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Avatar n tn hi, i was just wondering what the early hiv rash looks like. Could someone give me the details of what usually occurs with the early rash. Also could you describe the cough? I have a dry itchy rash on the sides of my feet and I have had a unexplainable cough for a month and a half now. Just trying to ease my mind without getting tested.
Avatar m tn could anyone give details for hiv rash? how long after exposure and for how many days you can see it? perhaps a link with foto?
Avatar n tn this rash wasent very severe, but it scared the hell out of me. so my queston is what does an hiv rash look like ??? where in the body does it apper ???
Avatar n tn What do you mean by rash? .. how many? which color? Itching spots means rash? 8) Pain in muscles & Joints : How much pain ? What kind of pain.. constant or flashing? How is the pain feels like .. pain along the muscle or just on a small spot?
Avatar m tn For about four weeks now I've had a rash on my chest that resembled what I've read to be an hiv rash. This rash had been located directly on my chest. However just today it had progressed very quickly to my belly and back. I'm wondering if I should retest for hiv immediately or if should should just wait for the 3 month period?
Avatar n tn Does the burning red face, neck and ears constitute a rash and would it be hot? 3. Can you tell what kind of rash is from HIV? 4. How high would a fever be that's associated with HIV and how long would it last? 5. How severe would the night sweats be and how frequent? Everything I read lists the symptoms, but never tells details about the symptoms.
Avatar n tn I wrecked on a bike and got a decent road rash on my arm. 2 days go by and my road rash is in the state where pussing begins. Well on day 2 after my wreck, I show someone I semi know...just starting a convo you know? Well this person I know semi well and have heard rumors that this person has hiv. If this person truly did, it would not surprise me.
Avatar n tn I am going to try to sum up my story as good as I can... I wrecked on a bike and got a decent road rash on my arm. 2 days go by and my road rash is in the state where pussing begins. Well on day 2 after my wreck, I show someone I semi know...just starting a convo you know? Well this person I know semi well and have heard rumors that this person has hiv. If this person truly did, it would not surprise me.
Avatar m tn My concern arouse after about friday, i started looking up causes and it threw at me shingles, meningitis, and HIV rash. Which scared me, because ive always been afraid of getting hiv. But now im freaking out, i will describe this rash.
Avatar n tn I know i wore a condom but i was highly drunk and can't recall if there was a failure. 1) does chicken pox ressembles the accute hiv rash? 2) 62 days after exposure still under window to develop accure hiv rash or is it too late? thanks for the reply.
Avatar m tn The only thing I can conclude from NG's details is no one in history has got HIV from a rash. Hopefully you can forget the matter and not waste time and money on a test, now that you have the facts. The reason I asked if the prostitute asked for the condom was if she did then there is probably no chance she even had HIV, but that is just overkill when you read NG's assessment so you can ignore my question.
Avatar m tn ARS rash or reaction to medication? Should rash be gone by now? The rash is not a solid sheet of red, more like little red dots. My chest is pretty much all gone. Thanks!
Avatar m tn once HIV symptoms start, the blood test is almost always positive. And your rash doesn't sound like that associated with HIV, and HIV could never cause a rash as the only symptom. I'm not going to guess at other possible causes; we don't speculate once it is clear that neither HIV nor any other STD is the cause of symptoms. See a doctor or clinic if you remain concerned. If you are reasonably certain a high risk event occurred, you could have another HIV test at 6-8 weeks after the event.
1451936 tn?1294902315 The experts on this form have told me to move on as this is not a risk for hiv specifically, however the rash and the timing of the rash is causing me anxiety and i live in Asia, where docs simply say its a rash and dont give details on what rash it is. The doc did say it was a rash or it was herpes, but since propaderm ointment 0.025% cleared it up within 1-2 days of use, he finally said it is not herpes. 1. Question - Will Propaderm clear up a HIV or a Viral Rash?
Avatar m tn Just because you are having 'symptoms' doesn't mean you got HIV. In order to get HIV you need to have had an exposure, you didn't. The symptoms of HIV can resemble hundreds of other illnesses which are much more common than HIV and much easier to catch than HIV. You didn't have a risk, your symptoms are totally irrelevant.
