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Avatar m tn I just know that about hiv rash. Please give me information about hiv rash. My hands have gone all read i.e palm region. First it started peeling and then the whole hands are red. Please give me some details of Hiv rashes. Does it appear after 4 week and last more than 10 week post exposure as in my case. I have read that hiv rashes can appear any time and can last for any time period. Do the hands peel i.e palm peel in hiv rash.
Avatar m tn could anyone give details for hiv rash? how long after exposure and for how many days you can see it? perhaps a link with foto?
Avatar m tn My concern arouse after about friday, i started looking up causes and it threw at me shingles, meningitis, and HIV rash. Which scared me, because ive always been afraid of getting hiv. But now im freaking out, i will describe this rash.
Avatar f tn Only the head needs to be covered. Therefore you don't have hiv. hiv prevention is straightforward, so there are no "more details" for you to keep providing. For an example of what negative people like you should do about your rash or diarrhea, if a baby gets a rash or diarrhea his mother doesn't take him to a hospital and ask for an hiv test. She takes him to a doctor if she can't get rid of it with creams etc.
Avatar m tn ve read to be an hiv rash. This rash had been located directly on my chest. However just today it had progressed very quickly to my belly and back. I'm wondering if I should retest for hiv immediately or if should should just wait for the 3 month period? I've read that once an hiv rash is apparent that any and all hiv tests should test accurately because at this point the rash is a response to antibodies being formed.
Avatar m tn once HIV symptoms start, the blood test is almost always positive. And your rash doesn't sound like that associated with HIV, and HIV could never cause a rash as the only symptom. I'm not going to guess at other possible causes; we don't speculate once it is clear that neither HIV nor any other STD is the cause of symptoms. See a doctor or clinic if you remain concerned.
Avatar m tn Sorry for my poor English. I am very worry about HIV. I was deeply kiss a lady ( tongue into her mouth)and my finger touch Vaginal secretions, and my finger didn't have hurt or bleeding but a part of scaling。 no other sex behaviour. however,after 2 weeks, my head had some rash。 3 weeks, I got cold , pain of throat and pain of arms and legs。 I ate coldrex,so that I reply health just 3days. I am very worry about that.
Avatar f tn Last October,i made love with a lady. Firstly,i fingered her for about 5 minutes.Secondly we had a French kissing for about 3 minutes,and i had a canker in my mouth.Finally,we made love two times with a condom. During the period of making love,she is on top of me,i double her vagina secretion dropped into my anus,where have some Small wound sometimes bleeding because of inflammation.
Avatar m tn hiv is not transmitted in that manner.
Avatar n tn t do any sex with her. After 3days, i noticed some rash on my penis. I went to a Doctor for STD and HIV tests after 2 weeks. VDRL test came positive and HIV negative. I have put down 3 lbs weight in 6 weeks. Also, started sweating in my head at night times. I am sure that I am anxious and guilt now. Could you please let me know if this can cause HIV infection. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn 3) In November and December of 2016, I has a very pimply rash on my chest back and shoulders as I was on a couple of oral antibiotics at the time. I worried this rash was from HIV and not the meds I was on because I was at the massage parlor with these risks in December. Is all of this from HIV? Sorry for the long backstory, but I feel the details are important here. Can a professional please assist? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I said no "yes but" follow-up questions and I meant it. Since it is not possible you caught HIV, it is not possible your hand rash is due to HIV. Any HIV doesn't cause localized rash on the hands anyway. It was an abuse of your MedHelp priviledges to post the same question both here and on the STD forum. I deleted the other one. Don't do it again. This thread is over.
Avatar n tn I used co-trimoxazole tablet as usual for throat sore. I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe there is some unnoticable details.... Today I felt some pain from my abdomen, it feels like "rash pain" (because I have rash once about 2 years ago, the pain is very strong and like twinge). I'm really scared to sleep, I'm afraid when I wake up the rash come up on my body. If I was diagnosed, I think it's better to end my life alone.
Avatar m tn Like the doctor said in this post, acute HIV is out of the question due to the short time-span that my rash manifested itself. So, my current question / clarification: it's pretty much ridiculous of me to even think about this rash being a result of advanced HIV, right?
Avatar f tn You had no risk for HIV. Ergo, your rash is obviously not related. Go see a dermatologist. Quit using scented soap and detergent. This has nothing to do with HIV because you had protected sex, which is NOT a risk for HIV.
5457990 tn?1368281256 Today i took the CSW to hospital for HIV test, the result was negative, suppose the woman was infected with HIV just one day before i met her , could she transmit HIV to me and be tested for positive result today ? do i need to get a HIV test 6 weeks later?
Avatar m tn I will validate the information that you have already received from the HIV Prevention Community site. There was no risk for HIV from the exposure you describe. Worldwide, in legalized brothels, the women are regularly checked for HIV and for other STDs and condom use is regularly practiced. Both of these actions make the risk of infection form exposures in the brothels less than the risk from picking up someone in a bar.
Avatar m tn I've had unprotected vaginal and anal sex with HIV+ve csw at the end of April around April 28th and also had several specific ARS symptoms which I don't want to get in to details about as everyone feels that those are not ARS symptoms. 11 days - 4th gen duo -ve 40 days - 4th gen duo -ve, RNA TMA -ve 53 days - Home Access only antigen (2nd gen) -ve If you HAVE prior knowledge on this from prior experience, please help. and if you can provide much details it would be great.
Avatar m tn The HIV test was a 2nd generation ELISA named MICROLISA HIV 1/2. You can find more details about the test here My question we need to test again or can we get this out of our system and move on.. Regards, Concerned parent.
Avatar m tn m trying to be on the positive side since almost all the symptoms started at 9-11 week mark. There is no way that HIV related (rash,fever,diarrhea,sore throat, night sweat, etc.) will start after 9-11 weeks? so it means If i do get some symptoms, It means It has nothing to do with STD,HIV? Thanks.