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Avatar n tn Gave oral sex 4 months ago and swallowed semen. Would the duration of the rash indicate it is not hiv? I am seeing a doctor in 2 weeks and will ask for a test at that time.
Avatar n tn The bottom line is that it is statistically unlikely you caught HIV or that you have ARS. Statistically, it is unlikely your partner had HIV; and even if she did, vaginal sex is pretty inefficient for HIV transmission (average 1 in 2,000). And your symptoms aren't typical. About 70% of persons with ARS have sore throat, fever (over 101), and skin rash (all three), and probably around 90% have at least one of these.
Avatar m tn However, heat rash appears to be a red, pimple like raised rash. No fever or other symptoms with my rash. (1) does this sound like HIV rash since it was so short in duration, (2) is over 5 weeks too late to get rash sympyoms...everything I've read says w - 4 weeks and (3) what else could this have been? Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn i have had a rash for 8 months now, and i am extremely nervous that it could be related to HIV. Does the duration of this rash suggest that it is not HIV, just some typical skin rash? Also, the rash appeared a day after possible exposure, so i didn't know if it could appear that soon. any direct insight to these specific questions would be greatly appreciated. I am in a deep hole and trying to get out. This could really help me out if someone had some expert knowledge.
Avatar m tn The appearance of your sypmtoms, the absence of the rash and the duration of feeling poorly are all inconsistent with HIV .
Avatar n tn 2) what is the duration of a normal acute hiv rash? 3) Given that the onset of the rash was at least 2 weeks before my 6-wk elisa test, if it was in fact a symptom of seroconversion, should this have shown up in the test? - i.e. how long after symptoms show will an hiv test pick up antibodies (i.e. seroconversion occur)? The reason for my confusion is that most info suggests symptioms show up bw 2-6 weeks, yet those same sites suggest a test needs to be done at 3 months?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am too foolish to put me and my girlfriend in this situation. Lets start with. I had sex with my office mate(with unknown hiv status) on 15th of the month, I wasn't thinking clearly that day (she took a ride with me on way home), all came so fast. then it happened. we had 3 protected sex with condom. however on the 3rd round my condom has broken. then on 17th of the month I had sex with my girlfriend unprotected.
Avatar m tn As you suggest yourself, an HIV rash and fever cannot clear up in a day or two; acute HIV symptoms last at least a week, generally 10 days or more. And when we also consider your sexual history, it is simply not a realistic possibility you have HIV. Even if your partner had classical symptoms of acute HIV, it would be pretty much impossible for HIV to be the actual cause. So the direct answers to your questions are 1) no, 2) yes, 3) could be but this doesn't matter, and 4) yes.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm really concerned about wether or not I have HIV. About 8 weeks ago, I had unprotected contact (partner inserted the head of his penis,anally.) he did not cum in me, but I'm unsure if precum had gotten in. around 4 weeks after I noticed I had developed thrush. I waited two weeks, and tested at 6 weeks. Which came back negative, on the 4th gen duo test, and I felt very happy.
Avatar m tn 2-4 weeks is when ARS would start. But people may or may not get symptoms.
Avatar m tn You are only beginning this treatment. I predict that by the time you get to week 10 you will no longer even consider taking the Incivek longer than 12 weeks. Besides, the risk of adverse events increases dramatically beyond 12 weeks. The rash can get really really nasty and if it gets systemic, which happened a lot more often past 12 weeks, you could end up with SJS or DRESS and you DO not want to go there! Please discard this idea now!
Avatar m tn i have no doubt i have it. anyway ricky thank u so mch for your suggestions.
Avatar m tn Said not acute HIV linked (completely discount as he disputed a rash on the trunk can be symptom of ARS). Rash subsiding after 2 days (cream). Day 30: Large, oval red, tender blister-like lesion on base of toe I have had all main symptoms: fever, rash, diarrhea, muscle pain, lethargy. Could this be anything other than ARS? 1. Does fever < 2 days too short for ARS or do other symptoms and PEP mean short duration is not material? 2.
Avatar m tn This would appear to be any illness and would cause alarm. However, I noticed a rash develope yesterday on my right arm and seems to have spread to my lower left hip. I'm worried that these symptoms may be HIV related. 1. I understand my risk and exposure and must recieve hiv testing at the appropriate time. 2. In your opinion, and through your experience, have you ever heard of ARS fever last only 24 hours. -- I took my temperature at the walk in clinic today and it was 36.
Avatar n tn I have no allergies that I know of and have never experienced a similar looking rash since I had the chicken pox. Doctor, do you think that I may have been exposed to HIV or am I being a bit of a hypochondriac? I have yet to be tested since I'm still in the window period at just 3 weeks but since the rash started my mind has been running circles.
2060683 tn?1330770657 1. HIV has not specific symptoms 2. ARS never lasts 10 weeks. if one has ARS symptoms last 1-2 weeks 3. Lympadenopthy doesn't happen during ARS.
Avatar f tn What does an hiv rash look like? I have something under my eye that is developing. It kind of looks like a pimple, but it's not one. It itches and it's a little red. I also think it's scabbing over. Also, I'm just now getting over a bad cold that I had for 4 weeks. Sinus pressure, nasal congestion, fever, headachesn etc. I took antibitiotics and it just went away. I think I got my mom suck from it, too. She had the same symtpoms for the same amount of time.
Avatar m tn I used a condom, and always shower immediately after. So after a long duration of intercourse, I notice lots of blood on the condom and some on the base of my penis. I showered immediately. Now 3 weeks after the incident, I have had a rash on both palms and slight tingle on my right sole for 3 days now. The rash isn’t very colorful or obvious in appearance, but it burns and itches.
Avatar n tn I was bitten in NC by a tick a month ago. the red dot that formed after I was bitten in still there. There is no bull's eye, rash, or pain, but I'm wondering how long a red dot should stay, and if I should have my doctor check it out just in case.
Avatar m tn for more than 4 months I stuck in hypochondria and just the day after I gave my test result I had another intercourse that lead to this problem .those days I had all symptomps of HIV infection (white path , rash , fever,...) and I gave all test( p24 in day 18 , pcr in week 7 and ELISA after 4 month). now I should repeat all agian, this is so intolerable. :D in my country the statistics of infected sex workers is at most 1 percent. so the probability is 0.01 * 0.002 = 0.