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Avatar m tn recently I developed very itchy legs and some spot on my side. Could this be an HIV rash? There are no individual spots on my legs, just red areas around the hair follicles. There is nothing on my back or face. some redness on my upper chest but only around where the hair is. I'm freaking out. Can't work, sleep, or sit still.
Avatar f tn As soon as old rash go away , new rash comes again but in another spot on legs.( Never had rash in upper part/ torso of body) I am feeling worried .I am in my 12 weeks now , pls advise does hiv rashes keep on coming on going and is my test conclusive?
Avatar m tn But I felt sick and got a rash clusters of red bumps all over my legs and nowhere else after having a protected one night stand. I have been reading and i read about ars that is a rash and I have no idea if this is it. I know you can't see it but they are tiny (like pimple size and smaller) flat red bumps that don't really itch except for a tiny bit in some spots.
Avatar m tn Dear docter, Hook,Handsfield, After a exposure with a male sexworker BJ with ejaculation from my site and i swallowed,i develloped after 23 day a blotchy rash on my legs. both leg full of red flat spots, no other symptoms after about a week the rash was gone.
Avatar n tn what kind of rash did you have ..and you had protected sex so i think you should not worry unless you had a broken condom..
Avatar n tn Ive heard its called folicitus and may be a symptom of hiv. Legs sometimes itch but not allways. However before risky event i experienced itching on thighs but rash wasnt there before. Im wearing warehouse clothes in job so maybe i dont wash them frequent enough. Im going to test for STDs in 1 week. Im scared about this.
Avatar m tn and now she sent me a big of this bup on her leg it looks white in the middle and like a red ring on the outside its about the size of my finger tip she says it hurts and that theirs two of them im thinking hiv rash...
Avatar n tn im just wondering about what a hiv related rash loks like because i have been getting this tiny very tiny little dots that look like an acne pinple in my belly (very few, about 4 o so) im also getting what looks like little tiny blood dots that is under the skin and i cant feel them, only see. and im also getting what looks like pimples on my legs but dont know if the are really pimples. please can any one here tell me what this is if it could be hiv or not.
Avatar m tn hi about 7 weeks ago a girl was going to have sexx with me but she didnt instead she gave me a blow job now after i had a blowjob i noticed a cut or 2 mayb a saw on my penis now 2-3 weeks later i started of with a cough and a rash now my body started hurting like my wrists and my legs my legs have stop hurting my wrist nearly stop hurting now my back hurts and i got a little rash but the rash is clearing up but still have my cough can someone tell me what wrong
Avatar m tn pain at the back of my knees going down to my legs) the ulcers lasts for about month ,but i still have the acne like rash , and legs pain till today, i went again for testing for HIV,HBV, HCV, syphilis ,after 3 months(2 times) and again after 7 months (2 times).
Avatar n tn I know for a fact encounter was sat may 22 ,hiv rapid test and blood hiv test were July 2 and the results were negative on both blood and rapid test. But one week after the encouter i notice these pimple like cluster on both above the knee area. Then at week 7 each day i start noticing a few red like dots showing up here and there on my arms one or two, legs three on the buttocks and each day a few here and there. A reply from a nice member said it does not (the rash) sprout a few each day.
Avatar n tn I have had this stupid rash on my penis head and legs only on the back part of my legs and shins, blotchy and pink that appears in high stress or when i get really nervous and hot, no dots/rashes etc at all on my upper body.......Im kind of scared i have syphillis cause my results are still pending for it and my HIV test came back negative after 2 weeks and i go back on June 16th for my 6 week test for a 95% accurate result.
Avatar n tn it takes at least 3month for the antibodies of HIV to show up, do you have swollen glands? is the pain in your legs at the top of your legs? i wish you all the luck, just dont panic!
Avatar f tn One person said she had a rash on her leg, another person had rash on just one half of his body, another person had rash on both legs and buttocks. The rash apparently doesn't last very long, based on what other people have experienced with ARS rash, it lasts a few days. The ARS is also said to not be itchy or painful, just a red macular, usually on the chest or upper arms, but also mentioned to be on thighs or buttocks.
Avatar n tn 6 week negative along with a diagnosis of soemthing other than HIV would seem to say you dont have HIV.
Avatar n tn I have a maculopapular rash on both my legs. They're red and itchy and i would like to know if this could be a symptom of hiv. I had oral sex and protected vaginal sex with a prostitute about two months ago.
Avatar n tn t know any other reason I could have a rash AND diarrhea other than HIV. The rash has been going on for four days and is not almost gone. So how long does the rash last? Would this really be my first HIV symptom after 14 weeks? COULD THIS BE ANOTHER STD SYMPTOM?
Avatar m tn As I said, the rash you describe does not suggest HIV. The ARS rash is usually measles-like: red spots, most common on the trunk and less common on the face, arms, and legs; not itchy; it persists for 1-2 weeks and does not come and go. Whatever is going on has absolutely nothing to do with your hand-job adventure. Zilch.
Avatar f tn I did have a one day fever (all family members had a flu that week) , rash on arms and legs not itchy, and some warm sensation in my right leg. Nervous that I would be hiv positive. I have always been good about condoms and always will. Could I have gotten hiv from rimming or protected anal sex? If not hiv what does this sound like.
Avatar m tn 2 days after possible exposure I got an itch-less rash on both of my legs. There is no agreement on the various sources I looked at about within how many days a rash can appear. A source says acute rash can appear within few days. Another thing that worries me very much is that one of the picture I saw on the internet about the maculopalpular rash (which says is the rash associated with HIV infection) looks exactly like the one I have got.
Avatar m tn ARS rash is almost always on the trunk--torso.
Avatar m tn Last Friday night, my legs started to burn. The next day, it didn't go away so I got worried. Tuesday, I went to the doctor and told him about it, he said I was stressed out too much. I have been stressed out recently(check out the other topic I created). Wednesday night, I took a shower for the first time since this happened. I was too scared to go before. When I came out I noticed redness wrapped around my knee. It took maybe about 30 minutes for it to return to normal skin color.