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Avatar f tn Hopefully this is my last question for a while, this is another question for a friend again, this time a gay friend. He wants to know if he can HIV like this; he and his boyfriend share a custom made dildo that has a hole at the top where they can insert a tube of lube and quiz the whole contraption and make lube ooze out. He wants to know if he can HIV from sharing the toy and not properly sterilizing the toys after each use.
Avatar f tn You were never at risk of contracting HIV. Kissing is NOT a means of HIV transmission, no matter if you bit the inside of your mouth or not before kissing.
Avatar n tn Also I don't even know what they mean by sexually active. On one HIV Risk Assement quiz i took it included kissing as sexually active. Now this is what scares me. I like to kiss a lot, and I don't mean a small peck on the lips. I kiss deeply, i use my tounge and suck on the tongue. I normally date older men and they are really into deep kissing. So far I only have kissed. My concern is how risky is deep kissing. I know the CDC says that if sores or cuts are present it presents a low risk.
Avatar n tn I would check out the CFIDS Association of America website and take their quiz, "Do you have CFIDS?
Avatar n tn I would also obtain blood cultures to rule out an infection in the blood as well as tests for HIV and TB. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin, M.D. www.kevinmd.
Avatar n tn I am 32 year old gay man living in the Boston area. I have always had anxiety about HIV and try to always play safe. I know I am in a HIV risk category and while I have accepted the fact that I am gay, I still get anxious about sex. Here is what I do: 1. I think I follow your advice to a T, I always ask my sexual parters their HIV status, if they have ever been treated for an STD and when they last tested (some of them look at me like I am crazy - but I don't care).
Avatar n tn 1) Kissing is never a risk for HIV. Saliva typically contains little or no infectious HIV. (More accurately, saliva contains inhibitory substances that greatly reduce the ability of HIV to infect people.) And oral exposure or swallowing HIV infected secretions is an inefficient transmission route. For example, many nursing babies of HIV infected women never get infected, despite swallowing HIV infected milk day in and day out.
Avatar n tn Alot of sites try to scare people. For instance, I took a quiz on line to see if I was at high risk for hiv. If your answer was yes to anyone of their questions YOU WERE AT HIGH RISK & SHOULD BE TESTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. So pretty much anyone who wasn't a virgin was high risk. It was ridiculous. I guess they try to scare people. For what? I have no idea. Your fine. I agree alot of true lesbians don't have one night stands in the back of a bar with a guy! Too funny.
Avatar n tn My first round of blood work showed nothing, second round showed everything fine (HIV neg, HEP A,B,C negative) but a very slightly low TSH. Next round of bloodwork includes deeper look at thyroid, and bone marrow but not back yet. My Dr. cannot find bloodwork which tells him what kind of specialist to send me to. Only other thing to notes is that this all began immediately after I got back from India. I only drank bottled water (from Europe) and ate at 5 star hotels.
Avatar m tn I tested positive for a urethra infection but negative for HIV, coz it is related to floaters, and phoned direct line and told me to go to my GP again and tell her to send me to specialist...
Avatar n tn Have read that Ora Quick advance hiv 1/2 oral fluid test....That its sensitivity is 99.3 and specificity is 99.6 .....worried that my test was false negative since the sensitivity was only 99.3 and not 99.9 or 100 percencts. Does sensitivity increase with test at longer than what the window period is???? Just have this weird feeling that when I go and take a Blood test that it would catch something the oral fluid swab did not.
Avatar n tn your question on hcv might not have any answers, since this virus is not as researched as hiv. Try doing web searches on your general questions, it is time consuming, but might yield scientific answers. As for your memory loss, speak with your physician. we are not doctors here, and you need to get tested to rule out serious conditions.
Avatar m tn Went to an STD clinic to talk to one of the doctors there -- these guys deal with HIV on a regular basis, as the area the clinic is located in is a pretty high HIV-concentrated area. I spoke to one of the doctors -- a very knowledgable one -- about my fears, Medhelp, the window period, blah blah.
Avatar n tn what kind of lab? any chance of being exposed to hiv?
Avatar n tn Colon Cancer Testicular Cancer Skin Cancer Abnormal Heart Rhythms HIV Pancreatic Cancer When I list these things, it seems silly. A few years ago, I was told I had a slightly abnormal recovery rate from exercise but not to worry about it cos my heart was healthly. I had forgotten about it but now its on my mind again so I am going to the cardiologist again next week to get tested. I am really tired of this. And the worse thing is that I feel I cant talk to anyone about it.
Avatar f tn I just got on here b/c I am a bit of a paranoid freak and come to find out I really enjoy reading and learning about hiv still don't know a whole lot though that is partly due to the fact I don't know what is fact and what is fiction. Did they test your children? I don't know if babies can get it from the father can they?
