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2059648 tn?1439770265 Also, article on Doctor infecting women with Hep C. Look under latest Hep C news. Been watching to see how its being presented to the public. Both stories out today.
Avatar n tn I can't handle this anxiety. We want to have an other kid, I know that they give hiv test for all the pregnant women, this issue makes me more worried too. I have read horrible stories on the different websites about false positive result in pregnancy.. I don't want to get tested because of this if I get pregnant some day I don't know if I can refuse to get tested for hiv then.. I don't dare to get tested because of false results..
163305 tn?1333672171 Vidoes of real healthcare/insurance company stories are being collected on u tube to be shown to congress. For more info.
Avatar n tn Think how much less anxious you would be about all this if you knew your partner didn't have HIV!
Avatar m tn The doctor asked me if I was sexually active and I said kind of...I've only had intercourse with 2 women in my life, but I've have multiple other sex partners who have performed oral and I've performed on some of them. She said she wanted to do a STD screen, because it might be HIV or herpes. That seemed a little extreme to me given my history, but I said ok since the words HIV and Herpes scared me. On Tuesday I got a phone call with a message saying "your results are in...
Avatar n tn Universal prenatal screening of women for HCV is not currently recommended. Babies of HCV-positive women should be tested for HCV after 12-18 months. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most infants infected with HCV at birth have no symptoms and do well during childhood. Studies suggest that infants are more likely than adults to completely clear the virus from their bodies. HCV treatment has not been well studied in infants and children.
Avatar m tn its not like that my exposure was protected oral which is no risk for hiv, but i may penetrated her for 1 cm for 1 second and i didnot notice iam virgin i dont know how intercourse feels but iam more than 90% sure i was protected , and trust me iam not insecure its just girls dont like me the best thing i get from them is they like my eyes ir my height which is pointless lol, but not a problem its fine to me really all iam worried about now is i want to be HIV free but cant wait 21 days with thi
Avatar n tn My question centers around if there was blood on my penis and then she gave me oral sex what are the chances of infection from that episode? Also is a normal pap smear a positive fact in the sense that alot of HIV positive women will have abnormal pap smears and infections? Also, not long after the episode i was swabbed for gonhorea and clymidia and the tests were 7 days after teh episode my anxiety level has decreased alot from what it once was...
Avatar n tn Basically, I recommend that heterosexual men and women concered about HIV because of their sexual lifestyle just get HIV tested once a year, not after every potentially risky encounter (unless the risky sex is with a known HIV-infected person). But if you want that extra secruity, have an HIV test in a month. You can also encourage your partner to be tested for HIV (and other STDs) right now; if those results are negative, you definitely have no worries.
Avatar m tn •Male •18 First of all, this is driving me insane and i've been thinking about it a lot (but I try not to). I feel like I made a big mistake and I surely have learnt with it. I'll try to make it short and to the point. On the first day of November 2014, I had sex for the first time with my girlfriend (vaginal, unprotected).
Avatar n tn 1) No heterosexual male, who is neither bisexual or an IV drug user, has ever tested HIV positive at their clinic from one unprotected encounter with a female of unknown HIV status. I asked her if alot of males come in for testing under these circumstances. She said, 'yes, alot'. 2) They have 1 documented case of a male who contracted HIV from his female wife. However, both knew beforehand that she was HIV+. He assumed that risk prior to any sexual relations.
Avatar m tn This is not the appropriate forum to discuss HIV. You would need to post your HIV related questions on one of our HIV forums...HIV Prevention, or one of our HIV expert communities. I will briefly address your HIV questions. It sounds like you lost the condom upon w/d, which is a common occurrence if you weren't holding onto the base of your penis when you pulled out. Losing the condom upon withdrawal would not be a risk.
Avatar n tn The risk of HIV from a single episode of vaginal sex is very low, even if your partner was HIV-positive. You were given wrong advice about the time to wait for HIV testing; modern HIV tests usually are positive by 4 weeks and almost always by 6 weeks (despite official advice to wait 12 weeks for a definitive result). Whatever is causing your reduced energy almost certainly isn't HIV; if you were going to get symptoms due to HIV, they would have appeared and then disappeared within 2-6 weeks.
Avatar m tn 1) What is my risk for the oral with the 2 men being that it was anonymous? 2) What is my risk for the oral and covered sex with the women. Especially my risk for the condom slippage? 3) Am I high risk and should I take PEP? 4) I know that symptom questions are not reliable indicators but as I read more about lymph nodes everyone asks about raised nodes. Couldn't the swelling be described as a dull "pain" in the armpit and not as a lump per se?
