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Avatar m tn i have rashes on my both upper legs. can acute hiv rashes be on only upper legs? i have no rashes on torso or arms or face. and im brown some of them are red and some are purple.
Avatar m tn During that time I recieved oral sex and shortly after (could have been a day, a week or two I don't really remember), I got a nasty discharge (tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia both negative) and a rash developed on my upper legs which was like a honeycomb of redness and red spots like folliculitis. Is this consistent with HIV rash? Both of have since cleared up.
Avatar m tn But I felt sick and got a rash clusters of red bumps all over my legs and nowhere else after having a protected one night stand. I have been reading and i read about ars that is a rash and I have no idea if this is it. I know you can't see it but they are tiny (like pimple size and smaller) flat red bumps that don't really itch except for a tiny bit in some spots.
Avatar n tn im just wondering about what a hiv related rash loks like because i have been getting this tiny very tiny little dots that look like an acne pinple in my belly (very few, about 4 o so) im also getting what looks like little tiny blood dots that is under the skin and i cant feel them, only see. and im also getting what looks like pimples on my legs but dont know if the are really pimples. please can any one here tell me what this is if it could be hiv or not.
Avatar n tn I don't know any other reason I could have a rash AND diarrhea other than HIV. The rash has been going on for four days and is not almost gone. So how long does the rash last? Would this really be my first HIV symptom after 14 weeks? COULD THIS BE ANOTHER STD SYMPTOM?
Avatar f tn One person said she had a rash on her leg, another person had rash on just one half of his body, another person had rash on both legs and buttocks. The rash apparently doesn't last very long, based on what other people have experienced with ARS rash, it lasts a few days. The ARS is also said to not be itchy or painful, just a red macular, usually on the chest or upper arms, but also mentioned to be on thighs or buttocks.
Avatar m tn Two days ago, I started getting mildly itchy, and developed a red 'spotty' rash over my body - beginning with my chest and spreading to my back, legs, arms and hands. I visited a doctor today and was given a blood test which proved negative for Dengue, but suggested a Low Wbc count, Low Neutrophil, High Lymphocyte, High Monocyte, and High Eosinophil. The doctor concluded I had measles, (or an allergic reaction), but also brought up the possibility of HIV - which surprised me a lot.
Avatar m tn Does an HIV rash typically itch so much? 3. Does an HIV rash usually develop as blisters and with the general characteristics I have described above? 4. If you don't think this is HIV related, any other possible suggestions? I'm seeing a dermatologist next week, but in the meantime would appreciate some initial info to help calm my nerves. Thanks a lot.
Avatar m tn Could you please answer a few questions I have regarding HIV Rash - 1. Will it reoccur or will it only appear once when HIV is first infected? 2. Does it look more like a rash or spots? 3. Does it itch? 4. Where is it most likely to occur on the body? 5. What does it look like? 6. Will it come on its own or with any other symptoms? I had unprotected anal sex with another man about a year and a half ago and I am worried.
Avatar m tn 2 days after possible exposure I got an itch-less rash on both of my legs. There is no agreement on the various sources I looked at about within how many days a rash can appear. A source says acute rash can appear within few days. Another thing that worries me very much is that one of the picture I saw on the internet about the maculopalpular rash (which says is the rash associated with HIV infection) looks exactly like the one I have got.
Avatar n tn I have read the 2 -4 weeks and there are of course topics that say that everyone is different and that at 8 weeks one can still possibly get the rash. What no one seems to mention is if the rash occurs like all at once or gradually starts to flourish over a period of a week or days. Then some post say usally at the upper torso, the chest area, face, and rarely the extremities. While others say it can occor on the legs and thighs an buttocks.
Avatar m tn ARS rash is almost always on the trunk--torso.
Avatar m tn recently I developed very itchy legs and some spot on my side. Could this be an HIV rash? There are no individual spots on my legs, just red areas around the hair follicles. There is nothing on my back or face. some redness on my upper chest but only around where the hair is. I'm freaking out. Can't work, sleep, or sit still.
Avatar m tn I Have been getting a rash on and off for two months and one week now, its kind of slowing down. it looks like red dots(very small) then sometimes it looks like bug bites, and sometimes even a patch of my skin will swell, i know this sounds like hives because it will only last several hours then fades away and shows up elsewhere later on.
1043834 tn?1269046623 I am 80% sure it isn't HIV I just got scared when the rash appered, hope her symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. Sorry again joggen I am kind of a bother.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the reply, my Insurance has yet to kick in, but the Rash is gone, took about 10 days. What does an HIV or viral rash look like? And does a viral rash present itself after symptoms or before? I was wondering, maybe she gave me a some sort of virus other then ARS or some sort of bacterial skin infection??? I agree it's probably a allergic reaction since i felt fine. I'll leave this as my last post.
18954 tn?1314301717 My husband gets this rash on his chest and back and sometimes on his upper legs, it is really dry and itchy. He says it feels better after I amply lotion to it. Could this be the rash they say you get when you show symptoms of hiv or is it just egzema? We have only been together for two years so it worries me.
Avatar n tn what kind of rash did you have ..and you had protected sex so i think you should not worry unless you had a broken condom..
Avatar n tn What does an acute HIV rash look like? I have these red spots on mostly my legs and ankles and only randomly on my arms, not really my stomach. They tend to itch. I don't know if it can be associated with ARS or not. I don't really have any others symptoms such as fever or fatigue, just this rash thing. I don't want to mistaken it for Posion Ivy or poison oak if it is really something more serious. Can anyone help? ps...
Avatar m tn Thanks for that it does alleviate some of the anxiety, the rash is going away now after about 4-5 days, so that doesn't seem like HIV rash right? A friend said it could have just been some viral infection..
Avatar n tn u did not mention your risk! Rash due to HIV never comes alone but with a fever.
Avatar f tn HIV has no specific symptoms. Symptoms or lack of, will not tell you anything about your status. You can test now and your test results will be conclusive.
Avatar n tn I also gave unprotected oral sex and he rimmed me. A rash around my legs showed up about a week ago. I think it might be from dry skin but the bumps are red, and it is making me a little worried.
Avatar f tn these symptoms are due to ur anxiety...u had protected sex so dont worry..
Avatar n tn That's cleared up ok, but I've been getting little itchy red bumps that come and go on my abdomen, arms, shoulders, and lower legs. I've always had kind of sensitive skin, but reading about HIV rash makes me fear that my bumps could be a symptom. My question: Does my encounter sound like a high risk one, and does this sound like something that could be HIV related? I've read that anal with a condom still carries a risk for infection albeit low, same for oral, but what about deepthroat?