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Avatar f tn hey i have a itchy rash on my left breast i am 20 years old i am very scared because sometimes i get a little nervous because i been looking symptoms from hiv to breast cancer and like im so stressed out i just want to know if its normal and like i need a prayer.
Avatar m tn Greetings I have a quick question a bright red rash with scaly patches appeared on my chest it cover from my collar bone to under my breast nothing on my back at all this rash is totally unexplainable I battle with jock itch and atlethe foot for about a month before.....i went to doc and she told me it was Tinea corporis( and not ARS) my question is now what would cause this types rash on my chest ive never had anything like this before?
Avatar f tn I've been fearful of HIV for a while. I haven't got the courage of going to the doctor and getting checked out. I recently have had some little small red pots on my skin. Now they are flat, they're not bumps, and they're sorta of dark red and the look mostly like little spots.First I seen them right below my breast and even a couple on my breast. The next day they got lighter and the we're pretty much completely gone.
Avatar f tn This rare type of breast would include -rapid unusual increase in breast size,redness, rash, blotchiness on breast,persistent itching of breast or nipple,thickening of breast tissue,stabbing pain and/or soreness of breast,feverish breast,swelling of lymph nodes under the arm or above the collarbone,dimpling or ridging of the breast,flattening or retracting of nipple,a lump that may or may not be present. A skin biopsy such as you had would have certainly shown if you had this disease. .
Avatar m tn Whatver symptoms you're experiencing aren't symptoms of HIV. You didn't have a risk, so it's impossible that your rash is due to HIV. Please visit the STDs community for any STD questions: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn I have spots on my leg mostly on my right leg but some are spoty on other parts of my body also. They are small spots and look like pigmentation lost of skin they dont hurt dont itch and they are not raised it has been 3 and one half months of my encounter protected sex with open mout kissing and breast sucking is this anway ars symptom.
Avatar m tn I just verified with doc she said this red spots looks like virus rash. Also she said thia is not looks like hiv rash because hiv rash will not come this soon.i think I need to stop worrying much. Am I right guys? Or am I need to take any test?
Avatar f tn An adult can't get HIV from breast milk. Only a baby with an undeveloped immune system is at risk from HIV in breast milk.
Avatar n tn I have what I think is a skin rash on the top of my right breast, it has since spread to other spots on my breast as well. It started out as just red, it didnt itch, and now its turning a kind of purplish color with small reddish spots and they are somewhat raised. Could this be from a bite of some kind and can anyone help to as what it is?
Avatar f tn Would like to ask about my situation my nipple and areola were itchy for few weeks now only on one side breast and pit some moisturizer to it its gone areola now had dry skin and outside my areola has tiny rash and aslo part of my breast has a rash as well there itchy. I took a anti histamine still itching. Breast look fine just the rash itching and on one side only.
Avatar f tn I have a pink spot on my breast. It used to be the size of a dime, now it's the size of a quarter. It's salmon colored on the outside ring and normal skin (lt beige) colored on the inside. A pa told me she thought it may be fungal and treat it w clotrimazole. Does that sound right? I'd add a pic, but I don't know how..
Avatar m tn when i search internet my rashes are more look like HIV rash. I read in HIV prevention form . hiv ars is in 2- 6 weeks. please advice me . Is this hiv or std.
Avatar n tn It has since gone away, but last night I noticed a reddish spot on my left breast just under the breast. It does not hurt or itch. Its the only 1 that I see. Is this KS? When i look that up it says its related to hiv and now i am really scared that I have it. What else could it be?
Avatar n tn You never had an exposure and your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar f tn It is then that I decided to go to my pcp whom told me my rashes were fungal under my breast and acne on my upper back. I also had another hiv test done at the time of visit . I am now very afraid, they called me back 3 days after the labs were drawn, stating that they need more blood because the lab did not have enough blood to test. Does this mean i am positive ? Is the office trying not to cause a panic in me ?
Avatar n tn i have a ringworm shaped rash on my right aerola that appeared a week ago and started as a red small dot like a mosquito bite yesterday it only was on the outside edges of my aerola. now it is shaped like a ringworm!!. should I be thinking cancer??? or a type of fungus and any suggestions of ointment I can use? I have a 2yr old rx of triamcinolone acetonide . .
551454 tn?1276782284 I have a rash on my right breast just about 3 fingers under the nipple and it is about 4 fingers long with 2 clogged pores in it. It is sore but not warm to the touch. has any one else had this problem.
Avatar m tn does the hiv related rash come as patches? these pimples are tiny, that come one after the other (if I pop the earlier one) with in a day or two after they come.
Avatar f tn Hi, around mid-August, I noticed a small red pimple under my right breast. A couple of weeks later, it developed in to a round-shaped ringworm looking rash. It began to itch. I started to put Cortizone 10 cream on it, but it didn't help much. On October 10th, I went to the dermatologist. Where the original site of the bump-turned- rash began, the dermatologist stated that it had "lichen plaques" there, and around it was a localized maculopapular rash.
Avatar m tn from that day i begun to check every hour and from next day right side became more enlarged and on left side also I could noticed that. Next day, I checked for skin rash and found on my back not in abdomen face and neck. Rash were cleared in one week. For 10 days also the glands didn't go away and also i felt some lumps on the lining of front arm pit to breast on right side.
773806 tn?1235457801 )because when i rub her breast and her nipple with my finger i can not find any liquid in my hand and she said she never married before but who knows, after i lick her breast i spit my saliva out, do i need testing for HIV ? because i have symptoms like white mouth (not sure), rash( at my lower arm), headache, but not never high fever. Please anyone help me?
Avatar f tn I just wanted to add some more information about this type of breast cancer called “inflammatory Breast Cancer” The breast will look very swollen and red or inflamed.It progresses rapidly,often in a matter of weeks or months.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever tried using breast milk on there babies diaper rashes? I heard its supposed to help a lot! If you've done this did it work? How long does it take to start healing?
Avatar m tn How long usually will HIV rash stays on my body? I have seen tiny red spot appearing on my body and some rash. It would come and goes often. It would disappear after few days. I have these rash on my chest and shoulder and few on my stomach. Is this HIV? I have this problem for nearly 2 months. Even after i have sex it would appear also. Pls kindly advise.