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Avatar n tn then monday I realized I had some sort of rash in my back. A bit in the lower region and on the sides near back ribcage and near neck. Not all red but more like like bumps in my skin... Also my back feels like it's on fire... I had sex with a prostitute not too long ago but used condoms but I read that this could be a sign of HIV. I have herpes so this really made me scared...
Avatar n tn after exposure when does the rash happen? 2. how long would the rash be? 3. does the rash come on by its self or does it come with a fever? 4 does it leave any scars like acne?
Avatar n tn hello anybody id just like to know is a burning rash on the back of your hands after 3 and a half weeks exposure to hiv something to be worried about i also have most of the other symptoms thank you.
Avatar n tn never had this this how the hiv rash works?
Avatar f tn does anyone know how the hiv rash looks like? is it a distinct type of rash where it is easily identified? do they look like hives?
Avatar n tn throat hurt bad 5-12 days post exposure. Can you please tell me if the rash description matches HIV rash description. Thanks ...
Avatar f tn About a month ago I had unprotected sex with my ex who has been highly sexually active(i supposed). I have a discolored blotchy scaly type rash on the back of my hand which is barely visible. Its look black, not red. Its seems to be under skin instead of raised. No fever or sore throat or swollen lymph nodes. I've think I've had joint pain but no muscle aches. Yesterday I've had diarrhea and I'm vomited the other day but I think it was because of something I ate.
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Avatar m tn hi, 4 weeks ago i have had sex with a sex worker i used condom but when i got discharged accidentally the condom slipped now i dont know the condom slipped inside or it was on the edge of the vagina from that time i got worried and taken stress which have induce anxiety also i am having fear of hiv and also 2 weeks later a skin rash like hives started to appear on my body firstly on the side of the chest these hives keep coming back not in numbers but only one spot a day and they disappears in 1
Avatar n tn I had one on Teak, but it broke. I just want to know is that common for an ARS rash to stay around for that long?
Avatar f tn The next day I had rashes on my upper chest and back. Then on sept 27th I took a 4th generation hiv dou test p24antigen and antibody. the result was negative. Then on oct 11th 6 weeks after the exposure s I took same test dou 4th genaration. . It was negative. Does the 4th generation test conclusive after 28 days and 6 weeks ? I still have tghe rashes. I think im allergic to sufa antibiotic. . Pls help me!im going crazy.
Avatar f tn Time for you to move on.. Get productive in your life have fun.. You dont have HIV the test prove that.. The only thing you are dealing with now is Anxiety from all the false alarms you have made your mind believe.. Time to rewire that brain goodluck and the force is with you...
Avatar m tn I was advised no risk but I have been having this burning rash on my chest that is red for about a week, at the 2.5 week mark from the incident. I have had no appetite and am convinced this must be ARS. How could this not be an exposure I just know my 3 month test will tell me otherwise. The rash does seem to be less intense sometimes and more intense at others. It is at its brightest red when I am wearing a shirt, and seems to almost vanish when I am not wearing a shirt but still slightly red.
Avatar f tn Anyway what I am worried about is that I have just developed a sort of itchy, round spots (not raised) rash on the upper part of my back. Is this an early symptom of HIV? What does the rash look like? Where is it usually found? How soon does it start? I am really stressing so do you think this could be stress related instead?
Avatar f tn Is the HIV rash itchy does it look like pimples, like I have 4 pimpls on my shoulder and a few on the other side and down my back and I am itchy all over. Would HIV rash be accompanied by other syptoms or could it come alone and a while after exposure?
Avatar n tn I did not look at them. Got a weird rash on chest that would not go away with cortizone cream and was given a corticoid pill that has helped. The rash was raised the sized of my hand and was on the chest annd migrated to the bellybutton then back up to the left and it stayed and mostly vanished. The red disappeared and left with some white bump. had slight lymphnodes enlarged and dont know if a fever was present I was in warm climate. All this happened 3 to 4 weeks after sex.
Avatar m tn I had protected sex with an escort 5 weeks ago for approx 5-10 minutes and have since developed a blotchy slightly itchy red rash on my back which lasted for about 20-25 minutes but when down when I applied ice to it. Later on today I've had a sore throat and flu like symptoms. What are the chances that it could be hiv and should I get tested??
Avatar m tn Characteristics of rashes red dot with little rise on skin also when you press glass over they fade(Balancing Rash).are those related to HIV rash?
Avatar m tn I been stressed out since sept 25 whren I took the antibiotic. i also spoke to teak on the forum. he said my 4th generation hiv duo test were not conclusive because it wasnt on the 3month mark. do i need another testing? my only symptom is the rashes on my upper cheast and back. i had it for about 1 month and 10 days. its not getting better. i dont know what to do..
Avatar m tn Then in November, i noticed 3-4 small pimples, not sure where as they were shifting, one was on my lower stomach, one on my elbow, one on my knee, one on my thighs etc.
Avatar m tn 3 weeks later, i start to feel my fingers and feet inching and then i got rash on my back, chest, stomack biscepts and legs. They are itchy and uncofortable. I went to the doctor he gave me Bendryl but that didn't help me. I have no fever, diarrea but had a brief nosea. Could this be Possible ARS because i'm really scared now becuase it took this long for the rash to stop itching.
Avatar m tn Also it was on my behind region as well as my thighs and back. It was a burning sensation and hurt more whenever I itched and also got worse as I presume. The only thing that creates doubt in my mind as to the origin of these is they looked more akin to a nettle rash and the bumps were not discolored other than a red tint. These bumps tended to mesh together and create a raised patch of skin in the worst areas. Also these rashes all disappeared within 3 or 5 hours of them beginning.
Avatar m tn Is this characteristic of a HIV rash? Could you please tell me more about HIV rash? I know that symptoms mean nothing and I need to test.. But if you could tell me that this was not a HIV rash, I would kinda be calm until I reach the three month mark. Help me out! I read Teak saying somewhere in the forum that HIV rash is not a pus filled rash? Is this entirely true? cos I read in an other website that pus can come outta a HIV rash! Please help me!
6577846 tn?1382608488 2 days ago i started developing rash on both of my hands. 1. does hiv rash itches? mine don't itch at all 2. if it is HIV rash, If i test now, would the antibody test come positive? 3. My profile picture is a pictur eof the rash i am having. does it look lik ean HIV rash? Thank you very much.