,pains in my legs and my arms (tinglings in the arms &pain at the back of my knees going down to my legs) the ulcers lasts for about month ,but i still have the acne like rash , and legs pain till today, i went again for testing for HIV,HBV, HCV, syphilis ,afte
Avatar n tn I have had this stupid rash on my penis head and legs only on the back part of my legs and shins, blotchy and pink that appears in high stress or when i get really nervous and hot, no dots/rashes etc at all on my upper body.......Im kind of scared i have syphillis cause my results are still pending for it and my HIV test came back negative after 2 weeks and i go back on June 16th for my 6 week test for a 95% accurate result.
Avatar f tn One person said she had a rash on her leg, another person had rash on just one half of his body, another person had rash on both legs and buttocks. The rash apparently doesn't last very long, based on what other people have experienced with ARS rash, it lasts a few days. The ARS is also said to not be itchy or painful, just a red macular, usually on the chest or upper arms, but also mentioned to be on thighs or buttocks.