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Avatar f tn After 6 weeks after the event, I got tested for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hiv and syplilis which all of the results came back negative/ clear. However, I got no visual symptoms such as discharge, blood spots, rash etc other than a slight itch which comes and goes on my fordyce spots on my penis and testicles. It's not there all the time. I have no lesions or warts. Not sure if it's std anxiety - help!
Avatar f tn It appears as tiny white dots, then the skin turns bright pink when I scratch the itch. There are tiny bruises in the areas of the rash about the size of a dime. I saw a doctor twice and she is ordering lots of blood and urine tests mostly to assuage my fear though she seems totally stumped as to the cause of the rash. She plans to refer me to a dermatologist. The rash started 11 days ago and began 19 days after unprotected vaginal sex with a male. Do HIV rashes itch like this?
Avatar f tn Is it related hiv symptoms ? Cause ive ever read hiv rash is not ichy and some source say its itching. Ive got test with Hiv home test on my 75 days post encounter and it came back negative, but i know the conclusive test in 90 days after.. So my result absolutely not yet conclusive. So now im very worried about my rash on my body that is very itching. Especially in the night. Is it hiv symptoms or is it a scabies disease ? Im confused. Rash on my body shaped red spot also on my nipples.
Avatar m tn i had sex with csw and at that time i had rash due to jock itch. her vaginal fluid had come to contact with the rash. if she is hiv positive wat are d chances for me to get infected.
Avatar n tn I read on some websites that hiv rash is itchy and some say not itchy. Im confused. sample: "Itchy skin rashes are very common in people with HIV infection. The medical term for itch is pruritus. The specific cause of the itch may be related to HIV-induced immunosuppression or, less commonly, to specific organ disease resulting from opportunistic infections, cancer, or non-HIV related illness.
Avatar m tn How about my rash, because I just found online a person with HIV+ have rash on his leg and arm that itch like crazy. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Okay, one day i fingered a girl when i had a cut on my finger, and i did not know her HIV status. Now its a couple months later and i had an itch with a few red bumps on my chest, and im my upperback i have about 4-5 brownish, redish bumps on my you think i am over reacting or is this the HIV rash?
Avatar m tn I would like to know, if a rash on the trunk of the body, that doesn't itch could be caused by HIV? And if so, is there any other std or disorder that can also cause this? I have had this rash for atleast 7 or 8 months... PLEASE let me know what you think it could be!!!...
Avatar f tn So, hiv rash can not be after 3 months post exposure?
Avatar f tn An itchy rash is NOT a symptom of HIV. HIV rashes are distinctive in that they do NOT itch. Just take a 4th generation test at 28 days or any time thereafter. Your risk was TINY, even if he did have HIV given the very brief exposure.
Avatar m tn About 7 days after the event, I had a very generalised body itch, which shown no rash on the body, and it went away after couple of days. About 3 weeks after the exposure, I had a mild fever, but only lasted for a day, and I had no headache, sore throat or body ache. 3 or 4 days after the fever, the body itch came back, and its been with me for about a week. It has never been intense itch, but it is always there which is very annoying.
Avatar n tn t find any concrete information. Does the rash itch? How does it look? Where is it on the body? Is it intense or just a simply rash thats not at all painful and barely noticeable, just itchy? In my case its all over my body, especially on my legs. It would be my first symptom 14 weeks after my possible exposure along with diarrhea. Does that sound like it could possibly be HIV? Also, does diarrhea usually come with it?
Avatar n tn Ther eare creams prescribed by dermatologists for jock itch. Jock itch can be tamed but it does come back from tiem to time nothing you can do about that. Good luck and do not waste your time or money on over the counter remedies they do not work go to a dermatologist and get the right stuff and truly they will know in two seconds flat what they are looking at instead of trying to figure it out here. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Just wondering does Hiv Rash itch or not? I have seen different answers and what can it look like?
Avatar m tn But jock itch does not develop fever and swollen lymphnodes. Why would a rash too be so resistant to treatment?
Avatar n tn i do some frensh kissing time to time, no i have develloped a rash between my anus and balls, is it possible i caught an STD or HIV????? should i get tested. the same things happened with 25 diffrent women in the last 6 month. should i get tested??
Avatar m tn How long does a hiv rash last? Do you itch all over? I has a red bump on my arm for about couple hours it went away but left a little dot.
Avatar n tn No. An HIV rash doesn't itch. Skip the symptoms - tell us your risk and when it occurred, and we can help you.
Avatar m tn I know these rashes typically occur on the trunk and face but I read that it can occur near the genitals. If this rash were to itch I could say that it's jock itch since it looks like one but it doesn't. I have no idea how long I've had it for since I might have not noticed it before. So lastly, can symptoms for ARS occur one after another?
Avatar f tn The rash is probably NOT due to HIV, since HIV rashes do not itch at all.
Avatar m tn I am quite worried that I contracted hiv and am very scared. Is this a typical hiv ars rash..most sites say if a rash appears its usually 2 - 3 weeks after infection takes place. Is this true and does there usually be other sysmptons too..would appreciate your honest answer on the above doctor if a) this sounds likes ars rash and b) some sites say al over body rash..what exactly is all over? C) what does it look like. Man thanks in advance for your answer Doctor.
Avatar f tn t see how that would cause a rash and I googled rash without itch and hiv come up and me been a gay male set the anxiety of
Avatar f tn Good morning, Four days ago I stupidly visited an erotic massage parlor where I received a handjob from one of the female workers. Under normal circumstances, I realize this is a no-risk scenario but I am extremely fearful because I had a fairly severe jock itch rash on each side of my groin (prior to the massage) and the woman massaged thoroughly around my groin/testicles with her bare hands. My questions are: 1).