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Avatar n tn this rash gave way to a more severe rash on my neck, chest and back which has been there for about three weeks. can i be experinceing acute hiv rash, or what do you think this rash can be. no fevers.
Avatar n tn Gave oral sex 4 months ago and swallowed semen. Would the duration of the rash indicate it is not hiv? I am seeing a doctor in 2 weeks and will ask for a test at that time.
Avatar n tn The bottom line is that it is statistically unlikely you caught HIV or that you have ARS. Statistically, it is unlikely your partner had HIV; and even if she did, vaginal sex is pretty inefficient for HIV transmission (average 1 in 2,000). And your symptoms aren't typical. About 70% of persons with ARS have sore throat, fever (over 101), and skin rash (all three), and probably around 90% have at least one of these.
Avatar m tn Lets start with. I had sex with my office mate(with unknown hiv status) on 15th of the month, I wasn't thinking clearly that day (she took a ride with me on way home), all came so fast. then it happened. we had 3 protected sex with condom. however on the 3rd round my condom has broken. then on 17th of the month I had sex with my girlfriend unprotected. then 18th of the month my girlfriend had a swollen lymph nodes under the jaw, 19th she had diarrhea and fever (101.66 is the highest recorded).
Avatar m tn You and Teak both said that it didnt sound like ARS rash because both times the rash went away the same day they came and i know that Dr. HHH says that ARS symptoms come on at the same time with HIGH fever and other symptoms and i didnt have any fevers when i had the rashes or any other symptoms that i was aware of at the time of the rashes. But for somebody like me that scared me again so the story continues.
Avatar n tn My face gets sweaty when i sleep but i have no fever (because) i monitor it. I have no rash, no fever, ( i feel hot though) and i have asked my doctor to examin my lymph nodes each time i went there and he said they werent enlarged. My question aside from assesing my risk is that how long does the fatigue usually last. Right now the only thing thats bothering me is this fatigue (drowsiness) and sometimes headaches. I some times get joint aches but thats not uncommon for me....
Avatar f tn I have had a terrible rash on my neck and chest. Could never fall asleep last night the pain was so intense. Sharp, shooting, searing pain. Called the office this morning and they made an appt. to look at this rash tomorrow afternoon. I asked her if she could order an analgesic script for me until then and she said no, because the incivek rash does'nt have pain associated with it. She said it may be shingles because this tx lowers the resistance.
Avatar n tn 2) what is the duration of a normal acute hiv rash? 3) Given that the onset of the rash was at least 2 weeks before my 6-wk elisa test, if it was in fact a symptom of seroconversion, should this have shown up in the test? - i.e. how long after symptoms show will an hiv test pick up antibodies (i.e. seroconversion occur)? The reason for my confusion is that most info suggests symptioms show up bw 2-6 weeks, yet those same sites suggest a test needs to be done at 3 months?
Avatar m tn However, heat rash appears to be a red, pimple like raised rash. No fever or other symptoms with my rash. (1) does this sound like HIV rash since it was so short in duration, (2) is over 5 weeks too late to get rash sympyoms...everything I've read says w - 4 weeks and (3) what else could this have been? Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn (my doc and this forum both say no – just want to confirm) 2) what is the duration of a normal acute hiv rash? 3) Given that the onset of the rash was at least 2 weeks before my 6-wk elisa test, if it was in fact a symptom of seroconversion, should this have shown up in the test? - i.e. how long after symptoms show will an hiv test pick up antibodies (i.e. seroconversion occurs)?
Avatar n tn because it only lasted approximately 20 minutes then dissappeared. Would that rash be typical for HIV? (I am hoping it might be an ulcer since the rash occurred shortly after eating hot soup.) Has anyone heard of a rash with such a short duration?
Avatar n tn I often wonder on the same question-What does an HIV rash look like but one rash is typically no different to another. I have read the same thing that HIV rashes have pimples present (which unfortunatly I of course have!!!
Avatar n tn Duration of oral activity was somewhat limited 5 - 10 mins total. I've read alot about the symptoms of acute HIV infection and am quite nervous. OK, I am really nervous. From a period ranging from 4 days to 5 weeks after these episodes I developed a rash. They were pinkish red in color and ranged from just a centimeter or two in diameter to a half inch, maybe slightly more. They really were not raised and did not itch. I first noticed it after being out on a boat in a mild heat.
Avatar m tn So after a long duration of intercourse, I notice lots of blood on the condom and some on the base of my penis. I showered immediately. Now 3 weeks after the incident, I have had a rash on both palms and slight tingle on my right sole for 3 days now. The rash isn’t very colorful or obvious in appearance, but it burns and itches.
