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Avatar f tn personal_page_id=1405161#post_5684573 You have never had a risk of contracting HIV and your rash has nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar n tn I had a HIV scare but tested negative at 10 weeks, I have got this rash at 11 weeks underneath both arms and on my left arm some of the armpit hair has fallen out. If this isn't HIV related what can it be?
Avatar m tn How about my rash, because I just found online a person with HIV+ have rash on his leg and arm that itch like crazy. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Could this be the beginning stages of an HIV rash. I had protected anal sex a couple of weeks ago and a few months ago, however, I'm not sure if the condom broke or not. Is there a time frame of when an HIV rash would appear?
20201059 tn?1500818080 Is this hiv rash ? Around 10 bumps on each arm, neck on forehead ? Not itchy or burning ? Dermato said is mosquito bites but mosquito bites usually last 1/3 days and are itchy, now are 4 days. Not anothers symptoms like fever. http://imgur.
Avatar f tn nooo...I just cant ...I just got into med school and I have stress/anxiety issues already I don't think I can handle going :( I'm told myself I will go get tested before I start med school though.
Avatar n tn it is highly concentrated around the wrist bone of the left arm. What is the appearance of the HIV ars rash ? How does it looks like? I know your are not following HIV DUO tests but is my results good enough to clear my mind? I had two HIV DUO tests at 4 weeks and 5.5 weeks, both came back negative. Do I need to get tested again and have normal life with my new wife ? Thank you....
Avatar f tn So, hiv rash can not be after 3 months post exposure?
Avatar n tn I've been assured this is not an HIV rash (and am going to get tested to make sure), but am very concerned about the rashes I'm having. I have a rash on my cheeks that is something like Seborrheic dermatitis. I can acccept this may be wind and sun chapped due to being out in the weather recently. I am concerned about rashes on my arms. Inside my right bicep are two small purplish/red dots next to each other with bruising around them.
Avatar m tn Characteristics of rashes red dot with little rise on skin also when you press glass over they fade(Balancing Rash).are those related to HIV rash?
Avatar m tn 2) How exactly the rash like?? 3) are the night sweating similar to hiv ars night sweats. 4) Can the lymph nodes react this way(I mean by nt swelling but giving little burning sensation) 5) Can ARS symptoms be found at this stage(7 weeks later) 6) what are my chances with just a single exposure,i had never any unprotected sex with any other girl in my life?? Please help me out.
Avatar n tn Anyhow, three weeks afterwards, I feel like i have a fever (i've been at 37 C) , i have diarhea, and today I just noticed this sort of rash across my right arm like little red smudges not too close togehter. They aren't coming from the hair follicles and i havent had this before. I thought I was alright but now im worried i do have ARS. My logical side says i cant...i was protected, but there's also all those "what if"s: condom broke, leakage, cut got infected....
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a question related to HIV rash, and HIV in general. In the period of last four months, I had unprotected oral sex twice with two partners (I was the one giving oral sex). First one was before 4 months, and the second 4 weeks ago. Im not sure how long after the first sex I had fever 39´C and throat problems, I went to see my doctor, he said I had strong sinuses problems and otitis media and gave me penicillin shots.
Avatar n tn // there are 994 things that can cause an arm rash OR diarreah there is ONE thing that can cause BOTH. hiv/aids.....
Avatar m tn If your doctor told you you have chickenpox, then obviously, your "rash" is the chickenpox. That's really a no brainer, isn't it? If your one night stand involved unprotected vaginal or anal sex, then a test at 3 months after the exposure is advised. Again, you've already gotten an answer from your doc as to what the skin issue is, so that is not related to HIV.
Avatar m tn I have been HIV positive for over 5 years and have been taking ARVs (Efavirenz and Truvada combo) for 5 years. The worst problems I have experienced were inflamation and blockage of my Eustachian tube. However, as the ARVs started to work and my CD4 count reached 500 and my viral load was undetectable, I started experiencing a rash which has last years. I experience much of it on my chest such that all my chest hair is gone. I get some on my lower arm, neck, chest and little bit on the face.
Avatar m tn The rash associated with HIV is commonly known as a morbilliform, or macular rash. It is very measles like in appearance...and commonly spreads along the trunk of the body. Its not always present with acute HIV infection. There are other conditions that can cause a rash with this kind of appearance. Yours doesn't fit the profile. The best thing to do is to not self diagnose. You should consider seeing a dermatologist.
Avatar m tn i used condom but i dunno whether my condom broke or not. Two months ago, i got rash at my armpit, palm, arm, and between-chest-and-stomach-zone. During the rash period i treat it with powder but it seemed not helping at all. The rash is gone now (by itself) after 1 month. Do i have something to worried about STD and some HIV things? Please give an answer. Really depressed.
Avatar m tn I Have been getting a rash on and off for two months and one week now, its kind of slowing down. it looks like red dots(very small) then sometimes it looks like bug bites, and sometimes even a patch of my skin will swell, i know this sounds like hives because it will only last several hours then fades away and shows up elsewhere later on.
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex about 6 months ago, I never received a chancre at all but i have been getting a rash over my arm for the past few weeks. It comes and goes but does not itch. Is this a sign of syphilis? Also if not what does the Syphilis rash look like?
Avatar f tn I feel so depressed and convinced that all of this rash is due to HIV, unfortunately I cant go for the test before 19 July as im in a country that will ****.me if they found out that im positive, so Im traveling on the 17 to get the test done iutside the country? What do.u say. Please advise without cursing me that I had protected and no risk!
18954 tn?1314301717 I have this rash that comes and goes, sometimes it comes underneath my arm pit, but lower down, on my lower belly or on my inner thigh, it iches so bad sometimes, it gets really inflamed and is about 3 inches long. and than all of a sudden its gone. could you please help me try to understand what this can be.
Avatar n tn it like u said it disperse aroudn my right arm and leg but after the rash i got test for HIV it a negetive...if it HIV rash and i have the same symptoms like u...i considerly my test would be positive...
Avatar n tn I was tested negative for HIV three times. To this day, I tend to have slight facial outbreaks on the flares of my nose, the crease of my chin, and the left side of my face. It usually happens after I go on a few day coughing and sneezing jag. I have an appointment with a crack dermatologist, but this is driving me nuts. What the heck could this be? No fever. No weight loss.
Avatar n tn (performing bare cunnilingus and protected vaginal sex) I just notice I saw a skin rash on my right arm about the size of dime and it has white bump in the middle. (basically the rash is pink and circle (about 270 degree) .
Avatar n tn I just recently today was itchy in my arm and I kepted scratching it . Later I had 4 big and inflamed red spots on my arm. And also one on my hip which I also scratched too and also one on my right arm near my armpit that I scratched . Could this be a symptoms of HIV ? Or jut or inflamed due to me scratching my skin ?
Avatar m tn could anyone give details for hiv rash? how long after exposure and for how many days you can see it? perhaps a link with foto?
Avatar n tn this rash wasent very severe, but it scared the hell out of me. so my queston is what does an hiv rash look like ??? where in the body does it apper ???