Avatar m tn I don't have any bruises in mouth, but one of the times we met, I had this itching sensation on my upper lip that you get when you are about to have herpes, but I don't think it actually grew to a herpes rash. Is it possible to have contracted HIV like that? If not, why do I have these symptoms, cough with some sputum, chest discomfort, bad taste in tongue?
Avatar n tn The chest area starts itching - upon itching, rash appears - once rash appears, the rash is non-itchy ii. no itching in chest area - rash appears out of nowhere - it is: a. flat b. non-itchy c. pink/red b. how long does it last? c. does it move from one spot on chest to another? d. Is it flat or raised? 2. ARS related FLU: a. is there any way to differentiate a flu from cold or allergy b. is runny nose a symptom of flu c.
1503835 tn?1302984542 Over two thirds of newly infected people have all 3 among severe sore throat, fever (typcially 38C or higher), and body-wide skin rash. Your symptoms suggest you caught a garden variety minor respiratory infection, not HIV. Your actual testing date was obviously not March 3. Maybe March 30 or 31? If so, it is strongly reassuring; most infected people have positive results by 3-4 weeks.
Avatar f tn You had zero HIV risk and did not give HIV to your wife. Your symptoms probably make sense to you as HIV but aren't HIV so it is just coincidence that your wife is sick for a few weeks. Maybe she just has a flu, but she doesn't have HIV and can't. Symptoms are not used to diagnose and so whatever health concerns you and she have should be looked at by a doctor since you have no medical training, and are focusing on the only disease that you can't have.
Avatar m tn The exposures you describer have no appreciable risk for HIV. Most commercial sex workers do not have HIV or other STIs and even most unprotected exposures do not lead to infection. Condoms make low risk sex, into no risk sex. If your condom was worn throughout your encounter you do not need to worry about HIV or other STI. Further the symptoms you describe are not worrisome for HIV.
Avatar n tn Of course now I regret it and am quite worried about contracting HIV. The stupid things humans do….Here are the circumstances: During protected sex while changing positions we noticed I had begun to lose the erection and the condom had become very loose. She noticed it and masturbated me back to erection and we continued and finished.
Avatar m tn But even so, the chance of catching HIV from a single such exposure is very, very low. 2-4) No, HIV does not show up as migraine, or as headache (unless there also is fever, sore throat, etc). ARS symptoms start in 10-14 days, certainly never later than 3 weeks. The 3 most common symptoms are fever, usually 101 or higher; sore throat; and a body-wide skin rash; 70% of people with ARS have all three of these, and generally they all start within a few days of each other.
Avatar m tn I just wish there were somebody who could provide knowlege and details on hiv related questions. What worries me more is that even the docs have sometime taken blood in mouth question rather seriously when it is from known positive. However, the prevention community forum, completely discounts this situation as welll. Guys, maybe I am out of line here but I do not think it is wrong or insulting to question. At least, that's how I have been brought up.
Avatar m tn Also note my comments above about how rare it is for escorts to have HIV. None of the other things mentioned -- rubber bands, rash on your chest, etc -- make any difference. The last paragraph of my previous reply still stands. I won't have any other comments or advice unless and until you report an HIV test result. In the meantime, do your best not to worry. There is no chance you caught HIV from the exposures described.
Avatar n tn My wife is now pregnant by IVF treatment (after 8 years of trying) and now I find that if I have acquired any STD (all which are negative) or HIV, then how could I live with the thought that I may have passed on HIV to her and my twins. This weekend she complained about two blisters on her tongue, this after receiving a negative result earlier on the week for HIV. So it sent me into yet another panic attack and got myself tested again, now at 9 weeks. I will get results by Thursday.
Avatar m tn Irrespective, your risk of HIV is very, very low, even without testing BUT, if you are still worried about the possibility of HIV, you should get tested so you can get peace of mind. Please get over your fear of HIV testing. Testing does not give a person HIV but it does give them the power to know what is going on and whether or not they have the infection.