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Avatar f tn Hello I’m really desperate and I hope you guys help me to clear my mind I had an exposure (condom broke) on may18th after 13 days I decided to go for an HIV RNA test that came back negative after 4 weeks I decided to buy an oraquick that came back positive the same day bought 3 all positive with a flate line At that time I was taking Penazopyridine the label on the drug said it could interfere on some lab work the same day I went to the clinic and they do an INSTI test with blood that came back
Avatar m tn hi everybody, i heard about "holistic treatment"for HIV positive beings will be cured 100% HIV infections. Is it correct..?Please anybody answer me.
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Avatar m tn Do you have to have treatment if your liver is ok? if you never develop symptoms? Is that even possible? I have 1a and it seems that it is not treatable or without success. I recently had some blood work at Mayo and was diagnosed last summer. I had many questions but only had a short time with the hepatologist.
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with a partner having unknown hiv status. It happened almost 8 months back. I can't face hiv test and it gives me lot of stress. I don't have other symptoms. Is it LPR only?
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Avatar m tn My partner was tested for HSV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. She came back positive for chlamydia as well. She was not tested for HIV. I waited three more weeks, and I was tested again for everything HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HSV. All tests came back negative. I realize now that I did not wait to hit the 6 week benchmark; I waited only 5. I had the blood test done on me.
Avatar m tn Your profile says you're in Dubai, where HIV positive foreigners are excluded and those found to be positive after arrival are deported. Are you sure he has HIV or merely suspicious or concerned about the possibility? Or perhaps you're currently in another country?
Avatar n tn My real concern though is that I can't stop wondering how likely it is that this person gave me HIV. On Nov. 4th I tested for HIV and Syphillis. The HIV test was the rapid blood test (finger prick). Both of those resulted in a negative finding. Nov. 4th was only 19 days after the possible exposure and I know the recommended time frame is to be tested at 3 months. I have been unbelievably stressed out about this (I am a long time hypochondriac) and I find myself worrying on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn i cant help but wonder if both our results were wrong, hers at 10 weeks and mine at 6, 13 and 15 weeks. it was hard enough trying to put this out my head but now im even more scared to death. i still have a swollen lymph node in the neck and sometimes i see something white in my troat, but cant tell if its a muscle or what they call trush. please respond anyone!!..this is driving me insane again. how long after your exposure did you test positive for syphilis and negative for hiv Natedov?
Avatar m tn Your risk for HIV is relatively low and certainly lower than your risk for chlamydia which is both much more common than HIV and much easier to catch if exposed. HIV rates in Singapore, like elsewhere vary in terms of who your partners are but in general they are not excessively high. With regard to your question about the time it is taking to get your test results, in general chlamydia tests are done at different locations than HIV tests and on different schedules.
Avatar m tn com there other expert on hiv transmission who runs his own foundation on hiv prevention and treatment DOES NOT recomend pep for a single act of oral sex.
Avatar n tn I live in British Columbia Canada and they provide excellent treatment to those infected with HIV. I am currently working in a foreign country and if I get tested I will be deported and wish not to arrive home for Christmas with hiv and no job - I would rather arrive home four months later with more money in the bank a place to live and then get treatment. But I am not sure if I getting early treatment is important? Waying that aside the depression that will set in if I must go home.
Avatar m tn HI! Am HIV positive on treatment for two years.My Wife has since been testing Negative.How posible is that?
Avatar n tn No HIV risk.
Avatar m tn If i turn out to be positive and I start my treatment early..and follow as much as possible the treatment...what is my average life span...i mean how long we can live with HIV.. I have a 15 months old boy and i would like to live long enought to see him grow up and enjoy life with him...
Avatar m tn Hello! Does a positive ANA affects HIV window period 4th G test? I mean its possible a false negative after the window period ( 80 days ago)?
Avatar n tn i m working in the lab the blood of hiv positive came in contact to my hand and i eat food without washing my hands so there is risk of getting hiv or not
Avatar n tn Before I went to the doctor, I had blood test and fout out that I had O rh+ which I initially under stood as HIV positive. And after that I started worrying about HIV and I have read several post about the virus, I reall scare. In May, I had ache around my shoulder and arm. I wonder if I have HIV positive. Anxiety really grows now. But currently I only have strong muscle vibration and dried mouth. Please get me out of here.
Avatar m tn According to my doctor who did the test he said Oral is not a risk for HIV even if i received a blowjob while i had contracted syphilis because blood needs to be present to transmit HIV and Syphilis can be contracted with contact with a lesion hence he said HIV testing is only recommended for my mental clarity. Is this a true opinion?
Avatar m tn Hi, my male partner is hiv positive. Last night we got a bit drunk and we had unprotected oral sex rimming and fingering. He ussed his saliva for fingering. I know that it it low risk activity, but he had recently a bit of bleeding froma tooth. Was it risky? Should i go for pep? Should i get tested?