Avatar n tn But if you can't get them in to a hospital or STD clinic even once a year, how will you get them in after every episode of unprotected sex for testing? All pregnant women have been tested for HIV for many years now, unless they decline, which few do. We're doing a bang up job on pregnant women (no pun intended!). What is their definition of a health care facility? It sure isn't "doctors office". My husband has never been tested since he was diagnosed with HepC years ago.
Avatar m tn , where he tapered down his drug use, and he now works at the city's AIDS/HIV Services Group, where he'll soon begin counseling HIV-positive drug users. He is fairly close with his immediate family in West Virginia, including a gay father and a lesbian sister with a partner and a baby. The drug regimen has been pretty easy.
Avatar n tn Evaluating the risk of HIV transmission through unprotected orogenital sex by J. Romero and others Oral sex as a risk factor for HIV: a review of Australian data, HARD Conference, Sydney, 2000. There are numerous studies. Here's a link to the posting on that goes through them I really hope that helps. To be honest, I'm shocked your doctor recommended PEP.
Avatar n tn says, the chances of a man getting HIV from an HIV infected women by having unprotected sex is 1 in 1000. You had protected sex and she had a 99% chance of not having HIV. You can choose to worry if you want to, but I would love to see one more post from you after you negative test (and it will be negative) saying you needlessly worried yourself to death. Will you post that for me in the future?
Avatar n tn As for the doctor's visits, no he hasn't went with her, but we just found on 4 days ago (the same day she did) that she was HIV positive. She also tested positive for Herpes---unsure of any precautions to take there as well, if any. I've been doing my best to study up on HIV and it's risk. I am actually a very well educated person (when it comes to books), but I've just never had to encounter a situation like this, I really don't mean to come off as a heart-less monster.
229411 tn?1189759425 I refer you to my "rant" http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I felt very reassured by your post earlier, but this new information has me slightly concerned again, so I did some research. In our county, there are 188 people with HIV, of which only 11 are women, perhaps this shows just how rare heterosexual transmission is? Also, in 2008 our county had 7 new cases diagnosed total, not sure what the mode of transmission was in those cases. I am not sure if any of these statistics include the college students in the county either.
Avatar n tn Do you think it's possible that I was the one who gave her Hep C even though I've tested negative for HCV antibodies at 3 months AND 7 months post exposure? This is why I'm so worried about HCV / HIV coinfection cos I heard so many stories about the two viruses extending each other's window periods. I did an HIV PCR DNA test almost 2 months after my encounter with the prostitute and that came out negative. Do you still think I don't need anymore testing?
Avatar f tn An ID doc experienced with HIV would not have even advised any further testing, let alone raising alarm bells for you completely unnecessarily. Women to women transmission of HIV is virtually impossible. You didn't have a risk...and your test proves that. Your symptoms are NOT related to HIV. ARS symptoms are seen in TONS of other every day, garden variety type of illnesses. Hopefully, once you get your negative result, you can accept it and finally put this behind you.
Avatar n tn My wife has been HIV-positive for 3 years. We have sex regularly, and we always practice safe sex, even for oral sex. Ten days ago, we had vaginal sex for about 5 to 7 minutes. My condom did not break or fail otherwise. However, I have become a little anxious about my risk, because of the following symptoms: SYMPTOM #1: Two days (48 hours) after infection, I had ONE swollen lymph gland at the groin. It swelled fast out of nowhere, and hurt like hell.
Avatar f tn I understand this is a common problem for many women with other causes but I read different things about the link between hiv and vaginal yeast infections. Some say early sign, some say a much later sign when the cd4 count is really low. If there is a link between the two it seems strange that it would happen within the first year after exposure but who knows. Anybody know some facts about people with hiv and when they experienced this as a symptom?
Avatar m tn (we tested together when we decided and we were negative, neither of us had had sex without condom before) What are the chances i got hiv if hypothetically this guy was hiv+ and with a high viral load. help pleaseee!!!!
Avatar m tn Also everything I do and see has stories about HIV. I need help and counseling. I'm so afraid I'm positive.
Avatar m tn Also everything I do and see has stories about HIV. I need help and counseling. I'm so afraid I'm positive.
Avatar n tn I don't care what you have read on the web, with modern HIV tests, it is simply impossible that you have HIV. Your wife probably was tested when she had your baby anyway; in most parts of the US, all pregnant women routinely have HIV tests.