Avatar n tn After the injection + doxycycline, everything appeared to return to normal. On 4/26 I visited a different hospital b/c of some latent anxiety and had a # of tests run - HIV, gon., etc. Everything came back negative. Whew! Then on 5/20 I had another alcohol-inspired unprotected vaginal encounter with a sex worker -- very brief, I withdrew after maybe 30 sec to 1 min and sheathed the little guy with a jimmy-cap before completing the act.
Avatar m tn He prescribed the same course of action Doxycyline (14 days) and suggested some tests · LFT Urine · A HIV 1 and 2 antibodies · VDRL · CBS ESR All came back ok. Today is the 10th day that I am on doxcy and my condition / symptoms are somewhat still prevalent. - Heaviness in the testicles, general discomfort, slight burning, urge to urinate and numbness (at times) still not talked about it with my wife and I am scared whether she might also have an STD .
Avatar m tn There is now a patent on a cure for HIV.... I can't remember the patent number, but it's waiting to be tested and will likely be available sooner than later. If they can solve HIV, they should certainly be able to tackle herpes.
4128244 tn?1350077211 I'm sure there's an HIV community, and they might have more insight than we do about a causal link and/or how HIV meds affect the endocrine system, but I don't think you have to dessert us!
Avatar n tn said the odds of her getting the virus was pretty slim. We tested her for the Hep C and Hiv cause he has both, and again after 6 months and again 6 months later and she was fine. they say she is fine. I think if your careful and your aware and take the right precautions you should be fine. This was an accident and my dad has always been so careful it just so happened my 10 year old got curious it was a good lesson for her because she hated the blood tests .
Avatar n tn tender lymph nodes in my neck and groin for 4 months, I get very odd headaches, I have a lot of sinus pressure, and I get very tired easliy. I have recently developed canker like sores under my tongue. My HIV status is negative. I have had my blood work drawn for the past 6 months and my white blood cell count has been elevated and all my other lab work is normal.
Avatar n tn And ask him about all the studies that show declining odds with age - and increased liver damage over time - and the non-liner aspect of that damage (meaning that it can go from slow progession to fast progression without notice). And be sure to quiz him on his knowledge of all the extra-hepatic maifestations that are associated (and being further discovered every day) with Hep C, and what having the virus that much longer means in those terms?
Avatar f tn It's like comparing an SAT test to a 5 minute quiz. And so, as they say in the army, buck up soldier. What you want in the end is to know you tried your best to love. And don't be scared by mood swings, every baby gets cranky when they are sick wet or teething. This is far beyond any of those conditions so some crankiness is to be expected.
Avatar m tn edu/browse/all/lectures#go/special-topics/state-art-therapy/presentation Watch the slide lecture and complete the quiz for this lesson to claim CME/CNE credit(You must be signed in) But anyone like you or me can watch for free. What a great but technical fast paced overview of newly approved treatments, upcoming possible ones and even more in the future possibilities _____ Hepatitis C Online has a direct link on main page to http://www.hcvguidelines.
Avatar n tn In the meantime, I found out I am they had me do the HIV test as well (negative) Caliber thank you for your suggestions! 1. I have tested positive for exposure to TB according to the tuberculin test. I am an expat living in SE Asia where TB is endemic. However, the xray showed no sign of active TB and was told that my symptoms were not consistent with TB...?!? I also saw an infectious disease specialist and he had me do some bloodwork (hepatitis, mono,....
789911 tn?1368640383 A virus population of HIV or HCV, even when it has mostly reverted back to wild type, has what is called an 'archival' memory. This means that it has the equivalent of a memory of what it did last time to dodge a threat and it can do the same again but faster next time it meets the same threat. This is better documented in the case of HIV.
166496 tn?1236185912 If you want to make it simpler, why don't you just call up the office and ask to speak to the scan tech directly. Tell the scan tech that you have an appointment on such and such a date and time and you just want to make sure you will get the Firbro*scan. Be assertive but nice and unassumptive. He/she probably either tell you "yes", "no", or "I'll speak to the Doctor and get back". You don't have to quiz the tech on the trial or even mention it. Just keep it simple.
Avatar f tn In your situation, I would without delay find an LLMD (which is patient slang, not an official title, and not a title an MD would use) to evaluate your test results and your history and to quiz you about any other symptoms. MS is a common misdiagnosis for Lyme, and as Star says, steroids are the opposite of what is needed in a Lyme infection, because the steroids suppress the immune system.
Avatar m tn ) It's probably hard to tell how much of the blame lies on the virus, because sometimes when I quiz people on this, they'll tell me it's the virus, yet they'll be in their mid-fifties (which is the age that the teethies are going to start giving probs anyway.) And/or they don't take the best care of their teeth, so many contributing factors. So maybe it's the virus for some, but like anything else, it's multi-factoral and hard to call with some people.