Avatar n tn Im 20yrs old (19) at the time Approx 2-3 weeks later I came down with a primarily gastro related illness which consisted of nausea, abdominal bloating / pain, dry heaving (not vomiting) and constipation. This lasted for around 9-10 days. There was no fever, rash, muscle aches, sore throat, headaches etc.
Avatar m tn You need to be in the care of a doctor or clinic very experienced in both HIV and syphilis, then follow their advice about which HIV tests to have and when. However, you haven't said anything about the stage and duration of your syphilis: primary? secondary? other? If it's only a positive blood test, and you haven't had previous testing recently, you might have had it a long time -- i.e. unrelated to your recent sexual exposures.
Avatar m tn 3)I have a swelling on the right side of my neck , just a minor one cannot see it just feel it , does HIV cause swollen nodes allover the body or just one place ?.I dont have any swelling elsewhere. 4)Is the HIV related rash Itchy ? I had a rash at 7 months post exposure and the dermatologist said it was heat rash , it went away within a week of applying oinment. 5)The CDC refers to a 6 months window period , for what kind of people is this true ? As some sites say 3 months is conclusive.
Avatar f tn Over the next 4 weeks I was pretty much fine but I developed quite a few mouth ulcers in that time but didn't think much of them. Then at week 5 I read about HIV symptoms and ended up getting a rash a few days later on my torso with a few more mouth ulcers. Once these had cleared up I got a really bad sore throat a few weeks later I think week 8. Now I'm scared that I have HIv.
Avatar m tn Are there any recorded cases of HIV symptoms lasting this long? Can HIV Symptoms start as early as 5 days. Am I being my own worst enemy?
Avatar m tn But even so, the chance of catching HIV from a single such exposure is very, very low. 2-4) No, HIV does not show up as migraine, or as headache (unless there also is fever, sore throat, etc). ARS symptoms start in 10-14 days, certainly never later than 3 weeks. The 3 most common symptoms are fever, usually 101 or higher; sore throat; and a body-wide skin rash; 70% of people with ARS have all three of these, and generally they all start within a few days of each other.
Avatar n tn All together, the chance you acquired HIV during that exposure was astronomically small and it is very unlikely your symptoms are due to HIV. On top of that, if you had acute HIV, your fever and other symptoms would still be continuing, typically for a couple of weeks. So it is much more likely that you caught a garden-variety intestinal virus, exactly as the ER doc said. See a health care provider if your symptoms persist.
Avatar n tn Also, I asked him about a red rash on the left side of my testicles which he didnt think much of and said he wasn't impressed with. I wasnt that concerned about it since I've played football all my life and have had jock itch and crotch rot plus I wear compression shorts about everyday for work. about a week after that I start feeling real bad and check into the minor medical clininc and diagnosed with an upper respitory infection plus an ear infection with about a 104 fever.
Avatar m tn For about a year I have had a rash that continues to show up on my glans penis. It is a very strange red rash that used to sort of concentrate around the Urethra but now seems to have generalized around the the glans. It used to hardly ever be visable until after sex when a subtle red rash would appear.(a year ago, and sometimes it mostly goes away to this point) Now the red rash is visable all the time and after any friction it is very apparent.
Avatar f tn Until I developed a rash about a week ago, 7 weeks, how ever it doesn't look like other HIV rashes I've seen. Also it just itches then goes away, leaving barley noticeable bumps . Not very many but still concerning. I also have small patches of skin that are pinkish red several places on my legs that itch they're tiny and wouldn't consider it a rash. another thing, the rash that appeared behind my knee, also was on the other leg, but a day later. So I'm very concerned, is it HIV?
Avatar m tn A week later (precisely eight weeks post-exposure), I went to a clinic to get tested for HIV and syphilis since I was due anyway. The HIV test and the syphilis RPR both came back negative, so I wasn't worried. However, about a week later, the patch on my arm still remained active and I broke out into a general rash over my abdomen, back, and a little on my legs. The rash presents as slightly raised red bumps. The rash is only slightly pruritic, and my palms and soles are completely unaffected.
Avatar n tn Many, many people who are truly infected with HIV can recall NO symptoms at all. You can NOT diagnose HIV infection through ANY symptoms or lack of. If a person is truly experiencing ARS symptoms, they come all at once as a syndrome generally 1-4 weeks after infection, last 1-2 weeks, no longer and leave all at once. If you had a risk, get tested at 6 weeks and 13 weeks.
Avatar m tn Your girlfriend's symptoms are very common with any number of garden-variety, everyday viral infections, strep throat, and things like that. As you suggest yourself, an HIV rash and fever cannot clear up in a day or two; acute HIV symptoms last at least a week, generally 10 days or more. And when we also consider your sexual history, it is simply not a realistic possibility you have HIV.